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AntSnesQt V. 0.6: new graphics

The new AntSnesQt comes with Big D-pad, which is optimized for resistive touchscreen.
I had some help for the new graphics for this release:

  • Thanks for Saiyaku for the new D-pad graphics and UI graphics.
  • Thaks for Jasper Terveer for the small d-pad and button graphics.

What’s new

  • Improved compatibility? (the code is much better aligned with drPocketSnes)
  • Big D-PAD
  • The new AntSnes has more realistic snes style graphics. See it yourself

AntSnesQt main screen

The Big D-Pad

New buttons

Know issues:

  • Audio isn’t implemented
  • Qt with SwEvent works only on Nokia phones, other S60 users should use the AntSnes 0.72.
  • PAL ROMs do not work

1. First Install Qt 4.6.2 binaries into your phone: Download Qt installation package
2.  Download the AntSnesQt.sis
3. AntSnesQt requires the SWEvent capability. The SwEvent is required for key mapping: Now you can map call/end call etc. buttons for the AntSnes usage. Therefore a new step is required to install the SW.
Go to SymbianSigned and sign the AntSnesQt sis for your own phone IMEI
using free Open Signed Online option this operation should be free of any charge.
Read carefully the instructions on the SymbianSigned site.
You must give them

  • Your Phone IMEI  (you can obtain it digiting *#06# on your phone)
  • Your EMAIL Address
  • AntSnesQt SIS Package

And then the symbiansigned should email you the signed AntSnesQt for your phone. This package will be installable ONLY on your phone. This procedure works for all Symbian S60V5 Phones.
The alternative method is to hack your phone! You can find pretty good instructions from MameXM download site. (scroll to the bottom of page: Signing & Installing).
Download the AntSnesQt: AntSnesQt_v06 (38972 downloads)
Sources are available on Github:


  1. Thomas says:

    Great summeli! But today and tomorrow i have no time to test the final release. I hope i have much time on friday. I´m very happy about this fast release. I tell you on friday how it works. Fantastic. And big thanks for that!!!! You are the best. 😉
    best wishes

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  3. samipower says:

    please sound in next revision , and supernintendo perfect emulator for symbian with qt

  4. iRaptor says:

    Good work, now it looks really cool!
    – Big D-Pad works properly.
    – The compatibility has not improved nor worsened, it’s the same (still can’t load European ROMs and some games).
    – The flashing strip in one pixel appeared at the bottom of the game screen.

  5. Treimfei says:

    Thanx and congrats! But the Roms compatibility problem isnt solved yet. There still is the problem with the E (european) roms. Only J and U can be played. And still, Donkey Kong isnt playable. It only starts, but dont get into the game. But thanx anyway. The roms compatiliby problem maybe is becuase the pal-m/ntsc display.

    • sq says:

      ok, i’m confirming the fact that E roms close the emulator. got some roms with several regional variations included and EVERY rom labeled with an E failed to load. i’m also suspecting about pal.

  6. Bernie says:

    Great! It seems faster than the previous release. The new skin rocks, too. Games like Earthbound and Ardy Lightfoot work very well.
    In some games like Donkey Kong Country 2, key presses aren’t registered at all. Strange, that! The game runs fine otherwise.
    Looking good so far. 🙂 Qt seems quite capable and should make developing apps in general a little easier.

  7. Bobby says:

    is it possible to play fullscreen in this version?

  8. Rafael says:

    Great job!!! I just can’t believe the jump in quality from the latest versions. Keep up the great work!

  9. sq says:

    judging from the slightly crooked dpad on the small layout i’ll dare to say: wikipedia saves the day again
    btw, have you tested the latest qt beta release? does it have a working sound engine this time?

    • sq says:

      also, white (menu) key isn’t enabled to work? bummer…

      • sq says:

        correction: the white key *does* indeed work, but it needs a little “trick” to activate, just like mamexm. a couple of taps using white in the emu’s main screen usually does the magic, but perhaps this problem is related to the fact that i’m using jbak as my taskman.
        and since we’re on this topic: be aware that handy taskman (and by extension, handy shell) *will* take complete control of the white key and you’ll be unable to use it as input. just a warning.

  10. Kuroyume says:

    looks great. The bigger d-pad makes playing a lot easier.

  11. Jerzeydan says:

    Hmm, there’s a problem in key config. If I try to map TR, the whole app crashes and the settings aren’t saved. I didn’t have this problem with the version 0.5.

