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AntSnes going to Beta: speed optimizations

The new version is optimized for speed, which gives a huge performance boost for N96 (it’s nice for N95 too).
I expect this binary to work with S60 3.1 and 3.2 phones, but I’m planning to add support for 3.0-> phones in the future. Currenlty there is only the landscape mode, but I will make new blitters for portait mode too.

N96 keymap

N95 users: You still have to map keys 1-4 with Magic keys as with alpha version. The Opengl ES support is not included in this release, since DSA rendering is now an option for N95 users too. Howerver I think that the sound support might be possible with OpenGL ES rendering. To be tested..
Download: antsnes_v01
Source: antsnes_src_v01
Currently there are small fixes in the ASM core for ARM11. Theese could be usefull for Maemo developers 😉


  1. Nokiaman says:

    Awesome sir!Works like a charm on my N95-1.It only needs sound and config and it will be incredible!

  2. zaca11 says:

    and when the emulator will run on Nokia N73, E65? 🙂

    • Summeli says:

      The next version I hope 😉 The speed optimization was the priority #1, since there wasn’t so much to port without it 🙂 They both are using old ARM9 processors, so they require the new assembly optimized core.

  3. zaca11 says:

    And is the Nokia E65 and N73 will run with sound in playable speed?

    • Summeli says:

      The sound is currently not supported. So none of the devices is currently playing sound. Yesterday I compiled the emulator for S60 3.0. It runs playable in N73 (same as N96), but that is not going to be able to play sound at same time. Sound support might be possible for phones with more powerful processor, like N95.
      I still have to implement some features for 3.0 phones, but I think that I’m able to make a package next two weeks.

  4. h3nk3 says:

    Now I can run it on my E90 on the small screen. Nice!
    I tried out a game, a few snags:
    – Could not work out which keys did what (T9 Keypad)
    – Game hanged (not your app) after pressing (I think) ‘Start’ in the game (The game was Out of this world, delphine software)
    – The graphics in the game was upside down from the symbian UI
    Otherwise great work!

    • Summeli says:

      The graphics are upside down, since it’s optimized for the N-gage mode in N95 and N96. In next release I’m planning to add other renderers, so you should be able to run the emulator in the E90 small screen. Also key mapping settings is planned to the next version 🙂 Current keys are 1-4 a,b,x,y and volume up/down start/select.

  5. h3nk3 says:

    Summeli << Yep, it does work on the E90s smaller screen. However Start and Select are not accessible on the E90, there are no volume up/down keys on the phone. 🙂
    looking forward to the next release. Impressive work so far.

  6. Summeli says:

    Thanks for telling me this. I thought that every 3.x phone has volume up/down keys 🙂 I have to add these to the config too then.

  7. zaca11 says:

    I hope that you will able to leave the emulator with sound in all Nokias:), tested in the emulator in megaman x nokia n95 but stopped: (

    • Summeli says:

      The sound support requires too much processing power, and it will not be possible with all S60 phones. Even with N95, I’m not sure, if the sound is feasible. Currently the emulator has a lot of speed optimizations from GP32 project, so all games are not working. My goal is to make this port as good as possible, not to add support for more games. I hope that there is some other games working with N95.

  8. zaca11 says:

    you could tell me, how many fps in the emulator runs on N73? when will be released for the N73, E65? etc. ..? 🙂

    • Summeli says:

      I don’t have the FPS countter implemented yet, and it really depends of the game you are running. I would say something between 15-25FPS depending of the content. In my mobile gamingstandards( most games have low FPS) thats playable 🙂

    • Summeli says:

      The next release will support most of the 3rd edition phones. I’m testing the 3.0 support with N73, but the same package should work on E65 etc. I’m doing this on my free time, so I can’t promise anything, I still have my day job 😉 But I hope that I can make the next release in next two weeks.

  9. 6600.sis says:

    Great work, I’ve been begging for a SNES9x port for S60 for a while now. I have an N95-1 and have tested this with a few games and found it very playable. Earthbound (U) runs at somewhere between 55 and 60 FPS which is a million miles better than that crummy commercial SNES emulator available! It doesn’t seem to work with battery saves though, however, save states are working flawlessly. Summeli, I wouldn’t worry too much about implementing sound as most of the S60 users I speak to turn it down when playing games anyway and the impact on performance is massive. If you can get this running at full speed on a Nokia N73, I will personally come to wherever you are and give you a big kiss…. And then a slap for saying that 15 – 25 FPS in a game is playable! lol. Good work and I will be checking your blog regularly for updates on this and anything else you do..

  10. zaca11 says:

    I do not see the time when launching the version you run on N73, in my E65, the E65 is faster than the N73: P

    • Summeli says:

      The E65 has same ARM9 processor as N73, so they should be pretty close in performance. The new version is coming, don’t worry 🙂 I just need to do some small modifications. I was already hoping that I would have released it yesterday, but my PC’s system hard disk broke, so now I need to install windows and all development tools. If nothing else is broken I might be able to make the package at the weekend, or at next week.

  11. zaca11 says:

    could run on nokia 6600: D

  12. zaca11 says:

    I have a doubt, the zsnes emulator for pc is not faster than snes9x? could be developed to run on Nokias?

  13. Summeli says:

    No way!ZSnes is faster because it’s mainly written in X86 asm, and therefore it’s not portable. AntSnes already has assembly optimized core plus spc700 code, so there is not much to be done for performance. Currently the problems are mainly in S60/Symbian architecture( there is one extra memcopy for each frame.

  14. zaca11 says:

    uh, I see, now I know why when launching the super nes emulator for any video game is always the snes9x:), one doubts, and the sound of the emulator runs at 8000Hz low frequency as picodrive? would not be quick to emulate?

  15. Summeli says:

    Snes is very complex system. The sound emulation is really not that easy. There are also Symbian os related timing issues etc. I might investigate the sound a bit further, but even 8kHz sound would not run with full graphics. At this point my strategy for sound emulation is to wait Nokia to release more powerfull phones 🙂 I’m releasing the source codes, so you can try the sound more, if you like 😉