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gpSP 0.7.1 for Symbian Belle

the gpSP is a gameboy advance emulator originally written by Exophase. And now it’s ported to the Symbian OS!
This version supports only Symbian^3 phones with Symbian Belle update installed (N8, E7 etc.). The old Symbian Anna users should still use the older gpSP 0.7.  The S60 5th edition users should use the gpsp 0.6.5 for S60 5th edition
What’s new:

  • Support for Symbian Belle


  • You can choose between 8-directional and 4-directional DPads.
  • You can add hidden A+B button areas, to press both of them at once.

know issues:

  • Mounted shares(Dropbox etc.) breaks the filemanger, so do not use mounted shares.
  • It’s a gpsp port, so see the gpsp compatibility list before complaining about non-working ROMs
  • the emulator crashes if you try to load a ROM without setting the BIOS
  • there are some limitations in the ZIP file support, so maybe you have to upzipt the ROMs
  • The ZIP files seem to be eating quite a lot of RAM, so If ROM doesn’t work, try extracting it.

ZIP limitations

  • WinZip
  • Roms ziped in the WinZip Maximum (PPMd) format WILL NOT work.
  • Roms ziped in the WinZip Maximum (bzip2) format WILL NOT work
  • Roms ziped in the WinZip Maximum (Enhanced Deflate) format WILL NOT run
  • Roms ziped in the WinZip Normal format WILL run
  • Roms ziped in the WinZip Fast format WILL run.
  • Roms ziped in the WinZip Super Fast format WILL run.
  • Roms ziped in the WinZip None format WILL run.

Just download and install.
Download the gpsp4Symbian:  gpsp 0.7.1 for Symbian Belle (46542 downloads)
Sources are available on Github:
The Bios:
Remember to set the correct bios before loading ROMs. Make sure to get an authentic one , it’ll be exactly 16384 bytes large and should have the following md5sum “a860e8c0b6d573d191e4ec7db1b1e4f6”. The Bios extension should be .bin
Project Wiki page:
Compatibility list:
Compatibility list for Symbian^3 can be found at:
Read this before posting comments:

  • Do NOT Ask where to find ROMs / Bios. Asking about these will just get you banned!


  1. DAEX says:

    Thanks Summeli, test it now. 🙂

  2. DEAD anarchy says:

    Summeli, hello. Thanks for the update, on Belle really works. But here’s what I wanted to ask, 3D games,on GPSP, still has a blue tint, it is possible to fix? Or do you like the unknown?

  3. j5800 says:

    the emulators gpsp and antsnes not working full en CFW C6 on my nokia 5800

  4. ngoanrazor says:

    please add option resize resolution for gpsp s60v5. i think it make emulator run smooth if resolution small. if you busy cant code it, you can guide me do this

  5. hernan says:

    Great!! Thank you very much, working fine on my N8 with Belle!!

  6. NightStalker says:

    Summeli, hello. Thanks for the update, can make PSX emulator on Symbian Belle?

  7. 3lmxgupt says:

    oie we take for updates for other phones … do not forget the nokia 5800,, 5530

  8. Killua says:

    when I play the version metabee Medabots Rpg
    the game close the emulator window!
    How can I solve this?!

  9. yake says:

    nice work mate! 🙂
    i hope u can port PSX games too for Symbian^3 device..
    we’ll be glad for that 😉
    btw i cant play Golden Sun Book 2 with this gpsp, it keeps repeating the title screen

  10. Thailand fan says:

    I cant play final fantasy tactic advance
    can you fix it’s ขอบคุณครับ ( thankyou for everythings )

  11. POOR_PEOPLE69 says:

    Hai Summeli,,, u’re job is so good. But why you forget symbian s60v3 for making some emulator…? 🙁 it’s badly for me and another s60v3 user.
    Huhm,,, if i can make it, i’m not say like this for u Summeli.
    U have a lot of money for buy new Phone,,, but how with people like me…? I just have little money for buy phone and enjoy it. I was playing game with my phone, and i want to see another emulator was great for my phone.
    I hope u understanded, just not for me but for all s60v3 user like me.
    Thanks Summeli, u’re job greats…
    Sorry for my English

  12. reuben says:

    am using nokia 5233,gpsp is not workn on fon pls help me

  13. POOR_PEOPLE69 says:

    Hai, summeli you’re not respon me,,,? What you think…

    • Summeli says:

      I haven’t used S60 3rd edition phone in years. Why should I care? I’m not using the phone, so there’s nothing for me. If you want it so bad, then maybe you should just do it by yourself?

  14. POOR_PEOPLE69 says:

    Hai, summeli,,, can u make some emulator for s60v3 user,,,? Or you can do better with you’re emulators yet… I wait you summeli…

  15. POOR_PEOPLE69 says:

    Ok,,, i know u’re… Sorry for my word… Well, before i said if i can do it by myself, i’ll not say like this for u summeli.
    U’re work is great, ok,, u not use s60v3 again and never i think… Thanks before summeli u respone me…
    you’re work was great ever summeli.. But, please can u tell me who people make some great emulator for s60v3 user like me…?

