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gpSP4Symbian v0.5: first beta

the gpSP is a gameboy advance emulator originally written by Exophase. And now it’s ported to the Symbian  OS!
The first gpSP4Symbian release is now ready for the testing. It already has some of the fixes that I’m taking with the AntSnes as well. This kind of sums up my Qt development strategy, since now I can use the same UI with all my emulators, so the porting process should be quicker. Also taking new updates to the UI should be a lot faster this way, since I can share UI updates between projects.

gpsp main view

gpspcute with d-pad

cool stuff:

  • 30fps on N97!
  • cool UI with Qt
  • supports a lot of ROMs

know issues:

  • It’s a gpsp port, so see the gpsp compatibility list before complaining about non-working ROMs
  • Audio is not yet implemented (I’m waiting for new Qt release with QAudio implementation)
  • loading the state freezes the emulator in some games ( don’t worry, the batterysave still works)
  • Qt and SwEvent works together only on Nokia’s phones
  • the emulator crashes if you try to load a ROM without setting the BIOS
  • there are some limitations in the ZIP file support, so maybe you have to upzipt the ROMs
  • The ZIP files seem to be eating quite a lot of RAM, so If ROM doesn’t work, try extracting it.

ZIP limitations

  • WinZip
  • Roms ziped in the WinZip Maximum (PPMd) format WILL NOT work.
  • Roms ziped in the WinZip Maximum (bzip2) format WILL NOT work
  • Roms ziped in the WinZip Maximum (Enhanced Deflate) format WILL NOT run
  • Roms ziped in the WinZip Normal format WILL run
  • Roms ziped in the WinZip Fast format WILL run.
  • Roms ziped in the WinZip Super Fast format WILL run.
  • Roms ziped in the WinZip None format WILL run.

Same process as with the AntSnes:
1. First Install Qt 4.6.2 binaries into your phone: Download Qt installation package
2.  Download the gpsp4symbian.sis
3. gpsp4Symbian requires the SWEvent capability. The SwEvent is required for key mapping: Now you can map call/end call etc. buttons for the gpsp usage. Therefore the following step is required to install the SW.
Go to SymbianSigned and sign the gpsp4Symbian.sis for your own phone IMEI
using free Open Signed Online option this operation should be free of any charge.
Read carefully the instructions on the SymbianSigned site.
You must give them

  • Your Phone IMEI  (you can obtain it digiting *#06# on your phone)
  • Your EMAIL Address
  • gpsp4Symbian SIS Package

And then the symbiansigned should email you the signed gpsp4Symbianfor your phone. This package will be installable ONLY on your phone. This procedure works for all Symbian S60V5 Phones. I had also to change to date on the phone into yesterday to get it working..
The alternative method is to hack your phone! You can find pretty good instructions from MameXM download site. (scroll to the bottom of page: Signing & Installing).
Download the gpsp4Symbian:   gpsp4Symbian_v0.5 (85556 downloads)
Notice that there’s also newer gpsp4Symbian version available: gpsp4Symbian v.  0.6.5 (with audio)
Sources are available on Github:
The Bios:
Remember to set the correct bios before loading ROMs. Make sure to get an authentic one , it’ll be exactly 16384 bytes large and should have the following md5sum “a860e8c0b6d573d191e4ec7db1b1e4f6”. The Bios extension should be .bin
Project Wiki page:
Read this before posting comments:

  • Do NOT Ask where to find ROMs / Bios. Asking about these will just get you banned!


  1. Arachne says:

    Wow!!! Thanks Summeli, will try it out instantly. I’ve been waiting for this eagerly.

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  3. Leonardo says:

    Please make a qt version of gpSP4Symbian for N95 or 6120c , please =D , thank you for antsnes, is the best emulator for s60v3

  4. Trust says:

    Thanks for the emulator. It works great on my N97. I was trying to figure out what is Bios and did a little bit of google search and found a youtube video provides a link for it.
    Here are problems I found:
    1. When I play one rom and go to menu and load another rom. The another rom won’t load. I have to exit and launch application in order to play another rom.
    2. Controls have an excess list (show touch D-pad, hide touch D-pad and blank) Choosing the blank cause the game to crash and closed down
    3. Some setting conflicts with AntSnesQt. AntSnesQt’s setting messs up after playing gpSP, and vice versa.
    I have a question:
    1. How to read the FPS, my guess is number in the parenthesis is FPS and I can’t figure it out what is the number outside the bparenthesis.

    • Summeli says:

      thanks for the feedback, I’ll modify settings for the next version
      I know, there’s still a lot of work to be done on loading another ROMs.
      You can click “show fps” on the video menu to see the fps.

  5. Arachne says:

    I ran the emulator on my 5800. I tried few games and they seemed to work great.
    But I have a huge problem… I can’t map end call/menu hw buttons, because they act as they “should”, end call button causes the program to stop and menu button brings up the phone’s menu. Green button doesn’t inflict with the gpsp. Since there are no sw buttons for ABXY, it’s impossible to play any game on 5800. I tried resetting the phone and reinstalling QT and gpsp. I also tried running AntSnes and it works flawlessly, like before.
    Anyway thanks for the emulator and I hope the problems will be resolved quickly:)

    • Summeli says:

      OK, I just made a fix. Could you try downloading & signing it again?

      • Arachne says:

        That was fast:) I tried it and… It works like a charm! I already tested about 10 ROMs and they are all working at full speed.
        Great work.

        • Summeli says:

          Ok, that’s good 🙂 I accidentally uploaded some of my dev packages. I usually don’t use the SwEvent capability in development, since I have to sign all of these packages with symbian signed web service

          • Arachne says:

            Why don’t you sign .sis files with SisSigner and request your certificate from ODPA? For one package there is no need, but it saves you much time if you use it frequently.

          • Summeli says:

            I’m using N97, so I really don’t need these features, so I’m only adding them when I’m giving them to public 🙂

          • Danti says:

            hey summeli can u help me what file i have to put in the symbian sign because whenever i tried to put the sis file it says file restricted , so please help me.

          • Andre Botelho says:

            cant you hack your phone? it’ll make dev a lot faster.

          • Summeli says:

            I develop with N97, so I don’t need those extra keys in dev.

  6. Edmund says:

    Thanks for your work on these emulators! Hehe was hoping an s60v5 version of vbag would be released but along came antsnes and gpsp, etc. … 😉
    hmmm btw, i thought someone mentioned in your previous posts that the new Qt is out with audio implemented.. 🙂

    • Summeli says:

      well, the audio in Qt 4.7 BETA is only 8000hz, 16bit mono. So I’m waiting for official 4.7.0 and full audio support.

  7. GreenShadow says:

    Hey summeli,
    on my 5530, the emu crash at all roms that i tryed to Load.
    QZ is installed, and antsnes works great on it.

  8. samipower says:

    The emulator run well, i tried with bios file included and emulator running ok . wario land game and other games i tried and ok. Run well

  9. Jerzeydan says:

    Damn, It crashes when I try to load a rom. I have tried with 4 roms already..

  10. Thomas says:

    Hi Summeli,
    can i ask you why the Antsnes 0.4 -0.72 have no Audio? I long to know what are the problem?

    • Summeli says:

      It just didn’t work. I wish I would know why it didn’t work… It was working with same games in 0.5 but that was with a lot of luck…

  11. Thomas says:

    Ok. i understand. bummer!

  12. Thomas says:

    the Qt gpsp mainview looks realy cool! 😉

  13. samipower says:

    Hello here is gpSP4Symbian 0.5 QT running in nokia 5800 with bluetooth gamepad msi bgp-100

    • mokia says:

      where i can buy the GAMEPAD MSI
      and please share the Application for 5800xm
      thanks for help

  14. Jerzeydan says:

    It crashes when trying to load any rom on my 5800.

  15. Walter says:

    Thanks for the emulator by italian Forum! 🙂
    However I was wondering if you put in the new version also A and B buttons for the touch.
    I’ve got a nokia 5230, without buttons! Full touch!
    I hope that you answer!
    Greetings from italy!
    thx 🙂

    • Andre Botelho says:

      The hard buttons are mapped from the touch screen
      you can map then on the config.

  16. samipower says:

    Jerzeydan you must be load any bios, first download any gameboy advance bios and second you can play any game without problem.

  17. soulafein says:

    Great work! Crash and Star Wars works well (in game) but in cutscenes or intro is glitchy ;(

  18. sq says:

    whoa, and i was just developing svg icons for these two beasts, and you beat me releasing this before finishing. pshe. *spits*
    next time, i guess…

  19. Tom says:

    Will there be a s60v3(9.3 fp 2) version? Can Qt works on s60v3?

