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Samsung SmartTV and 802.11n

I just bough a new Samsung SmartTV (model UE46F6400). I just spent few hours just to configure the Wlan connection on it correctly. The TV can connect into the WLAN, but it disconnects after about 30 seconds, and then you’ll have to re-enter the password etc. to get it connected again for about 30 seconds, before it disconnects again.
I used the Ethernet connection to update the device firmware, but it did not help. I got multiple hits just by Googling the issue about Samsung SmartTVs that are disconnecting from the network. One blogger seemed to have similar problem as did I: However setting the WPA2 down to the WPA also downgrades the wifi n spec into lower bandwidth.  I even tested this with my Cisco Liksys E4500 with both 5Ghz antenna, and 2.4Ghz antenna. The Samsung TV actually can use the WPA2, if the network connection has been set into lower speed.
Here’s what I got working;

  • 5Ghz, Wifi A-connection, not mixed, or N
  • 2.4Ghz, B/G Connection, not mixed, or N

After that I had debugged the working Wifi settings I took a quick look at the manual. It says that Samsung recommends 802.11n, and soon after that it says that it doesn’t work correctly with GreenField mode. Yes, I can verify! it does not work. WTF Samsung!
The thing that troubles me is that the crappy Samsung TV software can not filter the Wlan hotspots that it can not support properly. It’s really frustrating to connect into these networks just to get disconnected after about 30 seconds. I would also like to know why does Samsung recommend using 802.11n in the user manual, while it does not support the specification properly. I bet that the average TV user does not know the difference between 802.11n legacy mode, and the GreenField mode.


  1. Guilherme says:

    So I read your post and have the same tv.
    I’m looking for a new router and i’m looking one with 5Ghz wifi. I didn’t find if the tv supports or not 5Ghz and in your post this is not very clear for me.
    You can coffirm if 5Ghz is supported?
    Sorry for the bad english.

    • Summeli says:

      Well. 5Ghz is not entirely supported. If you’re using the “5Ghz, Wifi A-connection, not mixed, or N” settings then it’s going to work. However I would reconmend byuing a dual antenna router, which will offer both 2Ghz and 5Ghz connections. That’s the easiest solution in here.

      • Guilherme says:

        Thanks man,
        I already was thinking to buy a dual band router, but only if the TV supports 5Ghz. In my country dual band routers are much more expensive, that’s why I needed to be sure.
        Thanks a lot!

  2. VinnieR says:

    I have the UN46ES72100AF Sumsung SmartTV. Found the same thing. Spent many hours and many calls to support trying to get the 5Ghz to work with no success. As far as I can tell Samsung is selling a TV that they say supports Wireless N but does not. I also believe that they have manipulated their FW to hide this fact as the TV will report that it has received an IP address and is connected to the wireless Network but not to the internet. However, when I check for clients on the router, the TV does not appear and the IP address the TV reported does not have a lease.

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