  16. psx4symbian fan says:

    hi summeli thnks for ur all great stuff but why nt make psx4symbian i thnk it will easy nw for because new symbian belle phns released with 1ghz processors and i thnk u can make psx4droid qt port to symbian, recently nokia qt announced tht qtapi making all android apps qt port to symbian.
    In dis case can we make psx4droid port to qt symbian?
    Sorry 4 my bad english.

  17. N8 user says:

    Thanks Summeli !!! hope it can support more roms in next ver

  18. X7 User says:

    heey Summeli.Thanks for the gpSP.
    My question for you is :
    Is there a Nintendo 64 emulator for symbian 3 (Anna) i will be realy happy to play Nintendo 64 games on main Nokia x7.

  19. daikas says:

    great, summeli …
    I really like this…
    can u make some emulator for
    Play psx on s60v3 phone,,,?!!
    Hehe… 😀

  20. Uzi says:

    Hey summeli, first of all, love your emulator, thanks a lot for it, I really appreciate that you shared it with everyone 🙂 but got a question, are you ever gonna support connections (through Bluetooth or something) for Pokemon trading and whatever?
    I already asked in the older version a few weeks ago but you prolly don’t read it anymore, if you do sorry for the double post.

  21. MaW says:

    =) Funny thing is, gpSP could also be ported to S60v2 devices with 200~MHz CPUs and work well in most games. But of course, who uses those nowadays 😀 Here’s a video of how it runs on a non-smartphone device that has 200~MHz CPU and 7MB of available memory =)

  22. MaW says:

    By the way Summeli, did you or someone post the GTA Advance workaround here? Not mine of course, found it in some forum topic regarding gpSP port on other platform. It is to save the game after the tutorial mission on PC and copy the save (SRAM) on the phone. Probably someone posted it here earlier but there’s waaay too many comments under gpSP news here to look for it… ;]

  23. Rajesh says:

    Great work. You seem to be the only person who is also adding support for my e6 along with other devices. Can you make an nds emulator?

  24. john says:

    guys what email do you use i can’t register please reply i want it to use this emulatro to my nokia c6 thanks =)

  25. Red89 says:

    Summeli is possible porting psx emulator to symbian^3???
    Can symbian^3 device run it???

  26. Cloud says:

    Hi all
    Someone could say whether it will some version new emulador S60 5th edition (Nokia 5800)or just stay in the version gpsp 0.6.5.
    Thanx for you time

  27. Rajesh says:

    If it is possible, can you make bluetooth work as game link cable?

  28. Eliecer says:

    Hello sumelli
    This emulator can play up to 32mb roms, improved audio and graphics display mode as in the video output
    has updated the unofficial gpSP
    plis ported to the Symbian
    sorry for my english :p

  29. DreamWorks says:

    Hello there, Summeli.
    I really appreciate your work – you’re genius.
    Now, when the GBA emulation on new Symbians is sorted, what about emulation of NDS? Is that even possible, on machines like N8?

    • DreamWorks says:

      Oh and one more thing. I have installed your GPSP 0.7 on my N8 (still S^3). After that, I’ve updated it to Symbian Anna and GPSP worked. Yesterday, I’ve uninstalled it accidentally and I’m unable to get it back. Every time I try to install it back, phone goes ‘Preparing Instalation – Install (info+press OK) – Security warning (continue) – Install 739 kB to (selecting Mass memory) – Installing (progress bar doesn’t go to the end) – Preparing installation – BEEP sound (like it’s finished, but it’s not) – Still preparing installation – Download error.
      What’s wrong? Can you help me please?

  30. ombenk says:

    hai summeli , pleas help me .. Gpsp s60v5 not work in my nokia c5-03 .. In my install QT installeer , pips is eror .. Help help help help help ..!!! Thanks ..

  31. randy says:

    hi summeli …
    can you potred pocket guitar s60v5..

  32. Don says:

    hey summeli could you, if you have the time, explain to me if porting singular pokemon games (regardless if they are gba or nds games) be possible?
    Emulators are very heavy applications i know but the game itself….. What are the barriers though? And difficulties? On various communities i’ve seen pokemon and zelda games which work as exe files. I’ve even seen some gamecube pokemon game ported to x86 architeciture and running and an executable , rendering , with no disrespect to the devs, almost 15 years of dolphin emulation perfection almost , incomparable, compared to the smoothness of the game as an executable.
    If this if possible the possibilities would be endless. How ever i’m not one to talk i am still doin my java programming course and hardly know anything about emulation.( the amount of code gone in to write gpsp and even desmume :O) . Any way what are your opinions in this is the more important question?

    • Summeli says:

      An emulator is emulatoting the hardware used to run that executable. For example GBA emulator emulates GBA, and it can run binaries made for GBA. Porting a single pokemon game would mean compiling it again (and reimplementing some stuff) into some other platform. To do this you would need the source code. So yes, porting pokemon games into different platforms is possible, but you need the source code to do that. So unless you’re working at Nintendo there’s no way to port pokemon games.

  33. AceTrigger says:

    I thought it would be cool if you could make a save/load function you can program to a button.
    For an example i play with the wii remote on my tv through rca/hdmi and it kinda sucks to have to drop the remote and pick up the phone to save/load especially when sitting any distance from the TV. Either way thank you for your continued hard work and making Symbian that much more awesome :).

