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Changes in Symbian Memory Management in Belle FP1 and Belle Refresh

A while a go I made gpsp update for the Symbian Belle and Belle Refresh. I learned that for some reason Nokia has changed the memory management a bit, so the new Symbian version will fail when I’m creating my own heaps with RHeap API’s.  It seems that the new Symbian is unable to increase the application heap size when creating new heaps. Luckily the fix is rather easy;
I just had to increase the initial amount of Heap reserved by the app startup by increasing the target.EPOCHEAPSIZE in the Qt’s .pro file. like this:

//it was somethign small like: symbian:TARGET.EPOCHEAPSIZE = 0x200000 0x1000000
symbian:TARGET.EPOCHEAPSIZE = 0x800000 0x1400000

Personally I have no idea why Nokia made any changes to the Symbian kernel at this point, when they have pretty much killed the whole platform. They  are just getting broken apps for dying ecosystem. If I wouldn’t have had the Symbian SDK still installed, I wouldn’t have bothered to download the SDK again just to make even a minor update.


  1. Jakob says:

    Well, thank you so much for doing so! There are many of us out in the world that appreciate your efforts!

  2. flex says:

    They’re doing so to force us to move to another platform… This practice is so “microsoft”…

  3. wegny says:

    thanks for all your work summeli really apreciates a lot what you do, if theres anything we can asist you to improve both emulators antnes too, just said it you have a lot of fans with nokia belle celphones. If you can improve antnes and make if you can a ds emulator…. Just ask for suport in anything we will help you

  4. Tom says:

    Thx for your working~and I just want to ask a question:I have a ROM which is just 10MB,but when I want to open it with gpsp0.7.2,the emulators would auto exit.Is the ROM too large?

  5. Tom says:

    Then would you mind to help me solve this problem?I want to play it on my E6 for a long time.By the way,what’s the largest size of the ROM which can be runned on the gpsp?

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