  12. Rodrigo says:

    I Installed on my 5530 now every ROM crashes but AntSNES v0.5 not. resinstalled qt and antsnes and still not working. What happens ? Do i need to HardReset my Cellphone ? 🙁

  13. Sandro says:

    @Rodrigo, i’m playing right now with this version and the big d-pad on my 5530 and i don’t have any problem. Try again it should work for you to.
    @Summeli, great works, it’s more confortable to play with the big d-pad on phone like the 5530^^

  14. Rodrigo says:

    Still not Working Please Someone Help me i-i T_T

  15. dr490n says:

    This 0.6 version of qt didn’t work for me, I’m using 5800 XM, and whenever I load a rom, the app closed… any solution?

  16. Lucas says:

    Thanks for this big release. The directional is now perfectly confortable and responsive. A question to 5800 users: Do the microfone accessory works as a key?
    There’s some downgrade in the compatible romlist – Tales of Phantasy (J) was playable on v.71. Now just show black screen.

  17. rpgaddict_22 says:

    Mr. summeli..full screen option please .. the graphic looks really bad in my n97 mini

  18. samipower says:

    Hello summelli, i played in nokia 5800 with bluetoh gamepad msi bgp-100 and perfect. But option hide pad, after,screen are small , emulator doesn’t run in full screen ,
    Next version , full screen and sound possible???
    i tried killer instinct and other games and run very well , very fast games, perfect speed.

    • Summeli says:

      The fullscreen would probably look really crappy, since it would be far from aspect ratio –> the screen would be really distorted. But I’ll see what I can do about the audio.

  19. samipower says:

    rpgaddict_22 graphics are good but in small screen, graphics good, not full screen ok, but good graphics

  20. yener90 says:

    thx for the update.
    after i can play so well with the big d-pad i tried some games out and found some big probs
    NBA 97/98 keys doesnt work
    International Superstar Soccer Deluxe freezes in menu.
    but Top Gear works without any probs.
    will try more games.

  21. Rodrigo says:

    i Format my 5530 and installed it every time i load every rom the app close. Dunno what is happening i installed 05 and works “everything” but 0,6 not. Any Idea for this Bug ? i use v20 Firmware. What About Product Code ?
    I think dr490n Got the same Bug with his 5800.
    Thanks in advance, i will wait for answers
    Att. Rodrigo

  22. BK says:

    Hi Summeli, this emu is great. I’m using 5800xp and I have a report to you. I installed both antsnes v0.71 and antsnesQT. I tried to play “Fire Emblem: Monshō no Nazo” and “Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu”. Of course the Roms couldn’t start when I loaded them. Well, I had no ideal to make them start, it was just a blank screen. But when I tried to check the audio option in v.071 and I put the audio option on, the roms started to load xD. The thing here is if you leave the audio on, the emu will close when you click “Menu”
    So when the roms started to run, I turned audio off again and I had to be quick enough to click “Menu” then click save state “slot 1” or whatever slot. Finally, the antsnes v.071 will close anyway. It’s funny right lol.
    This trick can not apply to v.072 ’cause the “Menu” is hidden when you are in audio option xD
    What I want to say is that when you have the save state, you can use it to run on v.071, v.072(not check yet) or antsnes QT. Start the emu —-> load a rom —-> load save state —> the game will start (^_^)
    The roms couldn’t start from the beginning but they will run when you load save state
    Anyone couldn’t play any rom, try this method. If you’re lucky enough, you can play your favorite games
    Hope this help

  23. BK says:

    After I did that trick now, the fire emblem roms will start without using load state on both v.071 and QT.
    I have no ideal what is going on lol
    PS: I did save state on slot1 in v.071 and it is on slot 5 in QT when I try to load state and I played for a while then change to save state on slot 1 in QT ’cause I don’t like slot 5 much 😀
    That’s everything I have done so far.

  24. Treimfei says:

    And what about the (E) roms? Have u seen the Pal/NTSC outputs?

  25. dr490n says:

    can someone post a working rom here, i’m very confused because the roms i used worked very well in 0.72 but crashed in 0.6 . summeli, just how much ram is needed to make this emu work?

  26. Aves says:

    I have the same problem with my 5800 XM every rom i load crashs. If i load them on the older ant snes it does work properly.
    Any idea?

