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The future of AntSnes

I’m pretty happy with the current 0.63 release. It works really with my N96. The S60 3.x platform seems to be behaving quite irrational with some functions. See my notes with 0.61 versus 0.63 release. The whole S60 dialog system seems to be able to cause some serious issues to the software. It also seems that there is little I can do to improve the emulator anymore, since every time when I fix something, it breaks something in some other S60 3.x phone.
The 0.63 release will be the last major 3.x release. Well, there might be some small updates, if a new compiler comes around and produces faster code etc, but there will be no major updates. I’ll be getting the new N97 when it comes available in Finland, so the next version will be for S60 5th edition. I’m planning to add touch support for phones with capacitive touch (Samsung’s i8910). Hopefully there will be more 5th edition phones with capacitive touch in the future..

AntSnes S60 concept

AntSnes S60 5th edition concept

I’ll be on holiday in July, so there will be no updates durin that time 🙂


  1. Oscar B says:

    Count on me for the spanish translation. Good work!

  2. ReS says:

    awesome dude, touch pad support will be nice, my 5800 is a nice phone and i love it, but its alittle wierd atm with the d-pad on the screen, so i cant wait for the next version 😀

  3. Fredrik says:

    Awww, poor 3.x phones 🙁

  4. khan4251 says:

    I will never buy s60v5 because they have touchscreens 🙁
    I really hate touchscreen thats why i didnt bought iphone or nintendo ds for playing games:/

  5. Zyatt says:

    What’s so special about capacitative screens compared to resistive as long as they have support for multiple inputs?

  6. DaveBSC says:

    Looks like Vsun will remain the only SNES emulator for S60 FP1 and 2 phones that actually *works*. Too bad.

  7. N97 user says:

    Nice! looking forward to this program. Got my phone today 🙂

  8. cansual says:

    what is with the n97 a keyboard version ???

  9. maiuai says:

    Dont you dare abandon s60v3! Touchless screens will aways be there. You have done a great project so far, i cant tell you how happy i was when i first saw “secret of mana” in my own cellphone!
    I sujest you to do as the others developers are doing, in the same file add suport for s60v3 and s60v5
    Tnks alot for the antsnes (i would like an email notification if this post got replys)

    • Summeli says:

      Well AntSnes just a snes9x port with many optimization from several people. There are basically no updates coming to the actual engine part. If I find some way to enable to sounds on 3rd edition, when developing for 5th edition, then I will of course merge the update to the 3rd edition as well.

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  11. Ruslan says:

    If youd like it, i could translate it into russian. I just need the text, and ill send it back in Russian. I really hope that this emulator improves =)

  12. tjaky says:

    hey probably i could translate it into german as well and i cant wait till the release of the 5th version 🙂

  13. cansual says:

    Hi Summeli have you seen the new nokia n900 ???
    with a cortex 600 MH cpu chipset and qwert keyboar I hope you can release a antsnes for this mobile. Ithink this should be your first touch release.

    • Summeli says:

      I think that there is already a project with same asm-optimizations on maemo. I hope that they will continue with that project and release it to N900 too.

  14. alex says:

    Hi, I’ve got a i8910 and I’m really looking forward to your S60v5 version of AntSnes. Will you be able to implement some kind of multitouch support? Because it makes not much sense to play most games with only one button pressed at a time… 😉

  15. Nokia 5320 user says:

    Hi , thank`s for make snes emulator for S60v3. btw please make full screen on portait mode i try OpenGL ES mode but lag on 5320… i use AntSnes 0.63

  16. carp tackle says:

    Hey dude when will the n97 version be out . I just cannot wait

  17. samipower says:

    for nokia n97,you will can do it in horizontal-landscape mode ,full screen ,because have keyboard ,

  18. Mike Weisenfeld says:

    Hi Summeli. You mentioned up above that this will be your last major update, but you also mentioned you may make a 5th edition version. Will it include working sound? if it does is it possible to make also work on 3rd edition?

    • Summeli says:

      If I find a way to fix the sound, then I would also give it to the 3rd edition too. Unfortunately the 5th edition doesn’t seem to be any better, and I tried couple of things while doing the new port 🙁

  19. andy says:

    Im having trouble with the roms,
    i download either the roms from here, or roms from any other website, weather theyre smd, smc or whatever but they just arent recognised by antsnes, if theyre .smc they show up but as a question mark symbol and if i load it it crashed antsnes i really dont know whats going on

  20. Carp Book says:

    Is this still on the to do list for the N97 ?????