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AntSnes 0.8.7 for Symbian Belle

AtnSnes is Snes9x emulator for Symbian. It is actually based on DrPocketSNES version 6.4.4, which in turn is based on snes9x 1.39
The new AntSnes comes with multitouch and with new transparent keys. You’ll need a Symbian^3 based phone with Symbian Belle update to run this (N8, C7, E7 etc..). The Symbian Anna users should still stick up with the older AntSnes 0.8.6 The old S60 5th edition is not supported by this version anymore. S60 5th edition users should use AntSnesQt 0.7
I heard that this isn’t working with all Belle versions… So if the 0.8.7 doesn’t work, then try to use the AntSnes 0.8.6
What’s new

  • Symbian Belle support

Known issues:

  • Mounted shares(Dropbox etc.) breaks the filemanger, so do not use mounted shares.

Just download and install.

Download the AntSnes 0.8.7 with the smart-installer: AntSnes v 0.8.7 (30651 downloads)
Sources are available on Github:
Read this before posting comments:

  • Do NOT Ask where to find ROMs / Bios. Asking about these will just get you banned!


  1. Sunil says:

    Respected Sumelli donkey kong country 1,2,and 3 still not working on s60v5 5233.Plz fix these sir if u can.I know sir u can do it.plz sir this game is most fvt game in my life ever.I hope u will fix it sooner.I wil wait for your next update for s60v5 thanks sir

  2. cansual says:

    Wow Thanks a lot Summeli this version works very well on my N8 with Belle. Now the FPS rate is higher and the games are smoother.
    Without sound perfect 60FPS, With sound between 35-60 FPS

  3. demona says:

    summeli,is this version working in symbian anna for my e7.

  4. demona says:

    ok thinks but no deffirences there are right?

  5. WILL says:

    to be perfect only need to enable the use of three buttons at the same time. for now only accepts 2 and. Some games require 3 (mario kart for example).
    This is a tip…
    congratulations for the excellent work.

    • Brad says:

      I think most phones only accept 2 touch inputs at a time. It’s a hardware limitation not software. If you really need 3 buttons simultaneously you can use 2 touch inputs and one physical key for a total of three.

  6. Yoshileon says:

    Hey Summeli,
    I’m very happy you released it for belle. It’s a very good app for my N8.
    Hovewer, here are some bugs I experiencing:
    – often when I’m pressing B, A or Y, sometimes it takes it as X.
    – It doesn’t matter where I press the screen, on the buttons or middle screen, it goes back to the antsnes menu. This only happened to me once, and restart helped.
    – Pressing the Connect button without iControlPad connected, the app crashes, and I have to reset the game (or load a state), but doesnt continue.

  7. Andrew says:

    Thank you so much! I was depressed when I upgraded to Belle on my N8 and found antsnes broken, but now I have my favourite app back again. =)

  8. Paul says:

    Still need to move the L & R Buttons to the right with the other buttons, so we can use it, its very awkward where they currently are & almost impossble to use where certain games need them.

    • K says:

      I configured the Volume rocker and the camera button for my N8 to be used as L and R!
      You should try that.

      • K says:

        One thing, though. The volume rocker is a “short lived” push. For example, if I dash in Megaman Zero, it dashes shortly, but I can use the other buttons to make that move. But for a fighting game, for example, or games that do not depend ond how much you hold the button it should be OK.
        And as for the camera button, I am using light pressure so it won’t open the camera. good thing is that this button does hold on, instead of cutting the command quicly.

  9. binho says:

    hey man I’m from brazil… thank you so much, same

  10. Mark says:

    What version of Symbian does the i8910 have — Anna or Belle? Cheers.

  11. Pzkfw5 says:

    Any news in regards to Icontrolpad support within your symbian emulators?

  12. Axel says:

    This is the best Snes emulator and works perfectly, but where are the save states ? I cant find them, and what kind of files are they ? I want to copy them to use the in another N8, thanks !!