  27. yener90 says:

    try top gear (U) or mario kar (U).

  28. Thomas says:

    Very great job summeli. Finaly the Antsnes runs on my i8910 and i can play. 😉 I ask nokia about a Qt Version for other Handys. I hope nokia look at a version for all handys. The new design of the normal and Qt version looks realy good. Thanks for this Version summeli 😉

  29. samipower says:

    hello this my own video nokia n97 , with other emulator and run in full screen, but speed and sound are slow
    in this other emulator, full screen distorted??, ok , but play in a mobile with small screen buff , full screen distorted ok , but fullscreen is more better for my eyes .
    if antsnes with your full speed can run in full screen(distorted??) with good sound , will be the champion
    and first supernintendo symbian emulator that run very well, i tried any games in antsnes QT O.6 in nokia 5800 and run very fast.
    psx for symbian in nokia n8 ???? better hardware and better symbian.
    actually nokia n900 maemo have doksnes , you can port it to symbian o antsnes files + doksnes files = new supernintendo symbian emulator jaja it is a dream jaja

  30. Lucifer666 says:

    Thanks for great job, all work fine for me. But some of my friends have problem. When emule run, then instead of menu text, allwhere wwwww!!!, so they can’t run any rom. Is there some conflicts with changed system fonts or Fontrouter progs for example? Phones – 5800 XM.

  31. Treimfei says:

    Ok, I confirmed the Roms compatibilities issue. I picked up a Terranigma rom (that was only released pal) and converted it to NTSC. Guess what? It worked fine.

  32. MARIO says:

    Rom (E) resize problem?

  33. Alan says:

    @ TREIMFEI how do you convert the rom in ntsc????

  34. Treimfei says:

    I got an .ip file that make the iso to became ntsc. But I got the ips especificaly to the terranigma rom. I tried a program that do the job, but it simple doesnt work. And I forgot the name of it.

  35. Thomas says:

    Summeli have the new Qt 4.7 Beta the things you need for sound? I love the new Antsnes 0.72! But the sound of the old Snes games is great. I hope in the next Qt Version the sound is integrat. And Qt runs on my phone. 😉

  36. samipower says:

    Summelli here ANTSNES QT 0.6 running killer instinct game in nokia 5800 v50.0.005 this video for all people in the world ,supernintendo fans

  37. bole says:

    Hi sumeli what are you thinking to add to the new version of antsnes qt? Please put the full screen mod and a bilinear strech mode if you can,the d-pad would be transparent. We are waiting for the new release,hooping for the sound mode!
    bye,thanks again!

    • sq says:

      bilineal filtering and on top of that a transparent overlay: exactly what our underpowered nokias need in order to speed up the emulation.
      i need a faceslap emoticon. ಠ_ಠ

  38. LLLMC says:

    Hello sumeli, I have a problem with antsnes v06. All games have crashed when I was openning them in antsnes v0.6 but they can run normally in antsnes v0.71 and 0.72.
    Should I upgrade my firmware?

  39. Keenan says:

    mr. sumelli why when i opened version 0.5 and 0.6 its always restarted the phone (rainbow effect) but version 0.72 work, but its hard to mapping the key in 0,72 ,please mr.summeli help me, oh yeah the gpsp gba emu is crash to, thx

  40. syb says:

    i don’t know why but the letters aren’t display as they are. Instead of load rom, exit, etc there’s just wwwwww 🙁 i try both 05 and 06 on my 5530

  41. Nokia 5700 says:

    The app crashes my phone.
    Same goes for gpSP. 🙁
    Most other apps work perfectly, but my screen blacks out when launching this one.

  42. Rodolfo says:

    I installed the emulator and the Qt binaries but, for some reason, the on screen buttons don’t work for me. I have a Nokia 5530 (touch screen) with the latest firmware. It is possible to play with the touch buttons, since this cellphone only have the screen? How can I configure them? Because whan I open the “controls” button and do the key mapping, i can’t set screen points as buttons.

  43. lukas says:

    I followed instructions and everything is now allright, but I have one disk-space-related question to ask someone wiser than me:
    after installing QT (n97 mini) I can see 3 different QT related apps in my Installed Applications Manager: QT (6mb), QtWebKit (3mb) and QT installer (10mb). Are these all crucial and necessary for functioning or can i uninstall for example QT installer to free some space on my device?