  34. Actionman says:

    It is a pity that new versions are not available for 5800, 5230 and others. I’ve tried to find the people who can continue your work, Summeli, but I couldn’t 🙁 Never the less, thanks for your emulator, maybe one day you’ll decide to upgrade some other versions for other phones 😉

  35. taoybb says:

    Maybe i found some bug with GPSP 0.7.1,Sometime i play game with GPSP (My phone is N8 , ivo777 belle fw) and after that i need to use camera but it always show a error and i had to reboot my phone to fix this
    I count this for 10 time. it happen 7/10 time and other 3 camera app still work. Hmmmm…. I don’t know what make this happen from gpsp, I use Mguard to control task manager but not found any weird app only system task running like calenda,msg,blah blah blah but don’t had camera…..
    And please resume develop/port psx4all for S^3, I’m still waiting for it

  36. namelessfemale says:

    hello summeli.
    i just would like to ask about the resolution. i wonder if you could make it a bit small,
    because in my nokia 701, the pixels of the games are like, spread out. as in, you couldn’t make out figures, and it is not a pleasant sight…
    i wonder if you could do something. please? help me?
    waiting. 🙂

    • Summeli says:

      N8 has same resolution, and I don’t have any problems with it. Maybe you’re just trying some game that’s not supported?

      • namelessfemale says:

        hello, i was trying to play final fantasy vi, and it’s like, pixels are a bit spread out… for example, a reaallly pixelated villages and person, and i’m not really comfortable playing in that state, so, please, if you could update some more or fix it, it would be grrreeeaaatly appreciated…
        i don’t know how to port the screenshots from my phone to here, so please bear with me…:)

  37. summelifan says:

    can you make gpsp 0.65 this easy like this my cousin have n8 and installed this and now he have gpsp and i have 5530 and 0.65 dont install on my phone

  38. felipe says:

    plz someone help me, i ve instaled Gpsp correctly, and when i try to run nothing happen… i have a c5-03

  39. Gena says:

    Summeli the best!!! Ukraine love you 🙂
    N8 bella works!

  40. hai summeli,,, can u port the gpSP s60v5 to s60v3,,,? I think u can do it,,, please summli port it for me… Hehehe
    thank summeli, i wait u…

  41. hai summeli… I want you help me again… Hehehe
    could you port this pcsx for my symbian s60v3
    please port it for me.. I wait u again summeli… maturnuwun sanget…

  42. zone22 says:

    Grat work 🙂

  43. Hackael says:

    GR8 Work,Summeli, You can update the version “gpsp 0.6.5 for S60 5th edition” with version 7.X controls without multitouch feature?
    D-pad in 0.6.5 is very small, ;(

  44. Bee says:

    Why this gpSPhone not support gameshark?

  45. N8-fan says:

    tanke you summeli
    please answer my question
    will you or can you make sega – nitendo64 – playstation emulator for symbian^3(n8)???????

  46. MBeezy says:

    I figured out a way to edit the save files for pokemon games.

  47. vxman says:

    if i hack my phone(s60 5th edition) this version of gpsp will work?
    if not, could you make a version for s60 5th edition with A and B buttons, please?

  48. firas says:

    hey summeli ur emulator is gr8!!
    i am going to buy nokia 603 just for that cuz i heard ur emu works gr8 on symbian belle!!
    btwi wonder if u can make both psx-nintendo DS emus on symbian belle it will be much more fun thx ^^

  49. Zozo says:

    Great thanks to Summeli!!!! This gpSP is really awesome!!!!
    But there is problem with gpSP v0.7.0 displaying on my Nokia E6-00 (Symbian Anna).All things are ok but the OPTION TITLE displays not perfect. Can you fix that? Nokia E6 640X480.

  50. Egor12333 says:

    Whether it will be developed gpSP 0.7.1 on OS symbian 9.4?

  51. bubbs99 says:

    You can put the original resolution in the emulator?

  52. Kakashigna says:

    Summeli please create a Play Station One emulator for symbian Belle…I would pay for an psx emulator ¬¬
    please please a lot of symbian user want a psx emulator
    please friend!

  53. snedom says:

    Good day, why we have no onscreen keyboard button in gpsp for symb 9.4 ?

  54. pesur says:

    Will you make GB,GBC emulator for Symbian Belle.

  55. nicework says:

    Summeli thanks fpr the emulator . I wait very long for an emulator for symbian, but can you put in something like ” settings”. I want to use cheats. The emulator for Android have the option to use cheats. Can do something like that, please?

  56. makinee says:

    Are there any easy instructions for installing that on a Nokia E7?

  57. jeff says:

    I just downloaded it and it works great on my n8, the only thing is… where are the start and select buttons? maybe its just me, but i cant seem to find them, and when i try to set them via the key config in the controls option, there are no buttons to press.
    i know it must be me doing things wrong, if thats the case please point the way for me!

  58. jeff says:

    yep, found them. thank you for the great emulator and sorry for the stupid question!

