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AntSnes v. 0.72: final release for S60 5th edition

I decided to make one more release for the 5th edition since the Qt + SwEvent is only working on Nokia’s phones. I’ll be using Qt from now on, and I recommend all Nokia users to take the Qt version, not this one.
Thanks for Saiyaku for the new D-pad graphics.
What’s new

  • Improved compatibility? (the code is much better aligned with drPocketSnes)
  • In this update the d-pad is now optimized for resistive screen, and the red/green/menu buttons can be mapped as buttons in the key config digalog.

The Big D-Pad

know issues:

  • Audio isn’t working
  • PAL ROMs do not work
  • It’s final realease without Qt

1.  Download the AntSnes.sis
2. The AntSnes requires the SWEvent capability. The SwEvent is required for key mapping: Now you can map call/end call etc. buttons for the AntSnes usage. Therefore a new step is required to install the SW.
Go to SymbianSigned and sign the AntSnesQt sis for your own phone IMEI
using free Open Signed Online option this operation should be free of any charge.
Read carefully the instructions on the SymbianSigned site.
You must give them

  • Your Phone IMEI  (you can obtain it digiting *#06# on your phone)
  • Your EMAIL Address
  • AntSnesQt SIS Package

And then the symbiansigned should email you the signed AntSnes for your phone. This package will be installable ONLY on your phone. This procedure works for all Symbian S60V5 Phones.
The alternative method is to hack your phone! You can find pretty good instructions from MameXM download site. (scroll to the bottom of page: Signing & Installing).
Download the AntSnesQt: AntSnes_V072 (29710 downloads)
Sources are available on Github:


  1. Bobby says:

    Great work summeli,
    quick question; is it also possible to run fullscreen in this version?

  2. Denis says:

    HI i have an N97 and what version should i install?

  3. dr490n says:

    Great job!! however, I can’t map keys properly since I use a 5800 XM, and therefore, do not have a C button, also cannot map the virtual keys as well. If there’s a mini screen, how to set it? I prefer to use virtual buttons for all the functions. Thanks for the great emu, summeli!!

  4. dr490n says:

    qt version didn’t work for me. everytime i tried to load a rom, the app just closed itself. can you tell me how to make it work? already installed the qt pack twice over but still no positive result

    • Summeli says:

      I really don’t know. It works really well on my phones, and it seems to work really well on others too. The Qt version is consuming a bit more memory, so maybe you should close some applications from the background.

    • iRaptor says:

      Try to use only U/J ROMS, not E.

      • dr490n says:

        I know, i only use u roms, so i think the roms are not the problem. Now, in my apps list, i’ve been using python as well, and several others apps that i didn’t remember installing, and could it be that these apps are causing conflicts with the qt installer pack?
        Summeli, please tell me what’s inside the qt installer pack, so i can fiqure out which app to remove and minimize the conflict..
        FYI, i’m using N5800XM, firmware v.50.5 custom 01
        And, for the 0.72 version, how to map the menu (white-center) key on my 5800? because when i mapped that key in the setting, it was okay…, but in the game, it wouldn’t do its functions- the game would just freeze for a second and no other actions happened…

  5. AndyL says:

    I’ll try this one, the Qt version doesn’t work on Satio yet, thanx for considering none Nokia phones Summeli :O) I love emulation on mobiles, the games released for phones are so poor.
    Thanks for the good work, good luck with everything your working on.

    • AndyL says:

      Really cool, got it working on satio.
      Do you ever intend to add sound Summeli? I see the option to select it on and off but when you select “on” the app kicks out to the satio apps menu.
      I’ve tried snes space invaders and it runs really well without sfx but it feels like half a game without sfx.
      As a small guideline for the Satio:
      After getting the symbian certified, I had to change my date on the satio to get it to installed, just moved my mobiles date back a few months and it installed ok.
      Thanx for a cool Satio App/Emulator Summeli :O)

      • Summeli says:

        The emulator is quite far from “full speed” (60fps), so audio wouldn’t be that good. But yes, I have plans for audio, but that’s for the Qt version.

        • AndyL says:

          What mobile are you using to run this version? just wondering if your using a phone like nokia 5800, would the CPU speeds in the mobile make a huge difference to the speed of Antsnes?
          The snes space invaders I tried looks almost fullspeed, the Satio has a 600Mhz cpu, maybe its running faster than you think on faster phones?
          Also, the Dpads controller is much better now, good improvement.
          Thanx, really cool effort 🙂

          • Summeli says:

            it looks pretty good on my N97 too, but it’s really far from 50/60fps. The blit is really slow in symbian. Anyway I’m going to try the audio with the Qt version next time.. I’m hoping that I could run the AntSnes on 60FPS with upcoming Symbian^3 phones.

  6. Andre says:

    After a lttle of playing i’ve noticed that the on-screen d-pad is really better now but it’s position is wrong, i think it would be better if placed on the botton or the mid of the screen, when pressing, i often miss the position ’cause it´s away from the thumb.

