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AntSnes going to Beta: speed optimizations

The new version is optimized for speed, which gives a huge performance boost for N96 (it’s nice for N95 too).
I expect this binary to work with S60 3.1 and 3.2 phones, but I’m planning to add support for 3.0-> phones in the future. Currenlty there is only the landscape mode, but I will make new blitters for portait mode too.

N96 keymap

N95 users: You still have to map keys 1-4 with Magic keys as with alpha version. The Opengl ES support is not included in this release, since DSA rendering is now an option for N95 users too. Howerver I think that the sound support might be possible with OpenGL ES rendering. To be tested..
Download: antsnes_v01
Source: antsnes_src_v01
Currently there are small fixes in the ASM core for ARM11. Theese could be usefull for Maemo developers 😉

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Porting the Snes9x ASM core to S60

Porting the ARM9 optimized asm code to ARM11

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