  59. vicente947 says:

    Doom II doesn’t work 🙁

  60. Mihner says:

    Hallo, Summeli. Thanks for your great work on these great emulators [AntSnes and gpSP]. I wanted to ask are you going to update them, especially gpSP which has some problems:
    -long pressing the volume buttons after they are set up as controls doesn’t work. [it just registers as a tap.]
    -to switch to other game you need to turn off the emulator, because switching straight form the menu with a running game causes emulator to crash.
    -a similar crash also happens when rom is reset.
    As a side note – if you could, could you please check if something can be done to fix Metroid Fusion crash at the start of the game and Megamen Zero graphical glitches.
    About AntSnes – man people have already told about this problem, but still while playing games that ‘x’ button thing is quite annoying. Just wanted to know what is causing it to happen?
    Anyway thank you very much.

  61. francisco de jesus says:

    brother to hear when a new version of GPSP for Symbian s60v5 please this is very good the emulator and you want to play other games or for that date will leave and there is to do no work or already antsnesqt for symbian s3 below and anna

  62. Regis says:

    Hey great emulator but I have a litle probleme… my start and select buttons are the same… if I press start it ok… but the select one when I press it, it does the same that the start one !!! Can you help me plase my phone is a Nokia N8 ans I have the Symbian Anna update

  63. Dyrian says:

    I want psx emulator on symbian belle too. Please create it.

  64. Agus says:

    Hey summeli! I have the antsnes 0.8.7 and this one and they run perfectly on my 500. I was wondering if it is possible to do a psx emulator for symbian (I want castelvania SotN for my free time :P). Keep up the good work!

  65. RandyPau says:

    it works on the volume key
    thank you so much

  66. firas says:

    summeli its awesome !!
    thx for the gr8 work it works perfectly on my nokia e6 ^^
    wish u make a ninentdo DS emulator and PSX too they would be awesome like the gpsp>
    gr8 work well done ^^

  67. Syraxx says:

    hey is it somehow possible to trade pokemon with this emulator?

  68. hgm682 says:

    thanx for this app
    please make playstation 1 or nintendo 64 emulator for symbian belle

  69. Haenir says:

    It almost worked in my nokia 701. The game screen show the screen buttons, but the game does not start. The screen remain black, except for the white buttons. How can I fix it? Can someone help, please? Summeli?

  70. fisiko says:

    I have a problem with zelda minish cap I can not “roll”

  71. Lucius says:

    Summeli Hello! I am a great admirer of your work (even though they live in Brazil), its emulators make us N8 owners, happier, but I own two questions for you:
    1. How do I install the BIOS in gpSP 0.7.1 for Belle? Emualdor installed, it opens normal, but when I choose the game, it just closes. How do I lower it, or configure it?
    2. Do you have any prediction of an emulator for Belle / PSX for Symbian?
    From now on, grateful friend!

  72. iruini says:

    this emulator work on my nokia 500 with symbian anne, and now on symbian belle

  73. wawas says:

    thanks summeli.
    work on c6 01.
    But the problem is display can’t soft.
    Game display is braek, not soft.
    How setting the resolution,,,
    please summeli…
    sorry my english not good.
    This screenshoot.

  74. lpratas says:

    Summeli, with the existent Symbian hardware of the later Symbian devices that were updated to 1.3GHz cpu recently and with their broadcom graphics it’snt possible a psx emulator? Or this gpu it’s incompatible or has bad performance with a psx emulator? Or since the Symbian it’s ending you don’t develop more for Symbian? And already now what do you think about of a possible nintendo 64 emulator, or also it’s dificult? The later hardware of devices like Nokia 701 it’s too limited?

  75. gimli says:

    work on nokia 500 Belle …

  76. trextrex65 says:

    working good on my e6

  77. Iruini says:

    whether somebody could make the agreement of shown keys as in antsnes?

  78. Alan milne says:

    can you get game shark working on this. Have downloaded the game shark Rom but it just crashes. Any ideas needed thanks

  79. KeviN says:

    Working ong Nokia 500 Symbian Belle.
    Installed it today and been playing Pokemon Emerald.. Perfectly Fine!
    Thanks summeli for the share!! More power!

  80. Clem29 says:

    HI, Thank’s for your magnific Work.
    I ask you if you can port gpSP on rockbox.

  81. ivan says:

    Hi thank you for this wonderful app just found it recently and been using it alot since then.
    but can you please make a nintendo ds emulator or planing to make one soon i have been searching for one for a really long time.
    thanks for your uploads and really wish if you could make it

  82. wildred says:

    Summeli great emulator could you add in a fast forward option…..,gets frustrating in normal speed for like pokemon

  83. Devin says:

    Hi Summeli, this is the best emulator (for me) for the symbian OS and i have only one problem with it…
    The Audio!!!
    Please fix it as soon as possible, thanks!

  84. Neil says:

    There seems to be an issue with gpsp on my N8 with Qt 4.8.0. An error “Memory Full” occurs but theres no other app opened. I hope gpsp would be updated soon. Thanks 🙂

  85. sam dias says:

    i download gpsp v071 but it does’nt start on my nokia x6

  86. jdsfkl says:

    It DOES work with Nokia 500.

  87. Vento says:

    please, continue to develop this software, it’s fantastic! There are some errors (I can’t load/save savestates and when I tap on menu i can’t do anyting, “full memory error”) but it’s really fast and compatible with a lot of games!

  88. alberto says:

    hello i want know if it’s possible to play in multiplayer. If the answer is no, in the future COULD be?

