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Configuring GCCE 4.6.3 for Symbian with Nokia Qt SDK

PPSSPP is using the GCCE version 4.6.3 for builds, and I wanted to see if there’s anything that I could do to help, so I ended up setting up the development environment. Here’s short instructions how you can configure the GCCE 4.6.3 for Nokia QT SDK.

Download the GCCE 4.6.3

Download the  GCCE 4.6. 3 from Mentor Graphics.

Add new GCCE version to the Qt Creator

Open QtCreator and choose tools->options and go to build & run tab. You can add your new GCCE version from there.

QtCreator project Build Settings

Next. Open up the project that you are building, and then open the project tab on QtCreator, choose Build & Run, and from the build you can choose the new GCCE 4.6.3.

QtCreator Build and Run settings

Add new GGCE version to the SBS buildsystem

Now the Qt Creator uses Symbian SBS buildsystem with flag gcce4_6_3, which is not configured in the sbs-config, so it can not build with it yet. Open file \QtSDK\Symbian\tools\sbs\lib\config\variants.xml and add following lines:

<var name="gcce4_6_3" extends="gcce_base">
 <env name="SBS_GCCE463BIN" type="toolchainpath" />
 <set name="GCCEBIN" value="$(SBS_GCCE463BIN)" />
 <set name="GCCECC" value="$(GCCEBIN)/arm-none-symbianelf-g++$(DOTEXE)" type="tool" versionCommand="$(GCCECC) -dumpversion" versionResult="4.6.3"/>
 <set name="RUNTIME_LIBS_LIST" value="drtaeabi.dso dfpaeabi.dso"/>
 <set name="PLATMACROS.VAR" value="GCCE_4 GCCE_4_6"/>
 <set name="ARMMACROS.VAR" value="__GCCE_4__ __GCCE_4_6__"/>
 <set name="LINKER_GROUP_END_OPTION" value="-Wl,--end-group"/>
 <set name="LINKER_GROUP_START_OPTION" value="-Wl,--start-group"/>
 <set name="LINKER_DEFAULT_LIBS" value="-lsupc++ -lgcc -lgcc_eh"/>

And that’s it. Now you can start building with new GCCE 4.6.3. The new GCCE seems quite buggy thing to me. I have random seq fauls etc. with it, so I can not really advice using it, but it may / may not produce better binary.


  1. I have ever visit they porting ppsspp into symbian^3 phone. xsacha was porting it, right? psp development will be the best choice for this year. what will you do with this emulator, Summeli?
    Here it is my new testing rom for your gpSP v0.1:
    1. Spiderman – battle for new york (blue screen).
    2. Tekken advance (perfect).
    3. Street fighter – zero 3 upper (perfect)
    4. Disney magical quest starring mickey and minni (perfect)
    5. Dragonball Z – transformation (blue screen).
    6. Manic miner. (perfect).
    7. Harlem globetrotters – world tour (perfect).
    8. Super mario circuit. (perfect).
    9. Column Crown (perfect)
    10. Chu chu rocket (perfect)
    11. Disney piglet big game. (perfect).
    12. Disney sport skateboarding. (perfect).
    13. Denki blocks. (perfect).
    14. Disney extreme skate adventure. (perfect).
    15. Kim possible. (perfect).
    16. Dora the explorer – super star adventure. (perfect).
    17. Dexter laboratory – chess chalenge (perfect).
    18. Deal or no deal. (perfect).
    19. Dogz. (perfect).
    20. Dora the explorer – the search for pirate pig treasure (perfect).
    21. Dr.muto (bluescreen but when play perfect).
    22. Disney – the jungle book. (perfect).
    23. Demon driver – time to burn rubber. (bluescreen but when play perfect).
    24. Dr.mario. (perfect).
    25. Cartoon network – block party.
    26. Chessmaster. (perfect).
    27. Dragon quest – monster caravan heart. (perfect).
    28. Cartoon network – block party. (perfect).
    29. Yggdra union – we’ll never fight alone. (perfect but can’t save the game).
    30. Aggasi Tennis Generation (perfect).
    31. Super monkey ball Jr. (blue screen).
    32. Cabbage patch kid – the patch puppy rescue (perfect).
    33. Cabella’s big game hunter (bluescreen).
    34. Caesar palace advance – millenium gold edition.
    35. Camp lazio – leaky lake games. (perfect).
    36. Candy land chutes and ladders – original memory game.
    37. Capcom classic – mini misx. (perfect).
    38. Car batler joe. (perfect).
    39. Need for speed underground 2 (blue screen).
    40. Ultimate spiderman (bluescreen and when play it perfect).
    Here it is my new testing rom for your antsnes 0.6.3:
    1. alien vs predator
    2. bugs bunny rampage
    3. batman the revenge joker
    4. casper
    5. Contra 3
    6. dino city
    7. mobile suit gundam w endless duel
    8. fatal fury 2
    9. fifa 97 gold edition (work perect but the control freeze, can’t use the control)
    10. fifa 98 road to world cup (work perfect but same with fifa 97, the control freeze)
    11. flashback – the quest for identity
    12. go go ackman
    13. goof troop
    14. hook. Working fine but control doesn’t work
    15. jim lee wild C.A.T.S govert action team.
    16. jungle strike
    17. knight of the round.
    18. X-men – mutant apocalypse.
    19. WWF – RAW.
    20. WWF – wrestlemania.
    21. Wolvrine – adamantium rage.
    22. Wolf child.
    23. Wing commander.
    24. Urban strike.
    25. Uncharted water.
    26. TMNT – tournament fighter.
    27. Super mario world.
    28. Super turican 2.
    29. Adventure island 2.
    30. Sid Meier Civilization.
    31. Popeye – tale of teasing witch hag.
    32. Pilotwings.
    33. The ninja warrior.
    34. Mortal kombat.
    35. Mortal kombat 2.
    36. Megaman X 3.
    37. Mechwarrior 3050.
    38. Mechwarrior.
    39. Lucky Luke.
    40. Lion king.
    41. Legend.
    42. Zelda – a link to the past.
    43. Aladdin.
    44. Cyborg.
    45. Supermario kart.
    46. Zombie ate my neighbour.
    47. TMNT V
    What do you think?

