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Patching ROMs for gpSP

Patching unworking ROMs for gpSP
You can get at least Super Mario Advance 4 and  Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga (crashes often if you don’t mute the sound) are working with  EZ4 GBA ROM Patcher utility. Change  Flash_type and 64kb rom size. You can download the EZ4 tool from
I’m pretty sure that the rom patcher utility can help you with some other ROMs too.
You can also update the gpSP compatiblity lists with the games that work with these patch and make a comment about the patch with the patcher utility
You can find the gpSP compatibility lists at gpSP wiki page:


  1. Alex says:

    Thanks for this! I’ll try it with Pokemon Fire Red (Spanish), I can’t save the game as normal.
    Also I’ll see if Pokemon Emerald works with this.

  2. EAA575 says:

    Will try Minish Cap soon.

  3. Gerry96 says:

    I tried but Super Mario Advance 1 crashes

  4. Max says:

    I will try it with Megaman Battle Network 4, it crashes only on certain parts (when fighting a certain enemy).

  5. Ricky says:

    didn’t work for me , yu gi oh didnt work .. if anyone can fix that , tell me please how to do it .. i really want to play yu gi oh gx duel academy
    sorry for my bad english guys ..

    • janis says:

      I want it too so please fix this, now on 0.6.5 works some yu gi oh games like ultimate masters 2006 wich didn’t even load on 0.6.1

    • sol says:

      i get YGO2006 work with QT4.7.3

      • Ricky says:

        i get yu gi oh worlwide edition and reshef of dark resurrection working , but yu gi oh gx duel academy is more better than them ..
        Summeli , yu gi oh gx always crashed when we go to battle someone , how to fix this ?
        but , i think this is more BETTER than the last version . so, thank you very much Summeli ..
        sorry for my bad english , i am Asian

  6. huy says:

    i try this soft with golden sun 2 the lost age rom, but not work , hope a new update ill fix thix bug

  7. janis says:

    why with super mario advance 4 now read save file but when i pick single player game crash

  8. Ashtray says:

    This is patch fixed blue screen or not?

  9. Monoblos says:

    Riviera the promised land and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance still doesnt work ;(

  10. Spumoni says:

    Thanks for giving me cred Summeli, but you should have the biggest thanks 🙂 I’m not sure though that this solves roms for all phones, maybe on certain phones it will work. I mean, people can get it to work but it depends on in which order they installed stuff, what version of QT they have, amount of free ram, amount of free space on phone memory.
    My phone is a 5800, I have QT 4.7.3 (as required for AntSnesQT 0.7), and I didn’t uninstall gpSP 0.6.1 before I installed 0.6.5, just overwrote it.
    This is how gpSP shuts down for me:
    You can switch from audio ON to audio OFF, BUT after that you can’t switch audio to ON without shutting the emulator down.
    You cannot change video options without restarting the emulator.
    You cannot load another rom without making the emulator close when you have already loaded a rom.
    I minimize the emulator from shutting down in this manner:
    When I start the emulator, I load rom (not state, nor press continue) by choosing it in the correct folder, I let the game start, then I load the desired state and the game continues from where I saved that state. In this way, no game should make the emulator close. Saving and loading a state when the game is up and running will not make the emulator close. If I want to change the video options or load another rom, then I have to count on a restart, but that is not at all a problem, regarding how well the games work when they are up and running.
    Thanks again for your work Summeli, and keep the good work up!

  11. Dev says:

    Someone plz tel me how to use the patch..plz,plz

  12. tapir says:

    i’ve patched pokemon mystery dungeon changing the flash type to 128 and it saves now, sorry for my english :B
    p.s.: i’ve patched the multi lang. rom and start a new game
    thanks summeli

  13. hernan_95 says:

    Thanks summeli, now i can play Kingdom Hearts chain of memories!!
    Thanks for you work.

  14. sol says:

    Thanks Summe,can you solve this problem ,the game Kidou Senshi Gundam Seed Destiny can runbut it often crashes,can you fix it,sorry form my bad english:P

  15. Dev says:

    actualy i wanted to ask how to use ‘EZ4_20061010.7z’? .7z format is nt suported by my i don’t know hw to use the path.
    (sorry i’m new here 🙂 )

  16. Ricky says:

    hey summeli , i’ve tried another roms .. and most of them is works ..
    here’s the list :
    backyard basketball – works perfect
    Dokapon monster hunter – works perfect
    harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban – perfect
    mario and luigi superstar saga – perfect
    shaman king legacy of spirit soaring hawk – perfect
    yu-gi-oh worldwide edition – working , blue screen when you got to choose the cards to battle (like ; scissor , stone and paper) but the game is work perfectly
    yu-gi-oh reshef of destruction – i think it’s work on the 0.6.1 version , so this is working perfectly on this version.
    Zelda the minish cap – works for me
    Here’s the roms that working but crashed :
    Yu-gi-oh GX Duel Academy – this is working perfectly , BUT when you go to battle will be white screen and crashed
    Beyblade G revolution – working but in a minute of fighting the blades you will got crashed.
    Sorry for my bad english guys , i already said that i’m an Asian.
    Thannks , i’ll update the working and non working when i’ve more time

  17. kayo says:

    i dont understand how it works… me…

  18. Vangelman says:

    Can you make a nintendo 64 emulator for s60v5?