    • Hermione Harkinian Branford says:

      If you’re talking about playing with other people- then no, sorry.
      And if that COULD happen in the future, that would probably be on newer phones (Yes, WAAAAAY newer). So, technically…no.

  89. mariellove says:

    working with E7-Belle:)
    just finished Zelda:Minish Cup..
    i wish there would be a release which can activate cheats…
    great job for this…thumbs up

  90. TOMXDIO says:

    Advance War 1 & 2 works great, also, Advanced Guardian Heroes
    Astro Boy – Omega Factor, Avatar – The Last Airbender, Baldur’s Gate, Beyblade G-Revolution, Boktai 2, Bomber-Man Max 2, Breat of Fire I & II, All The Castlevania Games, All The CT Special Forces Games, Darius R, Digimon Battle Spirits 1 & 2, Dokapon Monster Hunter, Donkey Kong – King Of Swing, Donley Kong country 1,2 & 3, Double Dragon Advance and Many More, I already have 101 roms on my phone and all works perfectly, I have a Nokia 500.

  91. zumee says:

    Are there any easy instructions for installing that on a Nokia C7?

    • Summeli says:

      step 1. open browser in you phone.
      step 2. open this page.
      step 3. click the gpsp 0.7.1 download link.
      step 4. wait for download to complete.
      step 5. press install.

  92. gp says:

    is it possible to trade pokemon with this emulator? or playing mario kart in multiplayer mode? if it can, its so useful!

    • Hermione Harkinian Branford says:

      Well, I am very sorry to ruin your fun- but no.Those require either a GBA link cable or wireless adapter. Since this is just an emulation, it does not work. However, you can trade Pokèmon with yourself.
      (Suppose, if you want to evolve Kadabra to Alakazam in Pokèmon Emerald.)
      I do know how, but I’m not sure if Summeli would allow me to tell or not.. <__>

  93. gls2gh says:

    speed very low

  94. Cristian says:

    Hi! I’m using GPSP for Nokia 500, it works very well, however, some games doesn’t work. Is there a possibility for an update? It’ll be awesome!

  95. Kenwyn Collins says:

    Hey Summeli great work on this emulator running goo on nokia c6-01 but i would like to as you to update it so more games can work i wanna play Golden sun 2 it keeps resetting after the intro 🙁

  96. Dale says:

    plz fix for belle fp1 with Qt 4.8

  97. x-Sodia says:

    Thanks Summeli for the great job 😀
    But your emulator is always needed a cheat option !
    Can you do it for the next version please ? ^^
    I’m always visiting this website , hoping to find a new release with cheat option
    Waiting for that , I thank you so much ^^

  98. SoapNine says:

    Hey I tried this on my Nokia 500 with Symbian Anna and it seems to work pretty solid. You list it as not working with the Nokia 500 because of lack of GPU, so do you have any idea what’s happening with my situation?

    • SoapNine says:

      I also tried the latest AntSNES on my 500 and it’s working pretty soundly as well.

    • Summeli says:

      I removed the GPU requirement in this version, but still many people with Nokia 500 complained that it’s not working. I guess that I can remove that from the list. I don’t have nokia 500, so there’s no way for me to test if it’s really working or not 🙂

  99. Jemynator says:

    dear Summeli,
    i recently downloaded gpSP 0.7.1 ot use on my nokia n97 mini.
    but when i downloaded it.. i double clicked it and nothing happened… i tried reinstalling and updating my nokia pc suite but that didn’t work…
    now i ask of you: what can i do to solve this problem? i also updated my phone sofware to get better performance on games and better stability on fps…
    and yet when i double click it, drag it to the desktop icon and selecting ”open with” it still won’t work..
    please respond as soon as possible, because i would really like to play pokemon on my nokia
    Phone number: 0633007293 <— yes, i'm dutch, but i can speak english fluently and in many different accents so feel free to give me a call…
    IMEI: 351979047617717
    Type: RM-555
    i don't know much about these kind of things because i just have this nokia for a week…
    pls respond as soon as humanly possible.. 😀

    • Summeli says:

      N97 is S60 5th edition. You should use the version made for it:

    • Jemynator says:

      ok, so i managed to install it… so i go to my applications folder… tap the gpsp with the weird looking pikachu (hilarious by the way) and nothing happens… i already have my BIOS on it so i don’t see what i’m doing wrong…
      pls respond.

      • Jemynator says:

        oh i left out that this time i downloaded the 0.6.5 edition
        and i didn’t refresh the page yet so i didn’t see your comment yet… i’m sorry but i really need a gameboy advance amulator on my n97, not a snes emulator… unless i can play GBA games with that as well
        pls respond

        • Summeli says:

          I really don’t know what you’re doing wrong. If you followed the installation instructions for 0.6.5, then it should work ( at least it works for me)

        • Jemynator says:

          i’m sorry to leave this chain of comments here but you can delete this conversation once we are done, or leave it for others to see; it might help them.
          i downloaded the antsnes 0.7.1 like you said… but i can’t install it on my phone… the error reads: ”certification error, please contact the publisher” or something like that…
          how do i fix this?

          • Summeli says:

            follow the installation instructions. You have to sign the sis-file by yourself. You should have followed the same process for gpsp 0.6.5. Are you sure that you really installed it, instead of this one?