  44. Hi Summeli,
    Thanks for these great port of emulators. They worked great on my Nokia 5233.

  45. Armorant says:

    5800 Well, the emulation’s speed is perfect. But, the filemanager is … I don’t want to use some words … Somehow it delete all directory where the roms were! All e/data! Including all program install packages.
    Please, fix that bug.
    P.S. The Qt not installing on N73

  46. Daniel1096 says:

    Great work!! Works fine on 5800 xm..
    The only thing missing, is Sound! 🙁
    and why is the controls in Donkey Kong not woking?

  47. mete says:

    i cant explaint how perfect they are — really no lags most battery no heat up battery ,on screen keyboard is perfect only move your finger on button no clicking i like it :). thank you very much ..

  48. ralven says:

    Hi Summeli, thanks for your work to make emulator for symbian,
    I have problem with qt version! my nokia 5230 always crash after load roms (i have try us roms version too), i think there’s “crash bug” problem with antsnes qt version
    but AntSnes v.0.72 & gpSP4Symbian works great in my nokia 5230, thanks 4 your great job
    waiting for next release:)

  49. chris says:

    cannot use simultaneous buttons? for example, i would like to press the b button and the up button at the same time but it didnt work

  50. Riger says:

    Just installed to my 5800. Crashes every time you load a Rom even if its U or J. The non-QT version works though. How can I fix the problem with the QT version not loading roms?

  51. samipower says:

    with this you can rebuild a new version antsnes qt 0,7 with sound , i think. Qt 4.7 Beta 2

  52. Ellencubby says:

    Pls someone help me,,,this 0.6 version of qt didn’t work for me, I’m using nokia C6, and whenever I load a rom, the app closed… any solution?thanks..

  53. RamonXick says:

    Doesnt work on my 5800 with latest firmware (v50.00.0)5 even i use the (U) rom, i use the AntSnesQt v0.6.. any idea?

  54. scottydog says:

    Hi summeli this software looks realy good but i cant get it too work proper on my n97. its hacked so the prog has full access all the installs work. the prolem is when rom loads it lets me even start the game usng the keys with super mario lets me select the world and start the level then the keys stop responding wondereing if its just me thanx in advance

  55. Bruce says:

    I don’t think this works with QT 4.6.3. It was working fine for me on 4.6.2 but then I updated it with gpsp 0.5.1 and it no longer working. I have the same problem as Ellencubby.

  56. nuron says:

    No working versions here… Tried antsnes QT but icon will not launch. I’ve also tried older ver. but it crashes as soon as i select the rom. Every time.

  57. Steef says:

    I think it’s great you’ve ported this for the QT framework. It’s cool that it’s now native c++!
    I still have a question about the compatibility:
    Many roms I’ve tried do not work with this emulator. Crono trigger does work(superb!) but donkey kong and lufia do not.
    Another emulator named vsun(commercial) does work with most of the roms.
    I don’t want to offend you but what is the reason for this?

    • Summeli says:

      I suspect some problems with the current GCCE version used in Symbian. The code base is pretty much same as it is with other snes9x based platorms ( dr. pocket snes etc.) so there’s no clear reason for this.
      I really don’t know what I should do with the snes emulator. I’m pretty much just hoping that it would go better with S^3 or newer system..

      • Steef says:

        I can understand. Don’t get me wrong I really appreciate all the hard work you put into it. I think you’re right about the GCCE. Which version do you use?

        • Summeli says:

          I use the what the S60 provides, so it’s prehistoric 3.4.3 🙂 Luckily the S^3 will have official GCCE update from codesourcery, which will hopefully work better.

          • Steef says:

            Yes version 4 should compile your source better, at least that’s what they promise;)Just cannot find when they’re gonna release the update through the channel!
            Good luck

          • Summeli says:

            Well they are compiling the S^4 kernel with the GCCE, so I think that the next version should be good enough 🙂

  58. crazyneo says:

    I am having the same problem as reported here: installs just fine, I try to load a ROM, select it, and it crashes. Has there been a solution found for this?

  59. jay wong says:

    it can not work,it exit when I want to load games.Help me,pls.

  60. ionut says:

    I have an ideea, how about with the next version(or update the last one) to try to make the game run in full screen and use a transparent d-pad as in this game, I mean no offence , the emulator works prety god on my 5230 but I do not own a full querty keyboard so it will be a big inproovment to the graphics, you know form the actual 380×320 to full screen 600×320 picsels!