  13. Juan Carlos says:

    Hello Guys I already downloaded & installed the AntSnes v 0.8.7 (1603) file, a Mario face appear in my applications folders, I tried to run it but it did not work (no errors, no nothing), do you know if I forgot something, thanks in advance for your help =)

  14. Alex says:

    Hello, how can i get this app installed, i tried through the installer pack but the installer stops at lets say 85% says preparing to install, tries to connect to the internet through the wifi and then gives me error: installation failed…i tried to install Antsnes 0.8.6 about 5 times with no success! My phone is N8 with the latest Anna FW and it is hacked…i installed qt 4.7.3…and also can you please tell me if i can play Mortal Kombat 3 on this? Thanks in advance!

  15. xConfax says:

    Hey Summeli!
    I’m asking you if this emulator uses srm files in any way.. I need to extract one, edit it and put it back on the emulator; is this possible in any way? I only found some strange sst files, i suppose they are SaveSTates, but they won’t open up, even with Snes9x ):

  16. GJ says:

    Works perfectly on my 701. Just once it crashed when I went back to a minimized instance of it while multitasking. No worries. Any idea how to get Game Genie codes to work on this?

  17. POPO says:

    this is Grandioso!!!!! sir. try everything to be done for s605th version

  18. @wagner1600 says:

    olΓ‘.. Hello..
    Sorry my english, i am brasilian and dont speak english so much..
    I have a little problem =( i can’t play rooms with more 1mb.. The controls not work.. I want play chrono tigger but the room have 4mb =(.. Can you help me ?

  19. Edd says:

    I would like to know if this emulator works on Nokia X2-00.

  20. Jose says:

    I installed and it doesn’t open. 😐

  21. Andreas says:

    Thank you for creating this, it is nice to play those old games again. That being said, when trying to play Super Mario Allstars (the snes version of the old nes mario 1-3) I can get into the game and select “1 player” but after that it no longer reacts to the buttons.
    When playing the snes super mario (same as in your videos) I noticed that sometimes the game switches the jump buttons (but that could be just me?) so that mario does the piruette when he is supposed to jump normally. Don’t know if it is a bug or not?
    Also this might be a dumb question, but have you thought of making it possible to play vertically? (like a gameboy, with the buttons below the “screen”), my fingers seem to be covering quite a lot of the screen when playing causing me to fall down in mario quite a lot.
    btw, I am using a E7 with Belle and AntSnes 0.8.7 (audio off)
    Teekkari kiittÀÀ!

  22. Hi Summeli,
    This version works great on Nokia 500 with belle.
    Good work!

  23. Matoking says:

    Symbian Belle versions of your emulators are a lot faster, now that I decided to update them on my N8. Nice job.

  24. mamachicho says:

    Does it work for nokia 500? I tried it in s. anna but it didnt open the program. I thought it was by the SO but now with belle still not working…

  25. Sim says:

    Geeza, you need to change the positions of the L & R buttons man, they are in an awkward place!

  26. fOx says:

    I have Nokia N8 and belle update, so 0.8.7 not work for me ^(
    but 0.8.6 work fine, so can anybody help with this ?

  27. hgm682 says:

    thanx for this app
    please make playstation 1 or nintendo 64 emulator for symbian belle

  28. LINK says:

    thanx for this app
    please make playstation 1 or nintendo 64 emulator for symbian belle +1 πŸ˜€

  29. trextrex65 says:

    working good on my nokia e6 belle 2011-01-05
    thanks i hope you can made mame32 and psx with nes sega genes for e6 too

  30. Tog says:

    When I tried to install this app, the phone asked me to allow this app to access user data, modify user data, use camera and microphone, use network and make phone calls. I found this suspicious so I clicked “cancel”.

  31. pesur says:

    Why is only black screen when i load rom.

  32. Igor Caike says:

    I’m sorry, but the aplication don`t work in my nokia 500. Can be a needed resource?