  100. Jemynator says:

    thank you sooo much… i was too lazy t first to use symbian signed but now i realise that it’s worth my while!! IT WORKS I’M PLAYING THE MINISH CAP NOW AT FULL SPEED!!!!!!!!!!! i’m sorry to have bothered you!!

  101. Alberto says:

    Sorry but could you prove if metroid go because when i try to play when finish the introducction the game turn cold and crash and gpsp close. If you don’t understand me i try rewrite my question. My english is soo bad

  102. Dale says:

    because gpsp 0.7.1 has some bug like that with qt 4.8 .Sometime it crash when i use save show memory full too.
    Sr about my bad english

  103. polkevin says:

    is there a gpsp that compatible with my n73?

  104. Ditto says:

    Hey all.
    Can someone play Medabots RPG at it?? I’ve tried almost every configuration possible, but it seems it’s a compatibility problem with the original gPSP itself… It’s seems too that the Android GBA emu can run fine that game, will consider that in my next phone buying…
    Other games like Pokémon running fine, though. Thks Summeli!

    • Serlop says:

      It worked for me. Does your gpSP work with any other game like “Mario Kart Super Circuit” or “Mario Advance 3″? Maybe you are doing something wrong.

      • Ditto says:

        What did you do???? Yea, Mario Kart runs fine, but Medabots RPG freezes and closes the emu after 1 minute or so… New game, in-game save or save-state, it happens the same. I play Pokémon Emerald with no problems (there’s just a issue when the phone activates the “autolock” function after a time without touching it, so the emu closes itself. But it’s just to turn off the autolock while playing).

      • Ditto says:

        What did you do to play????
        I have N8 with Belle Refresh and just downloaded the corresponding “new” gpSP version to it (tnks again, Summeli, to keeping support!), but nothing has changed…
        Yea, Mario Kart runs fine, but Medabots RPG freezes and closes the emu after 1 minute or so… New game, in-game save or save-state, it happens the same. I play Pokémon Emerald with no problems too.
        I’ve tried reinstall the gpSP and tried another Medabots rom, but can’t play anyway… =(
        Help!!!! Tks! =)

      • Ditto says:

        SORRY!!! I thought the comments were not being posted… SORRY!!!

  105. Bilal.a.d says:

    first of all I should say that GPSP is a great application yet it’s very useful.
    But I have a little proposition-this may not be new-but whatever:
    It would be perfect if u added a new option governing the “vibration” for the buttons. You know as GPSP is for touch interface adding vibration for the buttons will increase the effectiveness and the simulation of a real GBA.
    Anyway thx for listening.

  106. Gabe says:

    Please summeli should do a GBC emulator for symbian belle … I’ve been looking for it years … for my nokia c7 … would you do me a favor because the emulator does not exist anywhere … thanks for reading

  107. shubham says:

    hey i got a big problem. I have qt 4.73 on nokia 5233. I want to install gpsp but it require signing.can u please tell where i can get my phone certificate.(donot want to hack phone as it has many disadvantage).please help.

  108. ccsvchost says:

    is it alright if the rom inside the zip is in .bin format?

  109. n8 user says:

    cannot play fifa smoothly…. 🙁

  110. Danger2010 says:

    Plz help
    i hav n8 wid firmware 111.040.0904
    wen i load gba, it works properly but when i try to save the game it says memory full. close some applications and try again.

  111. K says:

    THANKS A LOT!!! This emulator made me buy my Nokia N8 and I LOVE IT, I also love this emulator!
    Thanks a lot, you made my perfect phone B)!!!
    I wish there were more devs making cool stuf for Nokia like this. Nokia was pretty stupid ond cutting off Symbian’s power, after being the number one operating system last year.
    Well, I wish I was a dev and I could help the cause, but I’m not.
    Anyway, thanks again and keep the awesome work, please!

  112. K says:

    BTW, forgot to mention. I wish I could remove the keys from the screen cause I like playing with my wii mote!
    Can this be done? cause I checked the only similar option and it did nothing =/!

  113. juls says:

    summeli, what gpsp is the best for nokia N73?

  114. Serlop says:

    Hi Summeli, I do really admire your work, is incredible. Is there any posibility tu run GBC games? I’m really interested on playing the good old gameboy games. THANKS!!!!!

  115. Federico says:

    Hey, first of all, thank you very much for posting this. It is amazing.
    But, is there any way I know which roms work? I mean, I did see the conditions list above, but how do I know if the ROM I download follow them?
    Only “Super Mario Kart” and “Mario Advance 3” work?
    Thank you in advance for your response.

  116. HEADBANGER says:

    Dear Summeli
    Thanks for your work. I think you have done the best GBA emulator for my Nokia. Is excelent. It has some bugs, but al are just some really silly stuff. I’m sorry because of my english. I’m from Peru. I have a C6-01 and it works nicely on it. Hope this words can express my gratitude. I’m really excited about this. I’m playing Zelda as crasy!
    Take care!

  117. m4771 says:

    why does the app needs rights from the camera and microfon?

  118. doubleagent2005 says:

    Excellent! Very high compatibility, besides playing quite comfortable even on the 3.2 inch screen on the nokia c6-01. In the future I would like to see support 3D games) I will follow the development of gpSP and Antsnes, thank you very much, Summeli!