  20. rpgaddict_22 says:

    I’ve used the exact type of bios you said but the emulator always say that it is an incorrect BIOS.. what is the problem?? But all games are playable and I am looking into playing golden sun..

    • Summeli says:

      did you read the error message “please do not post error reports etc..”?

      • rpgaddict_22 says:

        Mr Summeli… Sorry My bad….. I thought that message only pertains to the errors on ROMS because of the bios.. well i did said that All Roms worked for me even using a different Bios.. Again.. SORRY

    • rpgaddict_22 says:

      Yey! I guess its a wrong BIOS.. now I’ve found the correct bios and its working like a charm!

  21. Danti says:

    can anyone explain me briefly how to download the file it says certificate eror and it didnt save on my phone so how can i sign these file. And what is these qt 4.6.2 do i need these for signing.

  22. rpgaddict_22 says:

    OMG! OMG! Golden Sun worked perfectly even the battle scene are visible.. Good work Mr. Summeli!

  23. rpgaddict_22 says:

    It is possible for you Mr. Summeli to create combination keys like a+b L+R etc etc…? That would be nice for the next version..

  24. walter says:

    Some suggestions for this fantastic emulator! 😉
    1)Introduction of A and B buttons on the touchscreen;
    2)There are many problems for the compatibility of the European Rom. Many of times they do not start!
    I hope to help you in this development! 😉
    You are the best!

  25. iRaptor says:

    Great work, Summeli! But I’ll wait a new version of gpsp, because this beta is totally unplayable for me =(

  26. Arachne says:

    I have one tiny problem. There’s a delay between button press (or touching the d-pad on screen) and rom registering it. It’s not much, few milliseconds. For RPGs it’s not that big problem but in platformers it’s really annoying. Don’t know if it’s just my nokia 5800, cause AntSnes QT works flawlessly. Can anyone try if they have the same gap between input and action? Thanks

  27. Rodrigo says:

    My 5530 work everything but some ROM i get video problem and all screen of the rom goes Blue somethimes back to normal color i Get it on Rom Need For Speed Underground 2 and Worms Wolrd Party ( Only when battle start ) . AntSnesQT 0.6 does not work here But GPSP is unstable 😛 . How can i make QT Programs for my Phone ? i tryed google and found nothing :/
    GOOD Job Summeli.

  28. yener90 says:

    summeli your great.
    ive got the same prob like Rodrigo.
    driver gets bluescreen if i want to play.
    maybe european roms not supported well??

  29. yener90 says:

    Summeli found a bug.
    you need to restart gpsp if you want to start an other rom.
    hope you can fix it.

  30. Jerzeydan says:

    Thanks. Took me a while to find the right BIOs damn. Now it works! Waiting for the sounds : D

  31. Miggy says:

    this works great on my nokia 5233! ive been currently playing pokemon and FF series! thanks
    i only have a problem in one game (the only game i really wanted to play on this emulator) mario tennis power tour. it keeps on restarting when the game says “press start.” i tried playing the rom in my pc using advanceboy, and it works fine. i hope u could solve this problem. we are a big fan of you (i introduced your emulators to my friends)

  32. AndyL says:

    I wish someone would sort the QT compatiblity out with the sony ericsson Satio, I so want your emu’s on my satio!
    sounds like you’ve done a good job Summeli 🙂

  33. ChaosD says:

    very very good job Summeli (sorry for my english, i’m french) ! your emulator is very fast on n97 with qt. i hope you continue to make other good program for symbian s60v5. is it possible to donate you ??

  34. Hello says:


  35. FirenXe says:

    Hey Thanks for this great emulator!!
    Been playing Pokemon Emerald for 2 hours with this on my 5800 and everything works out smoothly!
    Keep Up the Great work!

  36. Kuroyume says:

    Awesome! works full speed on my 5230, loads Golden Sun with no issues

  37. Great Work says:

    Great work on both your emulators, just what my 5800 needed! Keep it up!

    • Great Work says:

      Also could you make a gbc emulator using the sweet control setup you got? Im using meboy atm, the controls are bad and the overhead through j2me makes the games slow. Thanks in advance.

  38. Murcilago says:

    Good to hear that someone at last made Golden Sun fully playable , but will there be a release for N82/N95? Looking forward to it.

  39. Anderson Costa says:

    Very good the emulator, I tested in my Nokia 5530 and it worked perfectly, I am playing Pokemon Ruby and Sonic Advance 3. Congratulations!
    Summeli, I wanted to make a suggestion, it is possible to use the accelerometer of the cellular one like arrows? For example, turning the cellular to the right, and the emulator answers how if it had pressed the right arrow.

  40. […] ma grazie alle nuove librerie QT l’implementazione e il rilascio di nuove versione, come spiega Summeli sul proprio blog, saranno molto più semplici e veloci. Di seguito un video che illustra il funzionamento di […]

  41. exsinner says:

    Summeli,please fix golden sun bug,the intro screen where there is some shiny effect seems incorrect for me,and some transparent color just doesnt work,and i dont know why when i’m getting mercury djinn(through fighting) when it try to display the djinn name,the screen having bad color and stuck at it.While in world map fps seems to drop and while fighting,some movement seems slow.but i just like the fact that this emulator can create battery file,it helps me to emulate it on pc to get through mercury djinn bug

  42. Thomas says:

    Hi summeli,
    i have played with the new antsnes 0.72 and it´s great. The big d-Pad works realy good. The hardware buttons, too. But i miss the great Snes sound. ;-( Summeli when you have a little bit time left. I hope you can look why every time the sound is activate the emu is close when i open a rom. I don´t understand this realy, because every emu i have see the sound runs. (How as on android, wii, xbox and so on. The base of this emus is the Snes9x, too. The same how the base of Antsnes)
    Your greatest fan!!!

  43. watfhy says:

    hi Summeli:
    the emulator is so great,but i have a problem.the d-pad buttons judgement area seem like not very accurate.when i try to hit “up” ,it’s always “up-right” or “up-left”.so i try to use VirtualKeyBoard,but it’s doesn’t work well ,so sadly 🙁 because i found the VirtualKeyBoard can be transparent under the emulator ,so i can just edit the .ini file of VirtualKeyBoard to make an control panel whatever i want,and it’s can be invisable !
    sorry my poor english,hope you understand what i’m talking about. xD
    great job Summeli.
    fans from china,you have our support~

  44. Murilo Martins says:

    EN: I love your emulator. I’m anxious to see run with sound.
    Excellent work!
    BR: Eu adorei o seu emulador. Estou ancioso para ver funcionado com som.
    Excelente trabalho!

  45. Noan says:

    D-pad had problem. It dont accurate. Can you fix it same big d-pad of antsnes?

  46. JGood says:

    Emulator have problem at d-pda. It dont accurate. Can u fix with big d-pad same antsnes.
    And i cant load game kirby. Can u fix it?
    Sorry my bad english

  47. yener90 says:

    Summeli an other bug:
    why does the config file of gpsp conflict with antsnes??
    if i change the settiing in gpsp the antsnes setting get reset.

  48. Anderson Costa says:

    Bug: the config file of gpsp conflict with Antsnes.
    Summeli, I wanted to make a suggestion, it is possible to use the accelerometer of the cellular one like arrows? For example, turning the cellular to the right, and the emulator answers how if it had pressed the right arrow.

    • Summeli says:

      That bug has been reported several times already, and it’s fixed in the next version.
      about that sensor idea: yes, I’ll make that happen when the Qt interface for sensors is actually working.

  49. fariz says:

    Summeli.. how I can fix the font.. all font just look like wwwww wwwww wwwww wwww and I cant read it. please fix it.
    thank you

  50. samipower says:


  51. samipower says:

    SUMMELLI if you install Java Runtime 2.1 Beta for Symbian in your nokia n97
    * Improved installation user experience
    * Improved MIDlet start-up experience
    * Improved security user experience

    • sq says:

      please kindly explain to us what this has to do with qt development.
      thanks in advance.

  52. rpgaddict_22 says:

    Some non-working games (I am using the prescribed BIOS):
    1) Onimusha Tactics(U)- doesn’t even start
    2) Tales of Phantasia(U)- the games hangs after the flying soul scene
    3) DemiKids – Dark/light version (U)- the games hangs after the “press start” screen

  53. tanatos says:

    Shining Force, Boktai, Riviera, Kingdom Hearts and Summon Night also didn’t work 🙁 All of them freezes after game intro.

  54. lin557 says:

    good news for 5530
    thanks a lot

  55. sgdynamo says:

    hi it works fine on 5800 but can you please the d-pad a little bit biger, is very small 😉 sorry for my bad english, nice work summeli

  56. HERNAN says:

    HI SUMMELI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “PLEASE READ”
    F1 2002 !!!!!
    (FUCx Yxx… NGAGE!!!! XD !)