  7. Lucifer666 says:

    2 dr490n
    You must put your each game’s roms in its own folders. The QT Emul will be faster open roms, and do not crashed and closed itself. This is solve for me in QT version. Sorry for my bad English. I think, you understood me.

  8. LichoCPU says:

    Hey, i love your work with antSNES! tyvm! I do have a question: there is an upcoming phone with Symbian^3. I’m looking around for info on that new symbian os and want to know if you have any idea if there would be problems in compatibility with antsnes. I’m currently using a E71 phone (so i have the symbian v3 version) but i want to upgrade to the upcoming N8 phone (xenon flash :)) but i’d love to keep using my roms on the go 😛
    once again thanks 🙂

    • sq says:

      that’s the whole point of making this emulator using qt: compatibility with future versions of symbian where the qt framework comes preinstalled in the device.
      it doesn’t make much sense to code things in avkon if you want your app to be future-proof.

  9. Rokubear says:

    Really cool rom! I got it to work on my Samsung i8910 HD. Everything runs pretty smooth but I’ve encounter a problem with the controls. I cannot config them to how I want it.
    Also, when I press the menu button, theirs a slight pause or lag. Any help? I really want this to work on my phone. It’s working good so far. It runs very smooth besides the problems listed above.

    • Riyaaz says:

      me too i’m experiencing the same problem wiz my i8910,btw we can have all qt functionality by installing a qt modded by faenil which can be downloaded from both Antsnes qt and gspsp work with this qt version!

  10. supersa95 says:

    but beaucase this is the finally version?
    there are a lot of bug inresolving…
    sorry for my english

  11. Neil22 says:

    MR.Summmeli,dis new version antsnes is super cool and the gpsp..^_^
    its ok to me if it has no sounds…
    and acn u make ds emulator??? hehe

  12. I_loveEmu16 says:

    im agree with neil hahaha..
    mr Summeli you should try to create a ds emulator…

  13. darkness says:

    My English is poor,I hope you can understand what I mean。
    I like this simulator,But I do not know why I can not set the keyboard。My phone is Nokia 5230,I can not set all of the key, use the middle of the keys is not always。I do not know how to do, hope you can help me, very grateful.

  14. lordlivgon says:

    does antsnes have a problem with larger roms? i am unable to run roms like super mario rpg. i also cannot run fan translations like seiken densetsu 3 or bahamut lagoon. however i think that is due to the inability to run PAL region games? by the way, when will antsnes be able to run PAL?

  15. bhoven says:

    for some reason the controls do not work fot me, virtual or mapped. I’m using the qt version on 5800 XM. The rom is Super Mario All-Stars (U). Any help or ideas?

  16. ge6ko911 says:

    The emulator was working perfect for only 1 day. On the second day (today) it didn’t wanted to load my save on “The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past”(btw awesome game). When I press the “Load” button, the emulator begins “reseting” the ROM. Anyone like me?

  17. Caio says:

    Heyy,,, how about audio ?
    pleaasseee make it workss pleaaassseeee !!!!!!

  18. cansual says:

    hey summeli when you’ll start to create the first version for symbian^3 ….
    the nokia n8 will come out in the end of september and it comes with a 680mhz prozzesor and the fastest gpu for mobile devices,and multitouch for better ui.
    do you think it will be possible to run antsnes on this handseat at 50/60 fps and full audio.
    on the n900 it runs with 60 fps and audio and the n900 is slower than the n8

  19. cansual says:

    wow this sounds good thanks for the answear summeli

  20. Tam says:

    Version 0.6 is better than this Version…

  21. jhay06 says:

    dont use qt please…qt not works with some fp1 phone

  22. Illbeanz says:

    I want to pass on my thanks for your great work. I have this version of antsnes running on my N8 (have tried all of your other ports with no joy), Its given my symbian ^3 gaming experience a new lease of life. As you are most likely aware, not all the device buttons are mappable so not all games can be played – but still, simple games play perfectly!!!
    thanks so much –
    I check here and your twitter every day for updates on further compatability with symbian ^3.

    • Summeli says:

      I didn’t even try this on my N8, since I didn’t expect it to work. Thanks for the info 🙂

      • illbeanz says:

        no problem, glad to help.
        I downloaded the sourcecode to see if i could tinker with the way the n8’s physical keys were mapped and shortly realised i was way out of my depth!
        If its not a big job i would suggest you make a patch release of this emulator with support for following keys (that is if you want to support symbian ^3 devices until the Qt versions are complete)
        volume up – cannot be mapped
        volume down – cannot be mapped (defaults to home)
        volume key press – ok
        camera key – ok
        camera long press -ok (when mapping, 2 functions may be assigned to this key)
        menu key – cannot be mapped (defaults to home)
        hope that info helps, rtype-3 works especially well as the mapped keys can be assigned within the game menu.
        I shall keep checking for updates! The thought of gb or gba on n8 is exciting!
        Thanks again for your hard work, please consider a donate button!