  2. drumbass says:

    help bluescreen gpsp 0.7 symbian ^3

  3. zalz says:

    or make an emulator for nintendo64 🙂
    gpsp and antsnes,,working on my phone (nokia x7-00)
    very,,very,,thank you,,,summeli 🙂

  4. Benigno says:

    Hi summeli please make an update for de antnes emulator for fp2 because the emulator runs slow now PLEASE we love to play with it. I have a 701

  5. drumbass says:

    hi Summeli When will the version GPSP?Will correct that there was no blue screen in the emulator??

  6. related from website I found a new version of ppsspp (v0.6) emulator for symbian. On Window final fantasy type-0 HD running 60fps. how about symbian^3 performance? Did ARM JIT can Improve symbian performance to emuate 3D games?

    • Summeli says:

      the JIT is not yet working on Symbian, so it’s too early to say anything about it.

      • ok.but, related on ppsspp forum. I read this post on page 10:
        “Tehra Dark Warrior in 3D, and it works well, thanks xsacha! Hopefully future versions of the port will go even better!”
        it’s the fact that symbian phone can played 3D game. ARM JIT can boost the game speed 2x but it’s depend on the game what we played. because between one game and another game is different. one is speed but the other is slow. like ridge racer 2 slow because it’s have a lot 3D graphic so, that the reason ppsspp on symbian is slow but look at tehra dark warrior 3D. it’s run well and fast. what do you think about ppsspp on symbian^3 phone?
        oh, yeah, I need your help summeli, if you don’t mind can you give me and my friend the tricks to enable sound on eqpcsx emulator. he successed to make it. but when he enable the sound, eqpcsx is hang.(
        I can overclock cpu until 1 ghz and more on s60v3 but it’s will be damage the cpu in high temperature and unstable. did RAM can be optimize?
        or we can use GCCE 4.6.3 for Symbian with Nokia Qt SDK and use ARM JIT same like ppsspp?
        Ok, I will be waiting your answer when you have a part time to share about this problem. yeah, I know s60v3 is too old and just a few people still use it but in 2007 s60v3 hit the best score for gaming phone. did you remember it? yeah, it just a few history about symbian 3rd os. And now, there are any others os such as firefox os, ubuntu, sailfish and tizen.
        firefox is open source os with html5 support.
        ubuntu is linux made by Canonical, Mark Suttleworth.
        Tizen is made by colaboration between Samsung and Intel.
        Sailfish is similar like meego made by Jolla.
        so, there are 9 os still be survive in smartphone world such as window phone, symbian, android, ios, blackberry, firefox, sailfish, ubuntu and tizen. the people must be choose one of them. what do you prefer for your development?

        • Summeli says:

          The sound doesn’t just magically start working if you switch compiler to newer GCCE, and using buzzwords like ARM JIT out of the context doesn’t help you at all. The fact is that the audio is not working, and if you want it, then you have to develop it by yourself.

          • Summeli, if you don’t mind, can you give me psx source code. for this moment I’m starting to study about symbian 3rd development. and is this the tool that neccessary need for s60v3 development:
            – QT SDK and QT Patch
            – JRE
            – Carbide c++ 2.7
            – Symbian 3rd FP1 and FP2 SDK
            – Active Pearl.
            Is that enough for s60v3 development?

          • Summeli says:

            You can find the sources from my github repo:
            You don’t need the Qt SDK since S60 5th edition is the oldest Symbian version that it supports. You’ll only need the S60 SDK, carbide & active pearl.

  7. thanks for psx source code. now, can you help me to show me the tutorial for compile this code?

  8. Saeed says:

    I love symbian also have a full win 31 its cool to play gta

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