  57. watfhy says:

    hi summeli:
    can you provid 4 directions d-pad? like this “X”,you konw,45 degrees for each direction.
    great work,good luck!

    • sq says:

      what would be the point of that?

      • watfhy says:

        when i play fire emblem , the d-pad not very accurate. i hit “up”,but it’s aways “up-right” or “up-left” . so i think 4 directions is enough.

        • watfhy says:

          i mean , 8 directions and 4 directions should be chooseable. ;D

          • watfhy says:

  ’s 90 degrees for each direction

          • sq says:

            mmmh, you mean like mamexm.
            perhaps it’d be practical for rpgs and other games where all eight directions aren’t needed, like mario kart.
            we’ll gonna discuss that.

  58. yener90 says:

    biggest hope is to fix the blue screen error.
    most games worked only got probs with the following games:
    Advance Wars runs well (intro bluescreen) all other screens are in color
    Crash Bandicot XS runs well but Bluescreen in intro and in stories
    Dragonball The Legacy of Songoku doesnt run
    Driver 3 Bluescreen problem
    FIFA 05 cutscenes and penalty/freekick bluescreen but game itself works well
    FIFA 06 extremely slow
    FIFA 07 extremely slow
    GTA closes in menu
    Max Payne doesnt start
    Metroid Fusion exits after the story
    NFS Underground and Most Wanted Bluescreen problem
    Rainbow Six Rogue Spear runs well, but got font problems
    Super Monkey Ball Jr Bluescreen problem
    Tony Hawks 2 freezes in menu
    VRally 3 bluescreen
    Worms World Party Bluescreen
    WWE Road to Wrestlemania closes in Menu
    Yugioh World Championship doesnt start

  59. gerald says:

    sir im a 5233 nokia phone user and the emu worked great but the sounds wont work?.i wish someone could help me wiht this thank you for the reply ^^

    • äijä says:

      Good job… Better than vBagX on my 5530
      BTW: If possible, fast mode would be GREAT, especially when playing pokemon games ^_^

  60. yener90 says:

    read the second point in known issues.

  61. Aames says:

    nice work!golden sun run smoothly on 5530xm,include the 3D fight sence

  62. ngoanrazor says:

    can you make button auto fire? it is useful game action.
    and can you fix emulator for play game kirby?
    thank u!

  63. HERNAN says:

    I TRY THESE GAMES OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 24/05
    Airforce Delta Storm.GBA
    Army Men Advance 2 – Turf Wars.GBA
    Army Men Advance – Operation Green.GBA
    Desert Strike Advance.GBA
    Driver 2 Advance.GBA
    F1 2002.GBA
    FIFA 2007.GBA
    FIFA World Cup 2006.GBA
    Gauntlet – Dark Legacy.GBA !!!!!!!!!!!
    Gauntlet Rampart.GBA
    International Superstar Soccer Advance.GBA
    LEGO – Racers 2.GBA
    Lord of the Rings 2 – the Two Towers.GBA
    Lord of the Rings 3 – Return of the King.GBA
    Lord of the Rings – the Fellowship of the Ring.GBA
    Lord of the Rings – the Third Age.GBA
    Lufia – the Ruins of Lore.GBA
    Mario Kart – Super Circuit.GBA
    Medal of Honor – Infiltrator.GBA !!!!!!!!!!
    Monster Truck Madness.GBA
    Need for Speed – Most Wanted.GBA
    Premier Manager 2005 – 2006.GBA
    Ray-Man – Hoodlums Revenge.GBA
    Ray-Man Advance.GBA
    Sega Rally Championship.GBA
    Silent Scope.GBA
    Texas Hold ‘Em – Poker.GBA
    Total Soccer.GBA
    Zelda – the Minish Cap.GBA
    THANKS GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (FUCx Yxx… NGAGE!!!! XD !-I DONT NEED YOU-)

    • iRaptor says:

      Driv3r and all NFS games run in blue colors also while playing, not only in game menu =( You’re lucky to be able to play this games in normal colors.

  64. bocciolo says:

    Just great!
    Finally I can play Advance Wars on my Nokia 5800.
    Many thanks. 🙂

  65. exsinner says:
    summeli,why not port vba to symbian??im not asking you to stop gpsp porting project,but isnt vba is much more stable in term of speed??anyway,i heard somewhere on the net that new gpsp is released which support more game,donno if this is old or new rumor

    • Summeli says:

      the dynarec in gpsp is really good! what else you can run on N97 with 30fps? the vba would be a lot slower, so that’s my reasoning for the gpsp port.

  66. caetano says:

    This works on 3rd edition?

  67. Krafty says:

    pokemon fire red on nokia x6 runs but screen jerks constantly even with frameskip

  68. Sadman says:

    Summeli thanks for this great port.
    Though I have one suggestion to make,could you make the buttons give some kind of feedback?(like when touching them to move or a little vibration),it feels a bit dull to just touch the screen with no feedback.
    I hope it isnt too much trouble or impossible to do 🙂

  69. Gabriel says:

    Hello dudes! great emulator!
    it works fine but, only for me the app dont runs the audio! the audio button dont work! it dont reply when i touch!
    seems the app dont recognize the audio from my 5530!
    I run with the steps of this and many other tutorials and i cant found in any place the same problem! someone can help me?

    • Mr. Random says:

      audio wasn’t implemented in this port…wait for the next version, hopefully it should be implemented …:-)

  70. Mr. Random says:

    btw… Summeli can I upload this on a mobile forum? Because this app is too frickin awesome!!

  71. C.C says:

    you’re such a cool man!

  72. lokrischer says:

    hi summeli, i just tell you than there is a new release of qt 4.7 beta and I think its has a audio implementation
    check this link

    • Summeli says:

      I have been developing with that about a week now. Too bad that the audio is only 8000hz mono 🙁

      • watfhy says:

        that’s enough for now even only 8000hz , haha. we all greedy 😀 i want it ~~

      • lokrischer says:

        ouch.. its very bad, maybe with the qt 4.7 full version… you’ll have better results
        you are great summeli… excellent proyects :D:D:D

  73. exsinner says:

    did anyone tried golden sun the lost age??it restart on its own,but if i put my battery file from vba,it will stuck in menu screen.really wanna play this game badly since my gba malfunction (all of my game cant save game properly,sometimes it will reset the saved game)

  74. Hello says:

    I notice one bug, Golden Sun crash when I try to get one Djinn in Altin Peak. Screen stuck or some weird colors come to screen. I hope you can fix it or something. 🙂

    • exsinner says:

      only in altin peak you saw this problem?girl,you must have missed mercury djinni in mercury only happen when you try to catch mercury djinni(through fighting).play it in vba,once you catched it save it and play on your phone again.

  75. yener90 says:

    Summeli can you add battery info at the top of the left??
    it would be really useful.

  76. Dean says:

    SUMMELI my friend, You are a GOD!!
    Don’t divert your attention to any other projects until this baby is stable and Rockin!
    I tried Sims URBZ and it works great. Also pokemon emerald is working too.
    (FUCx Yxx… NGAGE!!!! XD !-I DONT NEED YOU-) <<- lol at this, but fu*king TRUE

  77. Andrea says:

    Summeli you are incredible! Best GBA emulator on 5800 and it’s only the first beta! O_O
    I love you! XD

  78. 5230user says:

    font problem show WWWWW same problem with antsnes qt. my 5230 use fw 20.0.50 APAC with equinox font.

  79. P.F. says:

    Could you tell where to put existing savegames to?
    Because I want to use the savegames of vbag with gpsp. Otherwise I’d have to play several games again.
    Thank you in advance

    • exsinner says:

      just put in the same folder,make sure the save file extension is *.sav and the size should be 64KB or 128KB and make sure the name of rom and save file is the same

  80. iRaptor says:

    Hi, Summeli! Can you tell us, what kind of bug fixes, new features or improvements we’ll see in new version? =)

    • Summeli says:

      The Audio support is on top of my list 🙂 After that would be stabilization fixes etc. I don’t have much more features planned for the future, but here’s some ideas that I could share in AntSnes ang gpsp ports.
      – The sensor support, when it’s supported in Qt extensions ( you could tilt the phone instead of d-pad )
      – buttons widget instead of d-pad ( this would make sense after sensor support 🙂 )

  81. Hernani says:

    Great work guys!!! Very very good. But it would be better if the D-pad was in the place of the Start Select and Options in only touch devices.

  82. HERNAN says:

    no no no no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    fuckxng hard reset…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    note: im update to the firm v50. i made a hard reset. now…i install the qt and some games dont work anymoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    fuckkk.. why?? its my qt????? or what??? i wanna play!!!!! H.E.L.P`.!

