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The future of AntSnes

I’m pretty happy with the current 0.63 release. It works really with my N96. The S60 3.x platform seems to be behaving quite irrational with some functions. See my notes with 0.61 versus 0.63 release. The whole S60 dialog system seems to be able to cause some serious issues to the software. It also seems that there is little I can do to improve the emulator anymore, since every time when I fix something, it breaks something in some other S60 3.x phone.
The 0.63 release will be the last major 3.x release. Well, there might be some small updates, if a new compiler comes around and produces faster code etc, but there will be no major updates. I’ll be getting the new N97 when it comes available in Finland, so the next version will be for S60 5th edition. I’m planning to add touch support for phones with capacitive touch (Samsung’s i8910). Hopefully there will be more 5th edition phones with capacitive touch in the future..

[AntSnes S60 concept

I’ll be on holiday in July, so there will be no updates durin that time 🙂

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