  61. SoWErA says:

    I wish I could play Secret of Mana on snes emulator on my I8910 with the lovely sound that the game got.

  62. jerry says:

    AntSnesQT and new GPSP doesn’t work on new QT
    your link under: Download Qt installation package
    provides Qt 4.6.3 instead of Qt 4.6.2
    so please upgrade your emulators
    regards 🙂

  63. jerry says:

    on mine X6 when I want to run the game gpsp/anstnes quits i have gpsp 0.61 and anstsnes 0.6

  64. fuckyou22 says:

    this is muthafucking, damn shit cool!!!!=)

  65. alpha_Qu4z4r says:

    What files can play on this emulator? *.nes don’t seeing in antSnes =(

  66. cantyo says:

    cool emulator, it works but when im trying to open the game it crash

  67. Mike says:

    Hello SUMMELI
    The truth is that excellent emulator. It would be good to try to implement sound like you did with gba = D. Also pushed ahead with the subject of sound for the GPSP is the best.
    Greetings to walk so well and follow all SYMBIAN community is
    super grateful to your work.

  68. Gary says:

    hi Summeli,
    i appreicate your job, but i still can’t open any rom, even i successfully installed antSnesQT V.06. Did you try on S^3?

  69. Anderson says:

    Hi Summeli,
    The AntSnes has bugs in some games at boot time, the game does not respond to key commands, one example is the three Donkey Kong, when it arrives at the start screen, can not start the game.
    I wonder if is possible adapt the emulator vSun with AntSnes in QT,because vSun can run most games normally, including Donkey Kong, but it is for s60v3 and has no virtual keyboard for touchscreen phones.
    Thank you for your attention!

  70. Max says:

    I agree with Anderson.
    It’s a good idea to adapt the vBag Vsun or QT as you do you is incredible.
    So are suddenly puedemejrar compatibility and performance.
    Summeli Is this possible?
    From already thank you very much for your effort and our s60v5 bring hours of enjoyment.
    Greetings uqe walk well.

    • Summeli says:

      vBag and vSun are not open source, so I can not use them. I wouldn’t be even interested even if they would be open source. I choose the gpsp for the speed, not for the compatibility.
      I’ll give it a try with vanilla snes9x sources when I have some time (it’s not top of my TODO list. I’m going to release one game before that). The audio should be doable with that stuff. The only downside is that the FPS will probably go down, since there’s no assembler optimizations.

      • Max says:

        Summeli Ok did not know that apology.
        No problem, now you have to bet that similarly GPSP this luxury and go very smoothly.
        Summeli I have two questions:
        1) It would be good to increase compatibility and improve the performance of sound and ready summeli … is that possible?
        2) Also wanted to ask if you can emulate the sims in the GPSP?.
        Thank you very much for all your work and go for our S60V5 … pushed ahead.
        A greeting.

  71. Harry says:

    Summeli .. tasted the CFW of c6 adapted for 5800?
    Appeared on QT 4.7 might help improve the platform.
    I agree with the idea of carrying the keyboard vBag QT as no more than you can.
    Congratulations on your excellent work and I hope the answer if possible .. je do is adapt.
    Greetings Summeli
    PS: We could adapt the CFW of c6 platafirma to press keys and screen at once? .. Greetings

  72. DA22 says:

    Hey, i tested this a while back when i had my nokia5800, worked quite well..however no multi touch 🙁
    Ive just got the Samsung Wave….any chance of trying to code it for Bada?? PLEEEEAAASSSSEEEEEEEEEE
    Keep up the most excellent work

  73. Max says:

    Summeli Ok did not know that apology.
    No problem, now you have to bet that similarly GPSP this luxury and go very smoothly.
    Summeli I have two questions:
    1) It would be good to increase compatibility and improve the performance of sound and ready summeli … is that possible?
    2) Also wanted to ask if you can emulate the sims in the GPSP?.
    Thank you very much for all your work and go for our S60V5 … pushed ahead.
    A greeting.

  74. My qt version 4.70 says:

    Please update!!
    load rom -> app is closed..
    Let me know how to solve! Please

  75. cansual says:

    I test this today on my nokia n8

  76. TheOtherAlex says:

    I can confirm this bug for the Nokia 5800. I can’t load any roms with QT 4.7 (AntSNES and gpsp). Pressing ‘Continue’ to start the last active rom works, though. I’ve switched back to QT 4.6.2 for now.