    • watfhy says:

      this is only a what ever the problem is, it should be the problem of gpsp. check it =(

      • HERNAN says:


        • HERNAN says:

          (FUCx Yxx… NGAGE!!!! XD !-I DONT NEED YOU-)

  83. Rodolfo says:

    Very good emulator! Thanks for developing it man, you’re awesome!
    I just have to complain about when I’m pressing the directional and other key, like “A”. It don’t works while the D-pad is being pressed. Someone knows if it is a limitation of the emu or any config problem?

  84. Rodolfo says:

    OBS: My system is a Nokia 5530XM

  85. Jonno says:

    Summeli can we please get an editable wiki page for compatibility lists please? So know what needs to be fixed / works?

    • Summeli says:

      Can you edit the wiki-page on github?
      That would be quite handy way of doing it.
      Please also remember that the gpsp doesn’t support all games 🙂

      • Jonno says:

        I tried a test edit, let me know if it gets through (created a github account under jarop). If you could get a table up of how you want it that would be good as well, i have a very extensive library i’d be willing to simmer through (inc. multiple regions when they all eventually become supported). The same for antSNES would be good too.
        Outside Name/Emulator version/phone model/compatibility (no/sort of/yes) / notes would be how i’d do it, but i don’t know how to set the table up so i’m fairly useless until somebody can assist in that regard 😛
        Thanks for the quick reply and looking forward to supporting the projects how i can

        • Summeli says:

          OK, I made a simple table in the wiki.

          • Jonno says:

            Thanks, is the only way to continue that table format using the text editor or have i missed something?

          • Summeli says:

            Just use that text editor. I added a second line, so you can take an example from there 🙂 You can use red color for non-working roms etc.

          • Jonno says:

            Thanks, that’s really going to help (if we can encourage people to use it)
            I’ve added one for antSNES as well, have every GBA / SNES release in all regions, so i’ll be sure to do some testing for you over the next few days. Hopefully we can get it optimised to the point where it’ll simply become a case of fixing ‘X, Y and Z’ ROM.

  86. […] Ecco uno screen: Ed ecco il sito del download: […]

  87. supersa95 says:

    but a new version when you relase???
    in this relase there are a lot of bug and a lot of rom doesn’t work
    it is a good goog work but there are a problem
    wenh you relase a new version?
    sorry for my english im not english

  88. Nikkpo says:

    On my nokia N97 mini, when I try to launch any game, the emulator crash.
    The roms are .zip
    I don’t understand the BIOS setting.
    When I select FILE and SET BIOS, the emulator open this folder:
    … and now?

    • Mr. Random says:

      Click on the green arrow to go back until you reach the root folder. Then open the folder which contains the bios. Example. if your bios are in E://GBA…in the root folder, select E (or memory card) and then the GBA folder. 🙂

  89. nike says:

    summeli can you create nds emulator for s60v5th (nds have touch pad )
    it is posible to emulat gbc game in gpsp4 simply changing bios image file ??????

  90. Guildenstern says:

    Final Fantasy Tactics didn´t work, got the square enix screen and then it goes black

  91. Diego says:

    Hi , i am a i8910 owner and i was not able to run antsnesqt and gpsp4symbian… recently i have installed wikitude (augmented reality) and it ask me to install qt… but maybe new qt because from then on i was able to open your programs… sadly i am only able to open rom but when i click open it crash… it sound like the problem with mamexm… can some other i8910 owner confirm this?

  92. Alex says:

    Hi, I also use the i8910. After installing wikitude I am also able to start both antsnes qt and gpsp. When loading roms Antsnes Qt says “Memory Full – Close some applications” (translation from german). When loading roms in gpsp most times nothing happens, once it crashed. Yet Mario Kart works, but the picture is above the d-pad, rotated 90° to the left and torn in the middle. Still the dpad works.
    Another thing is: in antsnes (without qt) i cannot assign vol+ and vol- buttons and when pressing the middle button (menu) the emulator freezes for about 3 seconds. this problem does not exist with antsnes qt and gpsp.
    wikitude seems to bring a version of qt which is designed for the i8910. please summeli, can you try and fix both emulators for the i8910 using this version of qt? thanks a lot in advance!!

    • Summeli says:

      I really don’t know what to do about the “memory full” errors. Maybe you are running too much other apps in the background?
      And the image being rotated? that’s also very hard for me to fix, since it works with nokia’s phones, and I don’t have the i8910.

  93. what extension for bios says:

    What is the extension for the bios? I have the Bios, but the emulator does not list it

  94. Rafael says:

    Hi! the emulator is perfect! i`m playing Summon Night 2 very well with any lag!! very thanks to the work.
    Ah, idk if is very difficult to do, but maybe will be better if the t-pad trade place with start,select and options buttons. Cause the t-pad down is more confotable to play more. hehehe is only my opinion, all the job is very great!! thx a lot.

  95. 472all says:

    where is s60v3 version?

  96. Rodrigo says:

    Should be nice if we could use the headset button.. is it possible ?

  97. Fan says:

    plz make this for s60v3

  98. exsinner says:

    suggestion,i think virtual d-pad should be in the middle not at the top of the screen

  99. Fan says:

    plz make this for s60v3 smarts

  100. HERNAN says:


  101. Manu51 says:

    Hi Sumelli!
    Really good work with GPSP 🙂
    I have one suggestion…Can you do a fullscreen emulator with transparent buttons(including A, B)?
    It would be the best gba emulator for symbian!!! 😉

  102. John Bui says:

    Hi. In this version, the D-Pad is very difficult to use. I’m waiting for the next version. New D-Pad and Sound?

  103. nike says:

    can you create game boy colour emulator
    add gbc rom support in gpsp emulator

  104. 黄鹏 says:

    Can”十” more big ?
    and start & select .
    sorry ,I only can speak chinese…

  105. Supersa95 says:

    when you relase a new version?

    • Summeli says:

      when I feel like it.

      • Supersa95 says:

        thanks for reply if not exhaustive …
        However now I’m your fans because you have fulfilled my dream of playing with the gameboy advance nokia 5800
        continues …
        respect you
        Sorry for the ‘English but blame google translator

  106. San says:

    I can play final fantasy 4 in the bus on my 5530 ^^ good job Summeli!

  107. rpgaddict_22 says:

    Mr. Summeli will you frameskiping in the next release? Obviously your beta’s default frameskip is auto which is really annoying because of the sudden frameskip change, if possible will you implement 1 or 2 frameskip as the default? In that way their will be no sudden frame jumps

    • Summeli says:

      Before that I have to modify the application logic a bit, so I can change some settings at runtime ( frameskip is something that should be able to change at runtime). But after that yes, I can add the frameskip too.

      • rpgaddict_22 says:

        but still, good work that you made gpsp run fast, I hope that the speed, if added with sound support, will at least be maintained…

  108. rpgaddict_22 says:

    Mr. Summeli your qt binary download link doesnt work anymore

  109. Supersa95 says:

    I wonder what we will be back in a next relase?
    you already have something planned?

    • iRaptor says:

      Summeli says:
      May 26, 2010 at 20:57
      The Audio support is on top of my list 🙂 After that would be stabilization fixes etc. I don’t have much more features planned for the future, but here’s some ideas that I could share in AntSnes ang gpsp ports.
      – The sensor support, when it’s supported in Qt extensions ( you could tilt the phone instead of d-pad )
      – buttons widget instead of d-pad ( this would make sense after sensor support 🙂 )

  110. zimeo says:

    I’d like to know please how long I’ll have to wait before having my application signed

  111. samipower says:

    rpgaddict_22, what did are you saying? , qt binary. link work properly

  112. elk says:

    mr.summeli like anyone here im your fan.thanks to u i can play great titles in my 5800
    and well, a got a question, u think in made a program only dedicated to a virtual d-pad?
    that can be totally useful in gpSP4symbian and for antsnes (and in other games or programs)
    and can be one way to do the fullscreen emu:
    well thank you again for do that amazing emulator =)

    • Summeli says:

      Drawing stuff on top of the screen with a separate program can drain a lot of CPU power. So the FPS would decrease a lot in 5800. Drawing the D-PAD on top of every screen would also eat some CPU power. All of these can be done, but I wouldn’t want to run them on 5800…. I would also like to keep the aspect ratio.

      • sq says:

        not only that, but by implementing a transparent overlay you’ll block almost one third of the screen WITH YOUR OWN GODDAMNED THUMB FOR CRYING OUT LOUD — let’s ruin the gameplay of everything but since we’ll do it the-iphone-way it’s totally cool, right?
        bilinear filtering. transparent overlays. gb/gbc support – that would imply emulating not only the ARM7 processor but the Z80 as well. all this while “the speed, if added with sound support, will at least be maintained…” on the 400mhz ARM11 of the current-gen phones, with severe memory constraints (in nokia’s case) to boot.
        common sense is truly dead nowadays.