  119. ben says:

    how can i set bios and rom help me

  120. Roycius Lim says:

    Any cheats?

  121. Roycius Lim says:

    I want cheats f
    or pokemon emerald.

  122. yxy says:

    Is there any update of s60v5?

  123. SYMBONIC says:

    Hello, there i’d just love to thank you very much in releasing this software to us all with no charge it’s really fantastic to use i’ve been collecting together some fantastic games, tweaking my set up so it’s all good and plays well,
    I’d really love to know if you ave any future plans or know where this app might have been updated with further support, If not?? i’m gonna kick starert this up again, Mario Kart plays SO F*****G well, i really am loving it,
    There are E Few Features i’d love to see
    *Camera button support – to map R Shoulder button to this while L Shoulder is Mapped to Volume Up or down (pull or push)
    *Mounted Share Problems Fixed – a little ignorance here as i dont know it can or connot be, i recently update SKYDRIVE on my E7 i think it’s causing a slight issue, even though i uninstalled it after nokias update
    *support for more games Larger Games and Graphical Support for games such as Driver, Vrally
    * Load new Rom without restarting the app(I think this could be made worse by the SKYDRIVE app problem i mentioned)
    I again want to say Summeli thank you for Portng No Only GPSP but also ANTSNES to – Your work is fantastic, i’d love to see some big updates to these fantastic apps and continue to see your the onlly guy doing it.
    Keep up the good work, i know your busy working away with other stuff but i look farward to hearing from you.

  124. Facu says:

    Summeli, why you don’t create a psx emulator for us? We (the S^3 users) want a PSX emulator for our N8!! Please!! Your last contribution for the world of symbian please!

  125. bug says:

    I have some bug to say (use nokia x7-00 play and found this)
    1 blue color some game like yu gi oh it blue all tom and jerry to just fix it
    2 some game can play but not end like yu gi oh gx,lego,star war and lol
    3 some game slow like star war other game I play is not
    and I have my question?
    I can play harvest moon end of the game ?(I play it now not bug found now)
    when I can play yu gi oh ? (it bug to much)
    I hear psx emu can play on s^3,bell,mego when be out?
    I hear n64 emu to when be out? (n900 can play n64 now)
    If some one like GBC (game boy color) they can play with meboy now (I use it not found any bug!!!)

  126. eduin says:

    I like that you will update all emulators for symbian s60v5 version as it is the one I have and also because I see a lot longer receive updates for this greetings from mexico ;D

  127. eduin says:

    sorry for putting something in Spanish but not if you know I put it in English but is so good you send but I tell you that you will update again for S60v5 greetings from mexico ;D

  128. John says:

    Thanks your apps it’s very fantastic
    i just share my idea, i think adding cheat menu to this app maybe very usefull because symbian belle not support sorcerer 😀

  129. Kostas_12ldb says:

    Hello there Sumeli!
    I am having trouble opening gba roms with gpsp 0.7.1 version on my 808 Belle fp1 os, while your Antsnes emulator works flawlessly! Am I doing something wrong here, or is this normal?
    Will you ever work on porting gpsp to Belle fp1 OS devices?
    Thank you so very much for everything you have done for us symbian/retro lovers up to now!
    Best wishes,

  130. dENWARk says:

    Hi Summeli!
    Thank you for porting these 2 gems on our phone! 🙂 Now my phone is really enjoyable with those emulators of yours!
    I’m still hoping that you’ll also going to port psx and gbc emulator to our phone. 😀
    We wish you the best SUMMELI!!!

  131. trimoto says:

    In my 701 the emu works but don’t load rom. bios set correctly.

  132. Jimmy says:

    Hello, I downloaded this version on gpSP and installed it no my Symbian Belle Nokia 500 and it seemed working pretty good, but, i have downloaded some roms and a pokemon gba game won’t save because of the save type, do anyone know hpw tp change the save type on this emulator?

  133. moozpapa says:

    Thanks!! Summeli I can play tactics orge: the knight of lodis without any problem to the end. Now i play summon night hope work fine. Thanks for your Gpsp. I play on nokia 500

  134. Andreas Specht says:

    Hi! Summeli, yesterday I made one update on my N8, it was one thing with 13MB that was on the “update sw”…
    Since then, I can’t load any savegame, everytime I try to load a savegame it appears “memory is full, close some programs and try again”, but i’m with no other program opened, when I go to the ‘videos’ option, it appears the same message, if I press the exit button, same message, I need to close it by holding the ‘menu’ button…
    Do you know how to fix it? can you make an update to fix it?
    Andreas Specht.

  135. Joel says:

    Summeli,Dude i thank you a million for making this emulator for my c6-01,but i have a problem whenever i load NFS roms …the game starts but the screen is all blue!i can see myself racing…but every texture in da game is dark blue in color…please fix this as i want to play NFS on my mobile..and the ending of zelda gets stuck(frozen) i don’t know what to do!Please help!

  136. Cristian says:

    Hi Summeli! I have a Nokia 500, and GPSP worked perfectly UNTIL the Nokia Belle Refresh update came. Now, it crashes and seems incompatible with this system. Could you please make a version compatible with new Belle Systems?