  77. Terry says:

    Hi Summeli, I am the N8 user, and success installed the AntSnesQt V. 0.6: new graphics. But it can not load any SFC-Rom, will you update the app that use on Symbian3^? Many thanks!

  78. alice says:

    Hi summeli.
    It works well with a link to the past but crashes when i tried to play terranigma.
    Please update new version soon

  79. Justin Anderson says:

    Hey Summeli,
    I like the work that you are doing! I am wondering this; the N8 has a USB input, can you make it so the N8 can support controllers? I would definately bring a controller around if i could play snes / gb / psx games on it!!! Plus then we would have that nice huge screen to play on!

  80. IgnazKevenaar says:

    Works GREAT on nokia N97Mini. playing F-Zero at fair speed when framelimiter is auto.
    Thanks for the great working emulators guys! also using the gameboy one! 🙂

  81. jay wong says:

    I am 5230 user.The antsnesQT can’t open games with QT 4.6.3,then I change it into 4.6.2,it still doesn’t work.I have no idea,can you help me?thank you very much.

  82. vamp says:

    hey i have a nokia 5530 and some roms run and some others doesnt (like donkey kong and others), you know any way i can make them all run???

  83. jay wong says:

    this is really a good emulator,but it cant work on my 5230.first,I install qt 4.6.3,then install antsnesQT 0.6,but it always crash when I load roms.what step have I forgotten to do?I really like SFC games,can anybody tell me how to make it run? thanks a lot!

  84. Terry says:

    when will you update on symbian3^ please? many thanks!!!

  85. Mr. Anderson says:

    When will you release the first version of SNES9X?

  86. The Rock says:

    maybe you ported NDS emulator for S60 5th edition?please

  87. Ernart says:

    Is there a new AntSnes for NgageQd?
    thank you

  88. Ripiz says:

    Hello. I’ve installed Qt first, but when I try to install AntSnes it says “Requested application access not granted”. I have Nokia 5530 XM. Any way to fix this?

  89. Red9350 says:

    the application crashes everything i do!!!! Any idea?? I’m using a 5530.

  90. Yunus says:

    Hi summeli,
    this emulator dont’t work on my nokia 5800 XM =(. Evrytime when i try to load a rom, it crashes down. Please can you fix this bug?

  91. Hello says:

    Let me first say that this is an amazing work. I’ve done fair bit of REing myself in the past and these things are rather complicated. I’m absolutely astonished by what you’ve accomplished here. Really glad I found this site.
    I’ve tried GPSP what works like charm. I do have few issues with AntSnes. Basically the same crashing problem. AntSnes 0.72 works great though. So, it seems to be QT/QT component problem. I did try 4.6.3, 4.7 and 4.7.1 (QT.sis), each and every time pretty much the same result. My guess is that I probably have some outdated component. I’m later going to try QTInstaller instead to ensure I’m not missing something.
    Anyways, I actually wondered how do you debug? I’ve tried out the QT and Symbian SDK in the past, but had serious problems getting the EPOC running. TRK wasn’t very friendly either and that’s the reason why I couldn’t really get into that.
    Keep up the good work and perhaps add few articles in the Dev talk. Always nice to learn a thing or two.

  92. LI ZHUANG says:

    Hello Mr.. My 5800W operation, and the majority of the friend as. As long as in the simulator, chose ROM will exit. Do you need a flash yao, should be brushed what version of my has been upgraded to V52. I don’t understand English use translation software

  93. paulchro says:

    When its going to be on symbian 3?

  94. paulchro says:

    When is going to be at n8?

  95. The Rock says:

    Please ported the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis emulator for Symbian S60 5th edition…

  96. GBAlover says:

    Hello Summeli. I started using this emulator after using your great GBA and GBC emulators. However, when I try to play the game Dragon Ball Z: Super Saiya Densetsu on my Nokia 5800XM, it crashes every time I try to run it with AntSnesQt v0.6. It does work with AntSnes v0.72. Is that some kind of compatibility issue? Will it be fixed?