        • Summeli says:

          The root cause for these issues is the slow blit in Symbian.
          I’m going to rewrite the Blit for N8, which should have HW gpraphics accleration, so with the N8 all of these nice tricks might be doable..

          • sq says:

            pfff… the n8 is an ARM11 running @ 680 mhz, plus two times the ram of a standard nokia, PLUS opengl-es 2.0 graphics acceleration, PLUS symbian^3 with qt already embedded into it. most probably even the psx emulator could get a somewhat decent speed out of these hardware specs.

          • Summeli says:

            Also the Symbian^3 & Qt integration should support the HW graphics acceleration, so everything should be a lot faster even on SW specs.
            I already have some stuff ready for psx4all, so I’m definitely going to try running that on N8, when it arrives 🙂

  113. Dark Koyuki says:

    Hi summeli! First of all I want to thank u for the good job you’ve done and u’are doing right now! However, talking about my problem, I get an error while I’m installing the gpsp4symbian v0.5. It says: “Errore nel certificato” as soon as I try to install it. Any idea of how to solve it? I’m waiting for your next release, hoping that it will finally work!!
    p.s. I hope you will answer me because I’m going crazy.. and, forgive me for the terrible English 😉

    • Dark Koyuki says:

      I forgot to tell you that I’m using a nokia n97 mini!!!
      thanks again for the patience!!

      • iRaptor says:

        You have to sign the gpsp4symbian before installing it. Or you can hack your phone.

        • Dark Koyuki says:

          First of all thanks for the answer 😉 however I can assure u that I’ve followed the instructions and I’ve signed the file (with this link before putting it on my nokia n97 mini memory.. I’ve initially installed the Qt 4.6.2 and then I’ve put on the signed file.. And there we are.. when I try to execute the signed file the error appears.. so, at this point, do u have any advices? I beg all of u.. I’m going crazy since yesterday…

  114. monkey d. dragon says:

    first of all, thank you for making this gba emulator! you helped us a lot!! 😀
    im hoping that you will do something about the sound in you next release. it will be great if audio is implemented.
    also, is it possible to put gameshark in this emulator?
    other than that, i have no problems with emulator. the controls and other stuff is okay.
    the only thing is missing is SOUND. 🙂
    thanks again! ill wait for the next update.

  115. Dark Koyuki says:

    @ Summeli: the time in my pc is corret, and so it is that one in the nokia… There is nothing u can do with this problem? I don’t know..maybe the problem is the signed application.. how much do I have to wait to have the file signed? I did like the forum told me to do.. I entered my IMEI code, the e-mail and the captcha.. after that I’ve confirmed by clicking on the link in the e-mail the link sent me.. in the end I put the file “signed” on my phone and I executed..but the problem remains.. please help guys!!

    • Summeli says:

      There’s nothing that I can do to help. The instructions I gave works very well for me 🙂

      • Dark Koyuki says:

        IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!! I forgot to download the signed file because I hadn’t seen the second e-mail the link sent me!!!!!! Oh God what an idiot I am!!!!!!! Summeli I know u haven’t done much for help me but I thanks u a lot anyway!!!! You’re a genious and your work works very well!!!! I’ll wait for the next update!!!! I’ll follow you, u can beat it!!!!!!

        • Dark Koyuki says:

          sorry again for my terrible English!! I wanted tell u “bet it”, not beat it!! XD see u soon!!

  116. brower says:

    There is a way to support another Symbian^1 devices? Like Samsung i8910. Have S^1 and a suberb hardware, but the gpsp don’t work very well… it open the ROMs but the screen is cut in half =(

  117. Chopper29 says:

    Thxx Summeli ! But when comes the new QT out ?

  118. Chopper29 says:

    If in the new qt also added sound or do you need it?

  119. äijä says:

    THATS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  120. Bobby says:

    Hi Guys, I’ve been mainly testing games that dont work with vBag on my N97; good results so far:
    Grand Theft Auto Advance: WORKING! (had to make a save using VisualBoyAdvance, then copy files to the phone)
    Golden Sun: WORKING!
    Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2: Working, but with random crashes!
    Sword of Mana: WORKING! (For some reason on vBag, the player is really over-powered, works fine in GPSP4Symbian though!)
    Mario Tennis: Crashes
    Mario Golf: Crashes
    Can anyone think of any other roms that dont work in vBag for me to try out?
    Great work summeli! looking forward to the next release 🙂

  121. Supersa95 says:

    hello summeli
    I noticed a bug
    when loading a rom to load then a ‘else I have to close and open the’ emulator
    ‘s emulator consumes much energy you can not do anything in a next relase?
    I look forward to your next relase …
    excuse for English

  122. Tav says:

    OMG this is fantastic!! I have seen a lot of emulators but yours it’s the best! the graphic is great!
    I have seen this emulator for iphone
    anf i thought there was not a simil version fro symbian… and now I see this… thanks a lot! 😀

  123. Delta says:

    Thanks for the emu Summerli. It works great on my 5800, but for somehow my yugioh game doesn’t work on it T_T. Maybe its size is too large. It’s about 25-33Mb, so I hope the next version will support larger file.
    Thanks agian ^^

  124. Sir Crocodile says:

    hey guys!! I found a new QT 4.7.0 beta!! check it out here:
    Ill be waiting for your next release of gpsp, summeli. Thanks a lot for making this emulator.
    I wish the Sound(Audio) will work on your next release. 🙂
    I have no other problems except the sounds.
    You should try and take a look at the new QT.

  125. Bhooooooooooook says:

    Direct download for 4.70 beta:
    i have a question, if i install the new QT, does it mean that the sound will work?
    or is it the GPSP that will make the sound work?
    Im confused. XD

  126. oggkiller says:

    @´Tav Iphone is multitouch ;)!
    Summeli bring you a psx emulator for s60v5 out ?

  127. Supersa95 says:

    is possible a emulator of psx for s60 v5?
    do not think so because the ‘hardware and too little

  128. Chechnya says:

    hello summeli! You do realy good work ye ye good work! Thank you а this work. I want say you would if booster next version 16 and 32 mb roms? Thanks

  129. aaa says:

    To develop the Chinese version?

  130. abhifx says:

    WOW!! that looks amazing. the qt based gui is terrific and emulation seems good. good work man. i will have to keep an eye on for updates. you are amazing…. keep working on it

  131. Palito says:

    God, i’m shocked! THIS WORKS BEAUTIFULL IN NOKIA 5800!
    It’s super fast, all my games runs with minor graphical glitches, the keys are super responsive, simply beautiful! This is gonna be even more sweet when you add Sound! *.*Common Stupid QT, get out for the guy amuse us!
    Really nice work you have here =D

  132. Elias says:

    well what to say, the emulator looks good and compatible with Nokia 5800XM y alyaws dreamed of having an GBA emu like this on my device, congrats. my problem is that this dream has never become true for me XD. when i try to install the QT package on the phone memory i get this:
    – (SWI error 0!:\resource\openc\locales.txt) then (error -10257)and the setup crashes
    i’m running a Nokia 5800XM RM-356 v50.0.005 with 50Mb free RAM and 65MB of free mem on device (even a hard reset didnt solve it), any idea how to solve it? help please ^^

  133. mitchie says:

    it wont work on my phone can anyone tell me what to do after installing the gpsp.. what should i do?? thanks

  134. Chrisblade says:

    Help me mr. summeli.!
    Why cant i open the gpsp on my nokia n82?? I already installed the Qt in the memory card and the gpsp qt but still my phone cant open the emulator..
    It say “feature not supported” when i try to open..

  135. Happy says:

    I was thinking of trying this on my Nokia 5800 XpressMusic phone. But i have some doubts about installing it. The first one is do i need to install the “Nokia’s OpenC plugin” on my phone like it is stated on this page, for this version of the release.
    The next one is how can i check the “md5sum” of a bios.
    Also is it possible to transfer a VBA emulator save of a game on to my phone & use it with gpSP4.

  136. Chrisblade says:

    @13375 B0SS, Thanks You!
    How about the A, B, L, R buttons..where are these buttons in the emulator??
    All i can see is the D-pad, select, and Start..
    Pls help me again!

    • 13375- B0$$ says:

      just choose from the buttons in your phone.
      you may choose the volume keys, menu button, red and green button, or any buttons in your phone except the power button. LOLz
      i chose the menu button for A and Red button for B

  137. Navthep says:

    Hello people, i am having a little problem here.
    I downloaded and installed everything, but when i load the rom (yugioh 7 trials to glory), the screen jus shows nothing except the d-pad. Can anybody help me y fix this? Thanks alot!