  137. nabin says:

    will it work in nokia c5-05 pls reply fast. . . i lvu this game… pls help me

  138. discy says:

    yea we need a updated version, this wont work anymore

  139. leonardo says:

    hello, please, could create an update for belle refresh, the GBA left with a big problem, he says insufficient memory, and you can not save games, or change options: (please ask you the

  140. Rihda says:

    yeah i have also experienced this issue with belle refresh. i heard that summeli has stopped updating this amazing emulator and has left the symbian scene entirely. I deeply wish this isnt true. I would also glad test the new package of he makes one which i hope he does. I wouldnt mind if he didnt even fix any bugs. Just the memory full error with belle refresh

  141. Hermione Harkinian Branford says:

    Err… Why can’t I use the roll attack (pressing R while running) in Minish Cap? I tried configuring the keys on my Nokia N8, but it still doesn’t work.
    Any help? :S

  142. Solas says:

    Hey I just installed this and ran few games. But i notice the “Start” and “Select” buttons are missing and so are they on the video here on the site. Can you help?

  143. david says:

    i’ve just install it , but when i run gpsp , nothing happen

  144. zalz says:

    Hi summeli,,thank you very much…
    Gpsp and antsnes working on my x7 🙂
    by the way,,can you make an emulator for nintendo46??
    Thanks very much…

  145. Daniel Sosa says:

    NFS Underground 2 also has the blue color issue and NFS Underground doesn’t even run 🙁

  146. Eddy2dh says:

    Hey all I installed the emulator and i set bios and the rom but as soon as I press continue it goes to my main menu. Anyone know the fix?

  147. Hermione Harkinian Branford says:

    Can anyone please tell me why Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire along with Order of the Phoenix has a blue screen on some parts?

  148. pokemonfreak says:

    hey, i dont understand the bios thing, when i choose “file” it gives two options, load ROM and set BIOS. when i press the set BIOS, it makes me choose a place from my files, i first tried my mass memory and the file “download” where i have gpsp and pokemon emerald (which isn’t working, im still trying to convert the .sis-file to .rar-file and somehow extract it) and it says “no data”. in every single file, all it says is no data. Help?

  149. pokemonfreak says:

    AND i know that you didn’t want any questions about where to find rom’s and bios, but how can you even find bios if it is in your phone already and cannot be downloaded?! i’m completely lost and can’t get a hold of the whole consept about bios, i just wanna play pokemon with my phone!

    • Summeli says:

      just follow the instructions. You’ll need the GBA bios file for the emulator (you only have to set it once).

      • pokemonfreak says:

        ok, i found the gba bios file so i can download it, extracted the rom (now working) but is it worth it to do this? My dad says that the Bios is in the core of phone, that the phone cannot work without it, that this is some sort of brain surgery to the phone. If I set this Bios, will it replace the old one? Because if I am turning my phone to a Gamoboy instead of downloading a gamoboy game in my phone I probably should just go to a flea market. I’m pretty sure I am just downloading a gamoboy game but I want to make sure I can safely use my N8 still as a phone.

    • dude… of course the bios is the core but your phone and emu just loads it and uses it to make gba games or any other things playable depending on the rom. here is an example:in the m4a1 the main bullet is peircing type(forgot how many mm it is…)the peircing type is your phones main bios. now you wanted to go non lethal. you changed bullet types. now its plastic tip.well your m4a1 is not broken… it can still fire the bullet and is still working just you want to go back to default. so put it all it just loads it not replace the main bios. its like a compatibility somethig…something… watever. now you got it after a 2 years now you can sleep.

  150. kramz says:

    gpsp i installed not running in my phone why?

  151. KRM says:

    Don’t know if this is right place to ask, but either my gpsp (running on N8 Belle) or the game itself switched somehow my d-pad functions from walk to look. So character ain’t moving but you can move camera around a little. Have someone got the same problem and knows the solution or should I just start new game? Sorry for the bad English, it isn’t my native language.

    • KRM says:

      So, problem seems to be in the save file in some level. Downloaded emulator for my PC and transferred the save file for it from my phone and same problem occurs. Can’t find any option or key to reverse the view/walk problem. Thought that if I could save it again on my PC and send back the fixed save file to phone and continue playing without this problem but no. Can’t find anything alike from Google and I think only solution is start new game.

  152. Jm says:

    Would this work on asha 306?

  153. Gokul Raj says:

    help please…b
    the app is not opening….
    when i like it blink like it is going to start and don’t start…
    what to do???

  154. Zajamo says:

    Sir, my emulator does not have A B keys, what shall i do? Please help

  155. wendel says:

    how to work my gpsp

  156. Sam says:

    Brother, can put a frame skip feature??

  157. Sam says:

    I mean how to increase the frameskip rate to 2x the original?? I’m playing pokemon liquid crystal and it’s really slow on my nokia 700

  158. gpsp crashesafter the prolouge of metroid fusion.
    i checked the rom.. its just fine. the emu is broke.
    there might some more umplayabe games so pls fix it. oh and yeah
    tha castlevania series has graphic issues when played in this emu. ty. pls reply.

  159. mark says:

    what gpsp ver is compatible with nokia n8?

  160. Voriukas says:

    Nokia n8 stats:
    pokemon emerald – works
    leaf green – works

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