  97. j_bogard says:

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, Summeli I was looking for some site developing for Symbian and then apears! (: Just Great! The Snes9X port is excellent. I just get my Nokia 5230 and everything works fine according to the limitations description (sound, gfx games, …) I just have a doubt about the Menu button with the D-pad & XYAB-pad, it looks like does not work and when I am in a game it goes UP when I pressed. I don’t know if it is a known issue or I am missing something. I am using Qt 4.6.2 and AntSnesQt_v06 (7790).
    Thanks and keep developing please!

  98. Edward says:

    I was having the crashing when loading ROMs problem after I tried to run an EU ROM from a .zip. I’ve uninstalled QT and AntSnesQT and then reinstalled using QT 4.7.1. Things returned to normal until I tried to run another EU ROM by mistake. All zipped ROMs would crash, but if I extract the .smc from the .zip, it runs fine. It seems that the built-in zip decompression gets corrupted after a PAL ROM is run as no .zips will run. Just a heads up for a lot of you with the crashing problem. I’m on a N97.

  99. Mr. Anderson says:

    I found this emulator that runs on Symbian and with sound, it would be possible adapt to AntSnes?

  100. Tamstyler says:

    Why are Pal Roms not working? -.-

  101. carlooo says:

    esse emulador funciona no nokia 5233
    This emulator works on nokia 5233

  102. sylrus says:

    im using nokia e52
    which 1 should i use???
    i download the 0.72
    it work
    just that the picture of the d pad is all over the screen
    only a little portion of the game that is visible
    pls reply through my email if possible

  103. ngoan says:

    hi summeli
    I had download source antsnes qt and sdk Qt. But i cant build it. Can you help me? Can you guide me build antsnes Qt? Please!
    Thank you for read comment

  104. ngoan says:

    i had read this guide. But i understand. I am newbie in programmer ( i am student in vietnam). Please, can you guide step 1, step 2…
    Thank you for reply 🙂

    • Summeli says:

      step 1. setup the mingw build environment
      step 2. go into the gms directory and build the engine. You probably have to modify the makefiles a bit for your own build, so read the mingw post carefully.
      step 3. read a Qt-tutorial, so you can use the qmake.
      step 4. use qmake to build the qt-project.

  105. no name says:

    Got a n8 installed everything without problem but the application shuts down when i try to load a rom

  106. elkun2610 says:

    Đã test trên 5800:
    – Chạy được một số roms và một số roms không chạy được.
    – Màn hình hơi giật.
    – Không hiểu sao bản nó không chịu chạy trên bản Qt 4.7 của mình. Mình đã phải cài lại bản 4.6.2 và hoạt động được.
    * Cảm ơn Summeli.

    • elkun2610 says:

      Test on 5800:
      – Chạy được một số roms và một số roms không chạy được. – Running some roms and some roms will not run.
      – Màn hình hơi giật. – Display a little shock.
      – Không hiểu sao bản nó không chịu chạy trên bản Qt 4.7 của mình. – I wonder why it refuses to run on the Qt 4.7 version of themselves. Mình đã phải cài lại bản 4.6.2 và hoạt động được. I had to reinstall the version 4.6.2 and work.
      * Cảm ơn * Thanks

  107. Mathieu Grenier says:

    is it possible to hide the D-pad in AntSnesQt?

  108. Lucian says:

    Summeli,why my nokia 5233 have too much shut downs wen I put a AntSnes Rom?Please help me!!!

  109. publicorderkeeper says:

    I have a very upleasant problem:in donkey kong country(all series), super mario(all games) an some other games do not work the controls(pad or keys).Dont know what to do, please help!
    Using nokia 5800.

  110. dr490n says:

    summeli, i noticed that everytime antsnes qt crashed after trying to load roms, it always returns to the private folder with numbers on the folder name. is it possible if the config file got stuck somehow and unable to keep the rom folder adress? if so, can the config file be edited? where can i find it on my 5800 xm?

  111. lucian says:

    Problens when installing AntSnesQt?Here one easy method:go to 4shared and download Qt installer I recomend the version 4.6.0 the most easyler to find>install it in sd card>in the 4shared download the xstevedore>install it on sd card>download AntSnesQt and follow this step:open xstevedore go to eight icon and make a cert and a key in the sd card,now you can sign any apllication ofline free of charge!!!in the eight icon select options and then select the first name>select the AntSnesQt and install it on the sd card,it’s done the AntSnesQt will run 100% perfect,if you can’t do it post here your dude and I will help you.