  19. kayo says:

    guys…how do i patch pokemon emerald ITA?????
    I dont understand xD

  20. kayo says:

    ok..pokemon emerald ITA dont run..

  21. Ares says:

    I’m trying to patch Kingdom Hearts, but I’m not sure if I’m doing it right?
    I opened the program, clicked “Open”, selected Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.GBA and selected Flash_type (64k).
    But now what? It doesn’t seem to do anything… Do I click on Send or change the Config? The rom still doesn’t work, the main menu works but it always crashes during the first “custcene” of the game.

  22. Ace says:

    Anyone have luck with riviera the promised land???

  23. Lucian says:

    Bad news guys the legend of zelda-the minish cap,crash when you got all elements,when you go to hyrule castle.And another information you cant have much games with differents save states,some save states will be lost 🙁

  24. Banjo says:

    Could anyone send me a patched mario and lugie . I cant access a pc to patch it so im really desperate , i really want it to stop crashing . My email is [email protected]

  25. sebastian says:

    anybody knows if final fantasy 6 works ??

  26. Sunil says:

    Can anybody tell wether donkey kong country 2 work with this help of this software or not

  27. Naridar says:

    Games tested on v0.6.5
    Shin Megami Tensei Demikids (Light and Dark alike): crashes after pressing start on the title screen
    Pokemon FireRed: Perfect
    Pokemon Emerald: Perfect
    Advance Wars: Graphical glitch at intro and title screen, works fine.
    Final Fantasy I&II: Perfect
    Final Fantasy V: Perfect
    Final Fantasy VI: Perfect
    Breath of Fire 1 and 2: Perfect
    Fire Emblem: Both games Perfect
    HP and the prisoner of Azkaban: Perfect
    Zelda Link to the past&Four swords: Perfect
    Zelda Minish Cap: Mostly perfect (can’t roll with the R button)
    Mario and Luigi: Superstar saga: Perfect (as far as I can tell)
    Mario VS Donkey Kong: Freezes at level selection.
    Phantasy Star Collection: Perfect
    Pokemon Pinball Ruby and Sapphire: Crashes at startup
    Riviera – the promised land: Crashes at new game
    Super Bust-a-Move: Perfect
    Super Mario Advance 1: Crashes at start of level
    Super Mario Advance 2: Perfect
    Super Mario Advance 3: Graphical glitches on title screen, works fine
    Super Mario Advance 4: Save error
    Super Monkey ball Jr.: Error at startup, drops message: (Module: Source/File.c;Function: File.Open();Line:181)

  28. kelve says:

    Anyone know any patch to solve the blue screen?

  29. gao0321 says:

    i want to know who can run super robot wars j on 5230.i can not run this rom .when it get fighting it crash .who can help me.

  30. abc says:

    why i can not play yu gi oh ex2006?

  31. wuinder says:

    the link does not work!!

  32. huki1 says:

    I recently played Golden Sun (first part) and It worked okay (just a few random hangs in the beginning) till I tried to catch djinii in a lighthouse what always causes the game to hang.
    I’m using gpsp4symbian 6.1 and QT 4.6.2
    I guess the game hangs due to the original emulator, but I just wanted to ask you guys if someone was able to improve the reliability with some games with any sort of patch, newer emulator version or other stuff.
    Any feedback would be appreciated.
    Here’s my short list with games I played:
    Dragon Ball Z: Taiketsu – works great,
    Beyblade G – Revolution – works great,
    Dragon Ball – Advanced Adventure – works great.
    You make a great work and I’m really gratefull for all that time, your software helped me to deal with boredom.

  33. huki1 says:

    I just installed gpsp 6.5 with newer QT – 4.6.3 and Golden Sun didnt hang in the moment i mentioned in previous post. I’m soo happy now. Golden Sun 2 still not working though…

  34. Thesinz says:

    Why did super robot wars J freeze just after the cutscene and into the battle??? i hope you can fix this……..

  35. Omar says:

    The link’s down :S

  36. Kira says:

    hello I need play KINGDOM HEARTS CHAIN OF MEMORIES IN MY NOKIA 5230, but dont know patch…plz help me
    ps: link dont work

  37. Gerry says:

    Is there a way to not crash Super Mario Advance 1 with EZ4?

  38. MA says:

    tanke you Summeli
    pleae build s^3 emulator for nitendo 64
    please please please please please please

  39. Victor says:

    Hey i need a game of fire emblem could you help me? please.

  40. Sohara Mitsuki says:

    Yu Gi Oh GX & Final Fantasy Tactics Advance dont run!!!!
    Guilty Gear X Advance, KOF EX & EX2 Run Fine

  41. killerjr033 says:

    can somebody please tell me how to fix the roll button at zelda the minish cap? i wonder if i can finish the game without that roll button please somebody help me to fix this 🙁

  42. Anonymus.. says:

    Yggdra union cant save..its a gud rpg game though..and kingdm hearts freezes upon intro…the 6.5 vrsion cnt run p0kmn emrld,ruby,sapphire..but on 6.1 all the pokmn w0rks..anyone cn m0bile is under s60v5..tnx in advance

  43. Hector says:

    this emulator is great but i can’t play metroid Fusion it crash after the intro secuence

  44. elvis says:

    how to locate the ez4 flash

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