  33. ruben hernandez quijas says:

    i dont spek inglish my inglish is not good
    i dont run mario rpg legend of seven stars
    the screen freee in blak only treobles in this game more games run perfect
    is me o this emulator not support this game mario rpg?
    thenks good job

  34. pesur says:

    Can anybody tell me it this emulator runs donkey kong country cuz i only get black screen.

  35. Gustavo says:

    Sorry, Donkey kong 1,2,3 and yoshi island dont working on my nokia N8

  36. ligimus says:

    But your emulators will have other update o not?

  37. pesur says:

    Will you ever update this emulator so games will work properly and will you update GBC emulator to work on Symbian belle FP1?

  38. Nacho says:

    Please, summelli work in DK Country 1, 2, 3. Dragon Ball and Yoshi’s Island for the next release. Thanks!

  39. Ten says:

    hi, in my part the control button doesn’t work. thanks.

  40. Very good work. You should make NES Emulator for Belle !

  41. -Jomppa- says:

    I have Nokia E7 but controls doesn’t work?

  42. haseeb says:

    Hi Summeli !
    I have tried on the Symbian Belle on Nokia C6-01 but it didn’t work.
    I have made the Fresh install on my Nokia C6-01 of Symbian Belle. Currently it is not working.
    It just shows up the blank black screen when i Load the Roms.
    Can you please suggest me a solution for this.

  43. el_father says:

    I want to know how to configure the buttons on my N8 because some games do not work. Thank you!

  44. garfielgv says:

    thanks summeli
    on Nokia E7 but
    Yoshi’s Island on it and it didn’t work
    have you an idea ??

  45. Hermione Harkinian Branford says:

    I just hope there will be support for SA1 soon. I’m dying to play Super Mario RPG on my N8!

  46. Wanlee says:

    Will NES(Nintendo, not the SNES) works on this emu?

  47. Ryan says:

    Always wanted to play Chrono Trigger as a kid, finally have the chance with this emulater, thank you so much πŸ™‚
    Only problem is with a section where i have to press L R and A at the same time. I know this is likely because my phone (n8) doesnt support 3 touches at once, but is there any way around it?

  48. robin says:

    does it work on symbian belle refresh?
    An maby for support for more game try
    antsnes for some help!

  49. Lee Thatcher says:

    can you place the L & R buttons on the right side with the others, its hard to use in some games where needed!

  50. Naxho says:

    and buttons START and SELECT?????

  51. brahmadath says:

    hi, thanks for the fantastic emu
    Pls check whether the antsnes 0.87 works for belle refresh… it’s not working for me in my n8.. when i tap on the icon nothing happens… i really want this to work.. thanks for fixing the gpsp πŸ™‚

  52. Waldas says:

    Emulator crashs when I try to play Megamen X. Screen is frozen and then I have to restart my nokia 500 to close AntsNes. Is there any chance for help?

  53. Will says:

    Hello, please would you fix the controller problem? I can’t control the game: Tactics Ogre.

  54. Manu says:

    Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI works great in my nokia 500!
    but the audio sounds pretty weird (strange noises, out-of-tune instruments)
    is there any chance of solving this?
    thank you so much for this awesome emulator!

  55. Chris Harvey says:

    Does this work on Belle Refresh FP2 phones like Nokia 808?

  56. ibds says:

    please change the main menu to a more attractive looks.
    and please bring it to ovi store for fp2 nokia 808

  57. K says:

    Once again thank you for the magnificent work!
    I have a question: Why isn’t the button layout in gpsp the same as in Ant Snes? AntSnes’ is much better, in gpsp I end to hit “menu” when I want to press “L”
    PS: Can’t wait to get my 808 and play with this emulators of yours!

  58. IVICA says:

    This only works with few mario games…. on other,controls are not responding,or program crashes…

  59. tun says:

    i have nokia 603 BELLE . i installed AntSnes0.8.7. Which rom can play? NES?

  60. Maximiliano says:

    Hello, i have a problem wiht Chrono Trigger.
    I have to press L+R+A
    but i canΒ΄t
    Anyone knows how to solve this?

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