        • Summeli says:

          The volume keys and camera keys are supported by the antsnes, so I think that some other app in N8 is eating those key events. The multitouch etc. are coming after Nokia releases libs for QGLWidget for Symbian^3…

  23. infernoxzx says:

    Hello Summeli! Add multitouch in the emulator for Symbian^3(n8,c7),please!
    Sorry for my bad English!

  24. Zakk says:

    Thanks for your great works mate,btw what happen to psx emulator are you still workin on it? My n8 is hungry of good quality gaming.

  25. Murtezah says:

    well .. it’s almost impossible to use it on n8 cause we can use only camera key and menu key
    so maybe you need to place some other virtual keys and make some improvement on the UI like maybe removing that thick bar that contain the D-pad and the other keys
    and replace them with other transparent keys on screen to make it look like a real Snes controler ..
    sorry for my english but i hope u got what i mean 🙂

    • Illbeanz says:

      I wasnt aware you could use menu key, when i press it, it always has the function of the ‘start’ button as does ‘volume down’.
      The keys I have been able to map are: camera focus (light press) , camera capture (hard press) and volume (long press in centre).
      When mapping the keys in settings, I do the following which gives me 3 hard keys:
      up > menu key
      down > menu key
      left > menu key
      right > menu key
      A > camera light press (keep your finger on the button)
      X > camera hard press (having kept your finger on light press, now fully press the camera key)
      Y > volume keys (hold the centre of the volume keys – but not too long or it will map the key to multiple funtions)
      B > menu key
      L key > menu key
      as menu key does not work for me in emulator on N8 i use it as a dummy key when mapping. The above is an example, and may need to be adapter for some games.
      I have noticed that if I have been using the device camera before launching the emulator – long press camera button does not work. I have not fully investigated, this may only occur when camera is idle in background and has not been closed prior to launch of the emulator.
      Some games allow you to map keys within game menu, or select from pre-defined setups, on N8 i have been able to play:
      desert strike
      urban strike
      jungle strike
      r type 3
      space invaders
      darius force
      puzzle bobble
      super pang
      umihara kawase
      super puyo puyo
      most top down shooters are working well, but ive not added them to the list, as i cant confirm which work from menory.
      R key > menu key
      The nokia E7 is the ideal symbian ^3 device for this emulator, as it has working cursors, and a fully assignable qwerty. However, the directional keys cannot be re-mapped successfully so it can feel a little left-handed at times.
      That should get you going for now – but yeah it would be nice if summeli, or some other clever chap would apply an optional semi-transparent SNES controller (multitouch) UI to the emulator, and also a ‘hide buttons’ key for those playing with (USB on the go) keyboard attached with HDMI out

  26. OOO says:

    where is the ‘A’ button for this emulator? I’m using S60v5 nokia 5800…
    Center of volume key = X
    Red/end call button = Y
    Menu/ white button = pause
    Call/ green button = B
    L and R are given…
    Can you please tell me because there are some games that using A button..
    I’ve already use antsnesqt v6, but it even cannot play snes/smc files.. I has already installed qt 4.2 but still cant play. V6 has suitable key, but it cannot play!!!
    So please tell me where/what is ‘A’ button.

  27. fliz says:

    for nokia 5230? can i use this emulator?

  28. SGean says:

    Dosn’t work on N8. Application runs but fails to load most ROMs ans those that loads, crashes about the time it hits the title screen..

  29. Deaconclgi says:

    The QT version works on my N8. Will there be future development to be able to configure the controls for full touchscreen devices. That is the only thing that is keeping me from playing the games. Also, would it be possible to show a controller overlay ONLY when connected via TV out like with Nokia Bigscreen? That would be amazing. The N8 would turn into a controller.
    Keep up the good work!

  30. […] und weitere Infos: VN:F [1.9.6_1107]please wait…Rating: 0.0/10 (0 votes cast)VN:F [1.9.6_1107]Rating: 0 (from 0 […]

  31. ET says:

    Hi, this emulator is great, good work.
    Anybody can run Mickey Mania? Me not and I really want play this game on phone… 🙂 (N5230)

  32. diogorva says:

    We need the others touch buttons aside from the D-pad to make it playable on S^3 devices.

  33. gexeg says:

    I wonder, how to play on nokia n8? There are no buttons at the screen?! The only way to connect qwerty from my pc )))

  34. clpalmer says:

    For those of you who want a better experience on S^3, here’s a modified version of AntSnes that supports multitouch and has full set of on-screen buttons. Also runs much faster, close to 60 FPS w/out sound and usable with it. The audio might sound a bit glitchy at the moment, though, due to some optimizations.
    This is completely un-official and Summeli can re-release this when he finds time through his proper channels and with the source, but at least here’s something to play with in the meantime.
    Requirements: S^3 device with Qt 4.7.2 or 4.7.3 libraries installed.

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