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AntSnes localization – help required

Would you rather use AntSnes in your native language? With your help it could be possible with the next AntSnes release. At least Russian translation was requested. However I can’t speak Russion, so I can’t do the localization. Now you can contribute to the AntSnes project by translating the strings used in the AntSnes to you native language.
First download the Original AntSnes English Strings. There are three language files in the zip, and all of them needs to be translated for full localization.
Then translate the strings, and save to files in format AngSnesGeneralStrings.lxx, where xx is the Symbian OS language code for you language. You can find the language codes on the table below. For example Russian files should be name as AntSnesGeneralStrings.l16.

UK English01Slovenian28Cyprus Greek55International Spanish82
French02Chinese (Taiwan)29Gujarati56Latin American Spanish83
German03Chinese (Hong Kong)30Hebrew57Swahili84
Spanish04Chinese (PRC)31Hindi58Finland Swedish85
Danish07Afrikaans34Swiss Italian61Telugu88
American English10Arabic37Khmer64Cyprus Turkish91
Swiss French11Armenian38Korean65Turkmen92
Swiss German12Tagalog *39Lao66Ukrainian93
Belgian Flemish19Canadian English46Moldavian73English (APAC TW)157
Australian20International English47Mongolian74English (APAC PRC)158
Belgian French21South African English48Norwegian Nynorsk75English (APAC HK)160
Austrian22Estonian49Brazilian Portuguese76English (APAC, Japanese)161
New Zealand23Farsi50Punjabi77English (APAC, Thai) 
International French24Canadian French51Romanian78  
Czech25Scots Gaelic52Serbian79  

Make a zip-file from you new translated language files and send an email for me to summeli @ remove spam summeli . fi. I’ll make a translation credits to the next release notes, so you can tell me a nick or an email to the translation credits, if you like.
The new release in June, so you’ll have at least couple of weeks to make the translation. I’ll be on holiday at July, so don’t expect to get any updates soon after 0.6 release.
Here is a current list of languages in AntSnes.

  • UK English 01
  • Danish 07 by: Jens kikkenborg
  • Hungarian 17 by: Attila Molnár
  • Indonesian 59 by: Antok
  • Brazilian Portuguese 76 by: Rodrigo Caruso
  • Russian 16 by: Chepelev Anton
  • Polish 27 by: Krzysztof Urbanowicz

Don’t send me languages that I already have 😉
Thanks for all translators. The new release is ready, and I don’t need any more translations for that. There might be a new localization round before next release.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.

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