  138. SATA says:

    works fine on i8910? pliz tell

    • brower says:

      No. It opens on i8910 but have screen problems. We can’t play. Summeli couldn’t find the problem, and he doesn’t have i8910 to do more tests. We will not have GBA emulator on i8910. =(

  139. Thomas says:

    Hey Summeli!
    First off i’d like to thank you for all your hard work ^^
    I have a question regarding the GBA BIOS…
    is it supposed to be in a specific format or something? (the one i have is .bios)
    for some reason the bios file ive got cant be selected in the “Set Bios” menu…
    Ive tried putting the file in both the memory card and the phone memory and it just doesnt show…
    Thanks for the help! =P

  140. Kysymysmerkki says:

    This is what happens when I try to sign this.
    Your application (gpsp4Symbian_v05.sis) signing has failed. This may be because it has been flagged as a potential virus by our scanning or because the format of your sis file is incorrect or corrupt. Please try re-building your .sis file and re-submitting. If the problem persists, please seek support through the Symbian Signed forums on

  141. Chrisblade says:

    @thomas, the gba bios must be in .bin extension..
    You should get the GBA_BIOS.bin file.

  142. dunno says:

    many thanx for this stuff! so far NHL 2002 works, i´ve tried F1 2002 but everything is blue (like wrong codec or something 🙂 same for Need for speed (both EA Sports)… maybe bios..?
    and Final fantasy VI advanced works as well.
    thanx again – keep going! 😉

    • HERNAN_ says:


      • dunno says:

        ok, I have had a look before – but you did not mention the NHL 2002 😉 it was the first I have peeped on and then I tried even you didn´t put it there… and – fortunately – it works. that´s why I didn´t have a look at other games that I´d like to play. anyway now I did and it helped me 😉
        btw, completely off topic – does anyone know about music sequencer on s60v5..? in whatever way – like through some emulation, whatever..?

  143. Rafael says:

    Once again, congratulations! I was a little afraid thinking that this emulator would not run well on my 5800, but I was surprised. I have no technical knowledge to help you in your work, but be assured that at least moral support you will receive. Once again, congratulations for yopur great job!

  144. rpgaddict_22 says:

    Mr. Summeli, please implement / add the a+b, l+r, up+left etc. Games like pokemon mystery dungeon etc. Needs it

  145. radascars says:

    when I done installing all the necessary files and start running the emulator I have encountered a problem
    all the buttons and options looks like this “www” with many “w’s” around… What is wrong with that?

  146. Supersa95 says:

    summeli how you made new versions?

  147. mgproductions says:

    YOUR A LEGEND.. keep working on bringing this too the I8910 THANKYOU!

  148. Dblcheez says:

    Congrats, best emulator yet!! Nice work summeli, very nice work!
    Although i’d like to leave some suggestions for further versions:
    on-screen A/B buttons would be nice!
    Don’t know if it’s possible, but an option making the onscreen buttons transparent and stretching the image to fit the screen would be great too
    Sound (of course, I know you are working on it ;])
    and that’s pretty much it, despite the lack of sound it’s as perfect as it can get!

  149. iRaptor says:

    Summeli, can you lock or disable XpressMedia button (5800) while gPSP ia running? I sometimes press it while playing gPSP and my phone restart.

  150. Strathos says:

    Thanks a lot for your work, Summeli. My 5800 is now even more fun! Aside for a few problems (like settings being forgotten) this beta is working great for me!

  151. Rincewind says:

    i also think, that the D-Pad ist diffcult to use. Maybe a new Design could help. Some with gaps between the directon Buttons maybe…like PS-one D-Pad.

  152. delta191 says:

    I have managed to install QT on my satio and install both your emulators but when you choose a rom to run the emu’s exit back to the satio’s apps menu!
    hopefully this can be sorted out, its strange though, because the satio is supposed to be QT compatible now :O(
    Look here:
    Summeli, do you think Qt 4.6.3 wont work with either of your QT based Emu’s, can it be fixed using Qt 4.6.3?
    I’m pretty determined to get it working, I want it so bad :O(

  153. Fay says:

    Same here wuth satio… Was very glad when i ran GPSP but when i selec the game it exits…

  154. delta191 says:

    Fay< did you use QT 4.6.3 version?

  155. Fay says:

    yap. after that i installed GPSP on satio… but i can’t play((( when i load roms it exits.

    • HERNAN_ says:

      maybe you must do a clean installation… you must do a hard reset. and then install all your apps again. also the qt. same thing hapend to me on a nokia 5800. and works for me. try it.

  156. delta191 says:

    Fay< This is a newer version of QT, so hopefully Summeli will possibly use version 4.6.3 on any future update, fingers crossed ;O)

    • Summeli says:

      I’m using Qt 4.6.3 without any problems on N97. So the problem really isn’t the Qt version.

  157. Fay says:

    so we won’t get gpsp on satio? May be you could make an emulator with out QT?

  158. Mathi says:

    hi summeli, did you tried to do a Sega Megadrive Port? it will be awesome on s60^5 and it will run very fast, like AntSnes and Gpsp! and you´ll do psx4all for Symbian 5th? it will be awesome too.
    thanks and sorry for my bad english!
    Mathias Molina
    Merlo, Bs. As., Argentina

  159. Fay says:

    everything is nice when it’s working. 😀

  160. abhisEkh says:


  161. Fay says:

    abhisEkh> Have you read the topic? Buy certificated version or certificate it your self. How? google is your best friend. Read the topic CAREFULLY. All info you need is there
    I’ve tried to install QT 4.6.2. and it worked some how. But no results on satio. GPSP won’t even start. So i eseted my satio once again and installed 4.6.3. Tried it, everything is fine, intalled GPSP. it turned on… I’ve loaded bios, then i kept my fingers crossed, i’ve loaded the ROM (Final Fantasy IV) but GPSP turned off and sent me back to the menu. I’ve tried *.SMC files and ZIP archives. Nothing works. Don’t know what to do((( I want GPSP very bad on my satio. Hope Summeli will hear my prayers 😀

  162. Fay says:

    P.S. Megadrive is good too) to play shining force))))

  163. delta191 says:

    I’m with you Fay but I think the problem is with QT and some incompatiblities with the satio, when Qt is installed, a few SIS files are not compatible but QT still appears to fully install, probably with errors or a few parts missing.
    Like you Fay, I did a hard reset, uninstalled all my apps and all QT files, reinstalled QT4.6.3, AntsnesQT, gpsp4SymbianQT but both emulators crash back to the satios apps menu when you select a ROM to load, wether it be a zipped rom or a none zipped rom, wether its a “U” “E” or “J” region. Nothing appears to solve this, I’ve even tried installing the new QT version 7 beta, still nothing.
    The problem is more likely to be with QT and Sony Ericcson, not with Antsnes or gpsp4Symbian, I will reinstall MameXM 103 and keep an eye on any updates with QT, I’ll post here if I come accross any developments.
    Continue the good work!!!

    • Fay says:

      Maybe Sir Summeli will make GPSP non-Qt like Antsnes. It would be great))

      • Summeli says:

        nope, I’m definitely not going to do it. The Qt is the only way to have compatibility with the future Symbian phones. The AntSnes 0.72 was my last emulator without the qt.
        It’s also a lot faster & easier to make the UI with the Qt than the crappy S60 avkon.

  164. Fay says:

    So? all we can do is… just to wait for a miracle.

  165. delta191 says:

    Fay< or a QT install with 100% compatibility on the Satio! LOL, surely thats not much to ask on a four hundred quid phone.

  166. Supersa95 says:

    Mr. Suummeli you relase the source code of this emulator?

  167. Supersa95 says:

    summeli hello!
    What should I do to become beta testers?
    I am very interested because emulate gba on Symbian is my dream … I would love to become beta testers
    okay if you contact me [email protected]

  168. Fay says:

    I so i’d like to become b-tester for satio)

  169. yener90 says:

    Summeli can you add a feature…like adding backup savegame.
    sometimes after saving, the savegame gets corrupted so i need to play the game from start.
    i mean something like that:
    by saving:
    the old savegame will be renamed to “…sav.bak”
    and new to “..sav”
    if gets corrupted then you can choose a option like “restore savegame”
    and the “.sav.bak” file will be renamed to “…sav”.

  170. Supersa95 says:

    but this page regards gpspsymbian?
    the beta relate to the version for Symbian?

  171. COMBO says:

    look mr summeli y´re great but……gpsp hmmmmmmm…..look i think that the d-pad is small it´s very dificult to press…..fix it …it´s easy for you……and if you can add an option to pres tree or two button at same…..because in dbz supersonic warriors you need to press tree button at same time to do a kamehameha……and in my 5330 its very hard because the only cofig that work is =a.vol + b,cam l, red botton r.white button……..and press vol + and the d pad is very hard jeje………….please i can´t explainwell so try this game and you will see that i´m reffer……..bye soory my english

  172. Fay says:

    So, what about Satio? We stay without GPSP or there is some hope?

