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Playing with Boundary’s Application Monitors

Boundary offered free Rasberry Pis for testing their Application Monitors. https://twitter.com/boundary/status/316529581274308608

The Boudanry’s service provides monitors for network traffic. It’s really handy service, if you have a big service with 10+ servers at production, and you’re wondering where the bottlenecks are. Then the monitoring service could save you a lot of trouble. You can instantly see that “Machine X” has big latency, so it hast to be the bottleneck for the service, and it should be fixed. I really like statistics, so I might still continue using these with some of my servers, even while I don’t have that much network traffic.

Boundary Application Monitors

I had an Ubuntu Server installation on VirtualBox, so I thought that cloning the image would be an easy way to get free Rasberry Pi, and it was 😉 Just right-click on the server installation, and click “Clone”, and then choose “Linked Clone” in the cloning configuration.

cloning in virtual box

After the cloning I only had to change the host-name, reboot and run the boundary installation scripts. After half an hour I got the new Rasberry PI. I’m not (yet) sure what to do with it, but it’s pretty nice ARM development platform, since I can run and compile via SSH terminal, so it’s really nice development environment for some small ARM hacks.

new raspberrypi from Boundary

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