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Lumia 800 is in da house

After feb11 when Nokia killed both Symbian and Meego I have been thinking what should be my next platform. I have been casual Android user, and I have to admit that I don’t like it much, plus it already has all of my favorite emulators ported into it, so I couldn’t figure out anything that I would want to develop for it( it kind of already has everything already).
Today I got the Lumia 800 from nokia launchpad, and I have to admit that I really like the device a lot. All the basic apps are scrolling at 60fps, and I can acess facebook and twitter really well. However it does not yet have any cool app, sucs as emulator on it (yet), so it’s an interesting platform.
In spec vise the Lumia seems also pretty nice device. It has Qualcom’s MSM8255 -SOC, which contains  1,4 Ghz AMR Cortex A-8 processor and Adreno 205 GPU, which is plenty for games and emulators.

my new Lumia 800

Emulators on wp7
The problem is that currently the wp7 doesn’t support native code for 3rd parties, so you’re stuck with the C#. Luckily there’s also some progress even on that area, as we can see on the XDA-developers forum: You’re also going to have to jailbreak you phone with some jaibreak. The most recent jailbreak project is WindowBreak
What’s next
I’ll also start hacking with the wp7, and see what I can do with it 🙂


  1. faenil says:

    I’m about to unbox my launchpad Lumia 800 😀 Nice to know that you’ll be devving for it! 😀
    I’m no .net user, but let’s see if it’s worth studying it 😀

  2. N8 says:

    symbian^3 have more user than Meego and wp7
    plaese make apps for its. this is more useful

  3. symbian says:

    their work and very good!
    summeli you solve the problem of gpsp v6.5 symbian ^ 1?
    blue screen and it does not open roms ?

  4. Bart says:

    I am waiting for an emulator for nokia 500. I hope that you manage to do it. : )

  5. N8 says:

    “I already have made apps for Symbian^3”
    yes and thank you
    but sega and nitendo 64 and playstation emulator that support multi touch for s^3 anna(n8-e7-…)????
    please make these emulators or at least make on of them for s^3 or make multi touch virtual key for gaming in s^3
    you are only hope for symbian gamers
    please please please please please please please please

  6. rob says:

    yes summeli you are only hope for symbian gamers i absolutely agree

  7. kira says:

    please develop the gbc emu. it remain can not use the bettery save and sound . sorry for my bad english

  8. Willard says:

    First I hope that you will have a happy new year.
    And I want to know if you will update the gpsp v. 0.6.5 for S605th ?

  9. NightStalker says:

    PSX Emulator for Symbian Nokia N8?

  10. rob says:

    make multi touch virtual key for symbian anna and belle please summeli

  11. Hanu says:

    Hi!, first of all, happy new year!. I like your emulators. I use both AntSNES and gPSP in my Nokia N8 with Symbian Anna. I’ll surely get Belle versions when Belle update is released by Nokia.
    From this post, i get you are “done” with Symbian. I think is great that you start working in newer platforms, but before moving out Symbian, Me (and others i suppose) would like a aesthetic update to both emulators, to fit to Belle UI. The cartoonish Pikachu and Mario icons just don’t fit well with the rest of Nokia Belle apps, and UI either. It works, but looks very “beta” and unfinished.
    Just for clarification. I really like the new interfaces Nokia is using for Belle, like Nokia Pulse, Nokia Store.
    I know UI on a emulator is not primordial. Perfomance of emulation is. But if you are leaving the platforms, why not leave them better?
    Thanks anyway! 🙂

  12. N8 says:

    i know is very hard to make playstation emul for n8
    can you just make nitendo64 emulator for n8? and also virtual multi touch key(for play old sega emulator in n8)???
    please summeli
    see people comments

  13. N8 says:

    Finally sumelli
    do you make another emulator for n8???
    yes or no???please answer

  14. C7 says:

    Summeli was our last hope for PSX emulator on Symbian Belle 🙁

  15. N8 says:

    Summeli you didnt say “NO”
    Then you make emulator for symbian
    we wait for you summeli
    l. .l
    l V l

  16. jeffrey says:

    are you still write program for S60v5.your gbsp 0.065is very good.but I can’t play leaf green,I can’t use rom to save.can you help me

  17. klomar says:

    Hi Summeli, take a look at this emulator for the nokia n9,
    it emulates nes, snes, gba, psx and amiga. do you think it is possible to do a porting to symbian? can you do that?

  18. mahesh says:

    dear man summeli,
    Pls port fpse,or psx emulator of android to symbian,i believe new symbian belle devices like 701,603,600,700 and upcoming ones have good specs to run it.