    • Summeli says:

      I don’t own a satio, and I don’t know where to start. “it crashes” doesn’t really help me much.

  173. Fay says:

    If i just know what to do… Maybe you can tell us ISERS what do you need and we will try it out.

    • Summeli says:

      I don’t see how I could know what’s going wrong without using the debugger. So maybe you should compile my sources and debug the root cause for the crash 😉

  174. Supersa95 says:

    Summeli but a emulator of nds for s60 5th is possible..?

    • Summeli says:

      no, it’s not.

      • Supersa95 says:

        a cause of hardaware!?

        • _HERNAN_ says:


          • Palito says:

            Hardware of course. Nokia 5800 barely can handle a GBA emulator, and you already want it to run Nintendo DS. Why not create a PS3 emulator for nokia 5800 then? Shurely it can handle it! =D

          • _HERNAN_ says:


          • Palito says:

            Nintendo DS is just asking too much. Is has 2 display monitors (shore you can play with Nokia 5800 standing up), and the poor Nokia 5800 CPU @ +/-400 Mhz just can’t handle it. The prove? try a symbian game, every single one is hell slow. By changing the resolution it could be possible, but then again, the CPU is just way too slow for it. Even PSX that is a old console can’t be emulated correctly, Nintendo DS much less.
            And Please: Stop using Caps Lock, it’s rude you know.

  175. Supersa95 says:

    Summeli but when released the second beta publica?
    I see already the 0.91
    sorry for my english

  176. Fay says:

    Tried to debug on satio… but it is better to cut off my hands XD I’ve broke down the firmware XD
    Dear Sir Summeli, maybe you have any friends who have satio and can help. I’m useless.

  177. Stefan says:

    Not working on my hacked Nokia 5800xm v50.
    With Qt v4.6.2 and gpsp4Symbian v0.5 installed, when I try to launch the program, the screen turns progressively to black and the phone reboots, I can’t get into the program to set the bios.

    • _HERNAN_ says:

      IF NOT..DO

  178. Chechnya says:

    when would realise?

  179. THE DINOZORD" says:

    yeah this is an emulator…..its some dificult to set the control ……..mmmmmmm you think that the button of the headphones can be used to a normal button????

  180. THE DINOZORD" says:

    i cant

  181. Cyrax says:

    hey, does this work whti n95?i cant install qt . .

  182. Victor says:

    The emulator works perfectly, on my 5800 really amazing your work
    my 5800 is modded, have extra free ram (~60mb), and optimized ARM processing, and yet my fps is showing :”60 (31)” , what this means? i can render 60fps but is showing 30? just to know.
    thanks again, and waiting patiently for audio support 😉

  183. -moi- says:

    I summeli! I only want to know when will gpsp get the sound ?
    Then if you need any tester before any release, i can help you.
    ( sorry for my english… I’m french )

  184. MickSta85 says:

    hey i just downloaded and installed the GBA emulator from here every time i go to open it it wont let me in.
    And when i installed it it said it was missing a “QT’ file whats the go with that?
    I got a nokia N97 Mini

    • Rpgaddict_22 says:

      please, read the instructions carefully before asking something.. it’s all in the instructions….

  185. Alex S says:

    Hi i tried to download the qt binaries sometimes and it says page not found. I was looking on net and i found some qt package for symbian about 210mb. I just want to know if this is the correct downdoald and install i should do on a s60v5 device. Thank you so much.

  186. SGDynamite says:

    Hi i need a Action Replay Cheat plugin in the next Version!!!

  187. Supersa95 says:

    summeli but a source code of a 0.91 are not public?

    • Summeli says:

      If you would use as much time reading as commenting, you would understand that the 0.91 is gpsp version, while the 0.5 version number is the version number for gpsp4symbian . The gpsp4symbian is build on top of the original gpsp v.091 (and YES that code can be found from my github too).

  188. Alex says:

    Hi, Summeli!
    First of all, congrats on this fine piece of work (same goes for AntSNES).
    Now, do you have any plans of implementing multitouch? If I’m not mistaken, this is featured in PocketPiano and Space Dancer (
    Second question – how difficult would it be to add GB/GBC support? I know this has been asked before, I’d just like to second the thought because there’s not even one proper Gameboy emulator out there.
    And finally, I’d suggest adding an ‘invisible’ onscreen joypad for touch phones (5800 in my case) that covers the whole screen. This is nicely done in Frodo (, there’s no impact on performance. I think it would be great at least to have the choice of using the whole screen instead of the (comparatively) small D-pad. True, I’d block parts of the screen with my thumb, but it’d be much easier to hit the right button 🙂
    That’s all for now, (quite enough, anyway…), again, thanks for your efforts!
    – Alex

  189. ST says:

    Just a quick inquiry, anyone can answer, on my 5800, the roms are playable although the screen only displays blue colors, anyone know how to fix this? thanks!

  190. Billy says:

    I have problems with the certificate when i try to install the sis file it says “certificate error contact the supplier”.
    is this a problem only on me or is it on everyone else?

  191. Fay says:

    So is there anyone who can debug GPSP on Satio? i can’tn Not much expirience.

  192. jay says:

    haloo.the signed web say the application is too large …wat to do?

    • Rpgaddict_22 says:

      The 200+mb qt is not for mobile, but for developers! Search for a different file it’s just more or less than 10 MB

  193. NatZ says:

    its working great on my 5530
    try to use the extra buttons on your headset and you might somehow experience multitouch
    its much easier than using the softkeys

  194. Wen says:

    Hi ,
    First of all, i thank you for everything, gpsp works great on my 5530, but theres a problem that, after i play half-way and i tried to save. Either i try to save or exit the game, it says “Memory full. Pls close some app and try agn.”
    I wanted to go back to menu, but it didnt work. So…. i hope u would give me a solution for this. Any help would greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

  195. jack says:

    when i load pokemon, it goes to the start screen then rwturns to the title screen

  196. Fay says:

    Nothing with satio guys?

  197. ralven says:

    Hi Summeli,
    can you add autofire features for controls, like mamexm emulator
    its very useful to play shooter games, in mobile phone 😀

  198. lpratas says:

    This works on Samsung Omnia HD, Sony Ericsson Satio and Vivaz or not? These Symbian 5th phones have more cpu power processing, at the level of a pentium III of the same frequency, memory ram and graphics than the weakers Nokia 5800, 5530, N97 and if it not works on these models it’s a pity because they are powerful enough even for Psx, Nintendo 64 and DS emulation in special the Vivaz which is the more pwerful. If on the Iphone 3GS, that has a similar processor to these Symbian models, it’s possible and smooth specially N64 emulation, then on these also it’s possible.

  199. EmeSso says:

    You are the best this emulator is fantastic
    Is the full version comes out? This is probably beta because the no sound and some games do not work

  200. Fay says:

    sqlite3.sis not signed for Sony Ericsson. That’s why we cannot play it.

  201. supersa95 says:

    but a new version of these fantastic emulator when is relased?

  202. Jirina says:

    This is just epic! Thank you for your hard work ^_^y

  203. /-rif says:

    rally nice work bro,
    we all are waiting for its final version w/ sound (^-^)d

  204. leo says:

    hey..goodjob,there… you have a gbc emulator like this application???i have searched google but there is no result..i have a 5800…sorry for the trouble

  205. Melvin Sunny says:

    can we set ‘a’ button on the screen instead of keys? B’coz my key is about to broke. pls help me.

  206. zimeo says:

    leo you can play gbc games with meboy I installed it on my 5230 and it works so I think it will work on your 5800

  207. Vieira says:

    Hi! i can t play on my 5800! where is th Botoes A and B? help plz

  208. cobig says:

    I’m waiting for the next version to come out
    I’m waiting for the next version to come out
    I’m waiting for the next version to come out

  209. link says:

    It’s cool!Thank you, My 5230 become a GBA now!Hope next version can play sound.

  210. PinoyBoy says:

    I hope the final version gets released soon. When my classmates saw me playing gba and snes games on my s60v5 phone, they wanted to buy a v5 nokia phone. Hehe you’re a really popular guy on the internet summeli. GL making emulators!:)

  211. Rendy says:

    Hello Master Summeli,. Thx for ur great jobs. I’m really glad that my tube can play gba smoothly and comfortly. But, there’s something I wanna request, that is if I played Sword of Mana, in the game, there’s command ‘jump’, which can be done by hitting L and A button, but unfortunately, I can’t do that,. By the way, I mapped L button with vol + key, and I mapped A button with my dial key (Green). Sorry for my English that being so bad. I’m still learning..

