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Utilizing multimedia keys on N95

I just took an example from forum nokia example. Currently it seems that, the example isn’t working. The volume keys are working just fine, but the program is unable to catch other media key events.
Therefore I downloaded Magic keys. The problem with Magic keys is that it requires “ALL -TCB” capabilities, so the platform security must be hacked to use it. I’m not telling how to do it in here, but you will find the instruction with google, if interested. I remapped the multimedia keys to buttons 1, 2, 3 and 4. So now I can control the Snes as I originally planned. I will probably also port this to the S60 5.0 with the touch UI, so I’m not going to implement my own key handler for multimedia keys, unless I get an example that really works.
I started to wonder how the magic keys are implemented, since it requires platform security hack. I’m quite sure, that the Magic keys application is a FEP (Front End Processor) for the window server. It will get all the key events from a window server first, and then it will forward the events into other applications. Implementing my own FEP also sounds like a nice idea, but I want to have my own app running without having to hack the phone.

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