  19. N8 says:

    please make ps or nitendo64 emulator for symbian^3 anna
    please summeli

  20. Sam says:

    congrats on ur lumia 800 =]
    i would also like to thank you for developing for Symbian^3 all this time 😀
    you have my thanks (and many others) for keeping Symbian and interesting platform =]
    anyways out of curiosity… what would you say about Symbian^3 vs. Android vs. WP7?

  21. MaW says:

    Happy coding on it! =]

  22. taoybb says:

    I like to see this
    “I have been casual Android user, and I have to admit that I don’t like it much”
    That mean you will with nokia and make a good app for nokia user 🙂

  23. ahmed says:

    @agung, i am sorry if i hurt you or any s60v3 user. I accept that acctually s60v3 are the best because they give us all we need with extraoridnary performance and battery life. How much time do we play on our cell phones. max 2 hours per day. If we want to play games we use something like pc,psp or other console. s60v3 give all the web needs and that what most people do all day even on latest phones.
    The point of potential in s60v3 is something i do accept. I was unhappy because of support for them was vanished with arrival of new phones.
    Cpus for v3 very great but they were lacking ram. Otherwise it would have run psx like antsnes.
    I still have my e52 but no one wants to develop it anymore.
    Btw can you teach me overclocking mobile cpus?
    Oh and i am from pakistan. What about you?
    Typed from my phone. Sorry for gramatical mistakes if any.

  24. lpratas says:

    Summeli, with the existent Symbian
    hardware of the later Symbian devices
    that were updated to 1.3GHz cpu
    recently and with their broadcom
    graphics it’snt possible a psx
    emulator? Or this gpu it’s incompatible or has bad performance with a psx
    emulator? Or since the Symbian it’s
    ending you don’t develop more for
    Symbian? And already now what do
    you think about of a possible
    nintendo 64 emulator, or also it’s dificult? The later hardware of devices
    like Nokia 701 it’s too limited?

  25. lpratas says:

    Only i see here it is silly brats demanding emulators without the perception that must be hardware limitations in the Symbian devices. I did that comment a little time before this because i think must be the limitations in the Symbian devices even in the later ones even with the cpu update, more the gpu, of course.

  26. SUMIT says:

    i m so happy that someone is putting effort for psx emulator in window 7.5 mango… its a very gud idea bcoz now windows is primary os of nokia so windows will be one of most popular os in future… i am using nokia lumia 800 really i have to say it has the most stable os but only lackness is the 3rd party apps.. i am very eagerly waiting for a psx emulator i would be very thankfull if u r able to make one…

  27. Specht says:

    Do you still have the N950? Do you intend to sell it?

  28. Mr.summeli. Did you still support N900 emulator or not?
    Please reply cuz I want to know about it. Maemo is more good than s60 3rd phone and someday I would be buy n900. Bbut I’m still have the s60 3rd phone.
    this handphone have 3D support Accelerator graphic and have a powerfull cpu.
    What is the difference between n900 and n950 mr?
    Can you explain it?
    Thanks 🙂

    • Summeli says:

      N900 is old Maemo phone, and I haven’t done anything for that. However there’s really good emulation set for N9 and N950 Meego platforms via application called emumaster.

  29. Oh I see. Yes, I have ever download emumaster on elemental. But I have ever watch your video on youtube. You make a psx emulator for n900 called psx4m. It was so cool 🙂 tell me if you’re done with n950 project.
    By the way what is your planning with lumia 800?
    Will you make psx or gpSP emulator?
    Lumia 800 have a good performance for game. Isn’t it?

  30. Ch.Roshanta says:

    Mr.summeli you may know me. You had stopped making softwares for s60v3v3 and anna belle phones am i correct

  31. Ch.Roshanta says:

    well i also swicthed to the android. you know kinda they are top on the smart phones os. well can you try you know help each other. can you help me on rooting new android 2.2.2 android phones gingerbreak didn’t work

  32. Ch.Roshanta says:

    well i also swicthed to the android. you know kinda they are top on the smart phones os. well can you try you know help each other. can you help me on rooting new android 2.2.2 android phones gingerbreak didn’t work. so can you help me plz

  33. Ch.Roshanta says:

    and to angung kharisma. thank you for supporting me. we will be good friends
    but i left the s60v3. so i suggest you swicth to the android too ya know they are much cheaper and faster. their are many cheap android they are all good.

  34. Ch.Roshanta says:

    hey summeli i can give u a souce code for a ps2 emulator for android can you compile it for android in apk. and for windows for gab.

  35. Raxixus says:

    Dear Summeli,
    Will this ever be available at Marketplace?
    I have seen a lot of GBC and GB emulators there.
    For example Purple Cherry GBC, you can buy it for only 1,5 euros there.
    And you as a developer could also earn some extra cash, no?
    I would LOVE to buy it!

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