  212. FoLett says:

    Hi Summeli! I’d like to ask you something…
    I read in some forums, about the fact that you are alredy informed about the bug in i8910 (the vertical screen)… It’s more than a month that i can’t found any news about that… There was been new updates? All possessors of omnia hd, what could we expect? sorry for my bad english, i’m italian..
    in any way, thx for your great job!! You’re doing something big for all of us!

  213. Billy says:

    sry for posting again but i can’t figure out something.the qt binaries should be in a folder or something,right?
    i installed the emu, but i’m stuck trying to find the binaries and the roms folder.whenever i connect via mass memory i have full folder access but can’t find any binaries and i have installed them about 4 times.but whenever i connect via ps suite i can’t find the private folder it puts me into the select bios button.i read the instructions but i can’t find anything about it.plz need some help

    • Billy says:

      nope w8 forget it i think i made a small mistake.

    • Billy says:

      yeah forget it.i forgot that binaries and bios are that i have pokemon on my X6 i’m going to need some more time recharging my battery.nice work man

  214. zcythe says:

    =D THX!!!!! Finally I have found the great work from you T_T
    I had dream to play GBA in phone since long time ago…. THX Q so much to make it happen in my life. I love and appreciate your great work!!!!

  215. Bluehawk490 says:

    DudE thnk U Soo mUch!! =)

  216. zcythe says:

    I can run smoothly for all the game I wanna… However, im not able to do combination control like jump+direction key in all of the game(Eg. Mario Kart). =( Hope summeli will fix this soon. Beside im using 5530. The D-pad is also quite annoying, I alwiz accidentally click down when I point my finger to left / right direction key. Anyway, this is the best emulator I found compare to Vbag and Vgba. XD Im awaiting the version wif sound~~ So happy that my dream finally came true because I alwiz wish that I could play gba game in handphone.

    • zcythe says:

      After I tried many games or played long time… The app just cant close and cant do anything T_T, it keep said memory full, please close some app. But my hp hv about 30mb free space in C: and 2gb++ in E: . How come it become like tat, everytime I hv to forced to switch off hp and reinstall the gpSP again.. haiz… T_T how come??? Any idea to solve?

  217. N900 lover says:

    Hi there, awesome work ^-^, just wanted to ask if you ever plan to support the nokia n900 as well?

    • yener90 says:

      dont think so.
      n900 has a linux based system.
      this is for symbian.

      • Summeli says:

        I have designed the whole UI in the way that it’s easy to port to Maemo/Meego. I only have to take out the Symbian hacks from the original gpsp code (flag them away), and the compile everything into Maemo. I don’t think that this would be a big task to do. I just don’t have the N900 to develop with, so that’s the reason why it’s not on the N900.
        I’m really looking forward to those new Meego devices, so that’s also one of my reasons to use the Qt. All of my work should be now compatible with S^4 and Meego!

  218. yener90 says:

    summeli can you give us some kind of feedback???
    like did you managed to solve bluescreen problem or the font problem???

  219. Easy_Trigger says:

    That emu is awesome! but i have some little suggestions to do in order to make it perfetc (to me at least eheh)
    1) Please make another option in controls where L & R are on screen keys, just under the d-pad, they are not so useful in many games, having them on screen will make life really easier 😉
    2) Tactile feedback on d-pad and other on screen keys, like when writing messages! and maybe an animation of the key pressed!
    3) Remove the option button, you can moove the access to the menu just tapping on the screen.
    4) Gbc support: i’ve tried to use a gbc bios but gbc games wont run… I know, gbc is really old, but many games are masterpieces and it will be awesome to play them agoin!
    5) Gameshark support… but i know, i’m asking too much now 😀

  220. thegreenyounder! says:

    Or if you added sound?

  221. thegreenyounder! says:

    Or if you added sound? also is it possible to add 128 kb save type?

  222. Alex S says:

    Hello everyone, first thx summeli for the great job, you make our mobiles alive haha:p However i have a problem, how is that to set the bios correctly and get an authentic one? Because i think is my problem the emu crashes everytime i want to load a rom. Im noob im sorry but really im lost and dont have any idea about what to do about this. If anyone can help, thank you so much. Regards.

  223. Mr. Random says:

    So Summeli any news on the next release? Or is it ‘confidential’?

  224. NokiAlex says:

    Look at this:
    Nokia Qt SDK 1.0 Offers Cross-Platform Development
    The Nokia Qt SDK 1.0, now available, offers a true cross-platform development environment allowing developers to create applications for both Symbian and Maemo devices. Installation is easy, as it only requires one installation package that downloads all needed Qt and Symbian/Maemo components. With a new, fast simulator — along with on-device debugging and the ability to compile to both .sis (Symbian) or .deb (Maemo) packages – the SDK provides developers with a great opportunity to start creating amazing apps right away.

  225. Alex S says:

    Hello again, finally i made it work im sorry for all last troubles. It works perfect on N97. Just as a reference i havent tested E or J roms, but many of U are unable to load, sometimes when i want to load a rom it worked fine lately, i need to restart the app to load and make it works fine again, just wanted to say this as a reference if this can help for something or someone.
    Thanks thx thx for all the hard effort. Best regards.

  226. supersa95 says:

    hello Summeli was a long time
    since you did not hear you … you
    have to give us news about a
    possible future version?
    sorry for my english

  227. Fay says:

    Yet nothing to do with Satio…

  228. Eagle says:

    I have to hack my phone (nokia 5530 xm) in order to install it?

  229. zhooels says:

    thanks summeli great job…. this emulator very very amazing , i will be waiting for the next GPSP version… but i’m not trying this emulator yet.. i hope this great emulator for gba…. thanks a lot…

  230. Easy_Trigger says:

    Something that may be improved: the app crashes if you recive a phone call… that’s quite annoying…
    Also, if you recive an sms when playing, you have to close gpsp in order to read it… on cellphones like 5800 or 5530 any phisic key is important so please, create a botton in the menu to hide the application!
    The d-pad is really near the “xpressmusic” key (i’m using a 5800) so when playing is easy to touch it… and when you touch it, the xpress bar covers the d-pad, that also is quite annoying…
    If you have a rom loaded and try to load another, you get black screen, and you have to restart the app in order to play…
    Also, the down key on the d-pad is too easy to press when you try to press, in real, left or right…
    By the way… the greatest app ever! thanks!!!!!

  231. cornershot says:

    Is there a way to fix the combination control thing? It is very hard to make long jumps in megaman zero 4. By the way, my phone is a nokia 5230. Thanks in advance

  232. Easy_Trigger says:

    A minor thing: when pressing the red, green and white keys, when on “normal” profile, you get the classic key pressed sound… when playing with games such as super mario, you have to hold a key pressed often, and that sound becomes annoying in little time! can you deactivate that please? 🙂

  233. RiKi says:

    Pokémon Emerald (italian versione): not working… 🙁

  234. supersa95 says:

    east trigger you are italian?

  235. HappyUser says:

    Hi, love this emulator ir works so well, but i have a question. Today i flashed CWF Xtension^8 and i cant bind volume keys, it jus shows the volume bar. Any idea or tip? THX for the hard work.

  236. Kmark says:

    mr.summeli do you have a solution for the font problem because its really buggy and I tried to restart a couple of times but the words are stil “wwwwwwwwwwwww” and I dont know how to fix that thanks in advance

  237. MikeI says:

    Hey I have a problem wit the bios.Te emu doesnt see it.I ave 2 files wit BIOS and ROM extensions but it doesnt see anything.Has anyone had a smilar problem?
    I have a Nokia N97 mini.

  238. MikeI says:

    Sorry forget what I said .It ad to be a BIN file ;p
    One last Question.
    How do you get the games vendor name etc?
    Te txt file says it’s in te games header but what is that ?
    Do I have to edit the GBA file?
    And the games on the list are all confirmed working because I tried to get Tales of Phantasia to work but with no luck.
    Thanks or your great work and keep at it!

  239. jack says:

    finished yet… people are abandoning hope because of no updates

  240. Arafat says:

    dont know if this is the right place to post some problems with the emu, just trying to help you to know them. Maybe a lot of ppl already post them. Im using a nokia 5530, pokemon emerald worked fine. the problem is whenever another app start running the emu closes inmediatly, that means when u get a call, a message or push the upper button the one that brings the menu with music, videos, browser and press one of those option by accident.

  241. Arafat says:

    oh and another problem is that nokia 5530 is full touch, so u cant push 2 buttons at the same time (except for camera button and + -) i understand this must be hard to do, most apps cant detect 2 touch at the same time, but i have seen somes that can, just letting u know, would be great to be able to play games that require couple buttons at the same time…