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Qt installers for S60 5th edition

I found out that the ftp.nokia.com do not host the Qt installer sis files anymore, so I decided to try to find them and host them in here.
Here are the installers Qt 4.6.3 (gpsp needs these):

I’m not sure if the installer for SE satio is the ‘official one’ or modded, but it should work.

Here are the installers Qt 4.7.3 (antsnes needs these):

Qt Mobility 1.1.13 for S60 5th Edition

As you can see I’m still missing Qt Mobility and Qt 4.7.3 installers for Samsung and Sony-Erisson.
Faenil made some Qt packages which worked with SE and Samsung devices, but I can’t find it anymore. If you still have it, maybe you could give that one for me 🙂

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