    • dr490n says:

      thanks for the help, but the problem i faced is not with certification. I’ve already installed the qt, and antsnes qt perfectly, however everytime i try to load any rom (smc) , the app just closedcitself.. I’ve already tried every version of qt from 4.62 to 4.73 and still no luck in loading rom. crashed everytime. I am using 5800xm fw 5. Any suggestion? it seems several of our friends here have exactly the same problem..

      • dr490n says:

        sorry, i mean qt version 4.62 to 4.71
        i noticed you said 4.6, are you using 4.60 and it works?

      • lucian says:

        this happens to me too ok you have to do this:delete the Qt,delete the AntSnesQt,delete all roms and re-configure your cell on original cofiguration in the configuration menu,after this download and install all again.

        • dr490n says:

          by configuring to original config do you mean that I must reset my phone to factory settings?
          ok, what must i delete to erase all qt? there are quite a few apps that i think is related to qt, please give me a detailed list of what you did to make this work… btw, is your phone hacked?

          • Lucian says:

            No my phone not is hacked,I mean you to do this because this because works on my phone.Here what I did:I search the Qt 4.6.3 or highter I don’t find it so I download the Qt 4.6.0 on the sd,it works!after this I download the AntSnesQt I install it on XSTEVEDORE,result:it works.I download roms on format (U).smc/(U) [!].smc/or symple smc.I played a lot,but the AntSnesQt stops the keys aren’t works,so I delete the Qt,theAntSnesQt and all roms,I reconfigured the phone digiting *#7370#(this will erase all of your data)after I download and install all.I do this direct on my phone not on pc,if you don’t have results post here what how you have done the installation,and I will try to help you.

      • lucian says:

        I recomend to you search roms on format (U) [!] smc or (U) smc you can search it in the or I’m happy to help you.

        • dr490n says:

          oh, so it works the first time you installed it..
          that’s not the case with mine, antsnes qt refused to load any rom from the first time i installed it, i already use the (u)! roms and installed qt 4.60, even the reset too, but it still won’t load any rom..
          thanks for trying to help, though.. i really appreciate it..

          • lucian says:

            I think the problem is your ram memory is full,you got a lot of apps,right?If you don’t know how to view the ram memory download the NetQin mobile anti-virus you can find it at 4shared,it’s a great app!Ok in the NetQin you can see your ram memory,if your ram memory is full delete some apps,maybe others emus if you have,because of this I said to you use the master reset.Try it maybe this works.If you have results make your post.

          • dr490n says:

            ok, will try it ASAP, btw, just how much ram you got in your cell after installing everything needed? i got about 25 mb free , GPSP and gnuboy works in this condition, but not antsnesqt

  112. publicorderkeeper says:

    Does anybody know how to make the super mario RPG to start on this emulator?

  113. lucian says:

    dr49n,my memory rom is 121m,with antsneqt and the others emus of summeli install I have 83m left.

  114. Chandler.Liu says:

    Hi Summeli,
    I encountered the same issue [Load ROM and the program crash]
    I add in some debug code and recompile it: it crashes when
    emit( LoadROM( rom,antsettings ));
    Where is the program go when emit LoadROM?

  115. Chandler.Liu says:

    Hi Summeli,
    I try and debug this stuff on my 5233 ( Load rom and crash problem ), I see it crash when
    void S9xReset (void)
    #ifdef SUPER_FX
    if (Settings.SuperFX)
    S9xResetSuperFX ();
    ZeroMemory (Memory.FillRAM, 0x8000); (crash here)
    I do not know why, may be 0x8000 is too large, and I checked the Memory.FillRAM is not null.

  116. JohnyK says:

    I have the same problem. Antsnes used um load all my roms just fine before. But recently it crashes most of those same roms no load. In fact, the only one that doesn’t crash is the one i’ve been playing until now… Can it be related? Is it possible that the emulator has somewhat “fixed” its settings to just play that one rom?

  117. hayyan says:

    no suppprt for v64 roms ? Any idea ?

  118. dave says:

    i trying to load the antsnes qt v071 for the samsung i8910, the main screen of the antsnes qt i cannot read, all the buttons have the letter “w” on all of them, not the regular words, even the sub-options, how can i fix this? thanks

  119. thesinz says:

    the emulator closes when i load a rom then when i reopen the emulator, and reload the rom the thing said memory is full

  120. Summeli says:

    You can’t apply any cheat on gpsp

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